Good Web Design Practice to Attract More Visitors

Just like leaves of a plant are dependent on the roots for its nourishment, growth of a website is dependent on the website design.

When it comes to website designing, there’s not just one aspect that needs special attention. There are multiple angles to all aspects of web design. But, the ultimate goal of every website developer is to create landing pages that attracts more and more visitors.

So, what are some great web design practices you can work on to attract more visitors. Let’s have a look-

Work on user experience

It may not sound as important but UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are the real game changers. Consider this, when a visitor comes to your website for information, the visitor under any circumstance is not expecting to indulge in any kind of riddles, all he wants is an easy navigation. UX deals with designing the optimal paths and UI is more of a graphics design. User interactions are necessary and lead to conversions, so, it is important that the web design is intuitive and easy.

First impression is the last impression

No matter where the visitor comes from, the first thing he will see is your home page, so make it count. Because no matter how good your other pages are, the home page has already made an impression.

Most of the time visitors just leave the sites because they do not like what they see. Some insights about Home page-

  • It should clearly display what your business does

  • Use good CTAs (Calls to action)

  • Make sure that it is mobile friendly

  • Language should be catchy and to the point

Work hard on the content

Most of the websites generates traffic through its content. If your content is good, it will market itself. As people are looking for informative content at all time, you can be real help to them. Which will make them come again.

Invest in SEO

What is better than organic traffic? If you work on SEO, you may get genuine interested traffic for your websites who are easy to convert.

Work on your YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel of your own looks professional and is also a good step towards digital marketing. You can also add these videos to your website and attract new visitors.

Create blogs

Have someone writing for your blog posts. Update them frequently and you can see more traffic as you can find many users looking for blog to read online all the time. If you give them something worth spending time on, you can see your traffic grow as a satisfied visitor is a good marketer too.

Social Networking buttons on your site

Social sharing has multiple benefits, you can add sharing button on your blog post, if the reader likes what you offer, he may end up sharing it. Having a social site handle for your company helps users find what’s new with the firm, latest updates, offers and opportunities.

If you manage to be present on social network, make sure that you update it regularly by sharing something new everyday. Remember, your social site handle should have 80 percent entertainment-based posts and 20 percent product/sales-based posts. If you keep on promoting and selling, users may leave. Your social handle should be more of entertainment based than sales based.

Use meta-tags

Use meta tags for putting concise information about your company for the search engines as well as visitors.

Choose texts carefully

Too much is always bad, so if you are using too much bold text or the font size is way too big or way too small, it becomes difficult to read and so, you can expect a higher bounce rate on your website. Use normal size fonts which are easy to read, and testing is the key! If you are not sure whether your texts are working or not, test frequently and change frequently. See the visitor’s reactions to different texts and you can finally stick to the most acknowledged one.

Responsive design

Well, even if you are new to this, you would probably know how much the use of mobiles has risen since 2014! People now prefer mobile phones for using internet. They not only use mobile applications but browse websites on mobile more. So, if your website is not responsive (mobile friendly), you may lose traction. Your websites not being mobile friendly may show that you are not updated with the technology, you are unprofessional and do not take your work seriously too.

So, make your website mobile friendly today!

Navigation links and search options

If you have a big website, navigate your visitors or they will be lost. If your website has too many elements, always provide physical side maps to the visitors and make sure that it is clearly visible to them.

Also provide search options to the visitors if they cannot find what they are looking for. Search option is really helpful to the visitors who are lost or cannot find what they were looking for.

Use different modes of presentation

Plain texts stating huge paragraphs may be boring to read. Use different kinds of presentation to showcase your data. Different forms of tables or charts are easy to read and interpret and consumes less time to construct. As these forms are different, they catch attention quickly. Also, use images as much as you can to convey the message.

Loading speed

Nothing increases the bounce rate more than the loading speed. Your website should not take more than 3 seconds to load otherwise the ‘back’ button is not very far away. It is the important aspect of website development and it decides the traffic of your website too.


Your website must be error free at any cost. The entire design of your website should be glitch free for smooth functioning of your website.

These were some important insights you should consider if you want to attract more visitors to your website.

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