Magento Ecommerce Solutions

magento ecommerce solutions


E-commerce software is the engine driving the online stores and making it possible to manage inventory, add or deduct products, calculate taxes. They help us manage a website and fulfill orders. Basically, it simplifies the critical processes in a friendly user interface so that people of non-technical backgrounds can oversee an entire e-commerce operation. There are several e-commerce platforms out in the market such as Magento, Shopify, OpenCart or Woo-commerce.


What is Magento?

Magento is the open-sourced e-commerce platform with the highest market share. The software is originally the brainchild of Varien, Inc California and its volunteers. Magento has traveled a long way since its inception. Being part of Varien, Inc, eBay, Permira, finally, it’s completely acquired by Adobe. 

Commercially Magento has been a success story all along with hundreds of thousand web stores build on it and billions of dollars of online purchases happening through it. Since its launch, it has given the tools to all robust Businesses to attract prospects, sell products and make money.


Magento for Business Leaders

For the business, Magento provides a platform with rich features for building a website with a unique brand signature. It provides tools for developing and managing a complete e-commerce life-cycle with a top-down approach. That is, it provides easy tooling for content management. This enables the business to control a wide proportion of the contents without the help of IT. 

Some of the out-of-box features include capabilities of uploading new content, staging and preview, the launch of products, real-time changes and pulling off-shelve of products.

Magento also provides advanced features for deeper control on business. This includes, ready to use business rules engine called Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations which could be dynamically configured for cross-product selling or up product selling. Also, the product provides control of the website appearance is easy by drag and drop control features. This visual merchandising capability provides granular control to business and helps in increasing sales by effective visual aesthetic and correct organization of products.

In the modern-day e-commerce market, the key differentiator is easy to access to real-time data analytics and effective Business Intelligence. Magento’s in build analytics engine helps businesses in recognizing the effectiveness of business strategy by quick access to selling patterns like best seller products, order patterns, geographical hot sale areas, target consumer groups, order dropouts, etc.

For further advanced data analytics options, Magento provides easy integration with external analytics tools. This also includes integration with all inflows of customer sentiments from different social media channels.


Magento for Customers

magento features for developers

For the customers, it provides a satisfying shopping experience with a neat framework, easy navigation and a complete list of required features. The rich page builder engine enhances content to provide very enriching visual experience and provides uncluttered browning options.

Multiple login options, including existing social media, account logins like Facebook, Google, etc., provide more security, eases the management and also increases the connectivity in Omni channel platforms.

Also, for smooth browsing experience, in-build advanced features like elastic search available to properly recognize the misspelled and correct them. 

Other advanced features like automated Customer Segmentation and Personalization provide a personalized experience by dynamically showing new products, promotions, gifts, vouchers based on user purchase history, browsing history or geographic location.

Smooth integration with payment gateways like PayPal, MasterCard and all other standard gateways along with other custom options provide Single click shopping experience and enable the instant and secured transaction.

Product review and feedback feature with in-built connectivity to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter provides a 360-degree consumer experience.


Magento for Developers:

magento features for customers

The rich armory of out-of-box features provides an easy development option for complete software lifecycle management. This reduced the time to market by a very major proportion than traditional software. Also, Page Builder enables easy configuration of the website content and allows easy customization. This is really powerful for magento website development.

Being an open-source framework, the Magento product allows all kinds of third-party integrations. Also you can develop your own magento extensions such as push notifications for magento. Also, over a time a rich user community is established. Also, Magento Marketplace provides a rich variety of ready to use certified plugins.

Rich API based interfacing enables easy inbound and outbound connectivity with various business touchpoints like stores, repositories or 3rd party contents.

Magento Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio enables easy web content translation to mobile content. In the present day, this feature adds another dimension to the overall sales by increasing customer engagement.


Magento for powerful Administration:

Real-Time insight on shipping, inventory management, and order management provides granular control over the end to end business. Also, high scalability and high availability plans provide control over peak sales season and other planned and unplanned business spikes. Advanced Report Building Tools enables few click report generation and helps administration and business equally.


Magento for global business expansion:

magento website development on AWS

Connectivity with Amazon Sales Channels and Google Ad channels provide business expansion scope on a global scale.

Also, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a business can develop once and deploy and engage anywhere in the world.


Gartner magical quadrant

Gartner has recognized Magento in its magical quadrant for the third consecutive time in 2019 as a market leader. Gartner has recognized the product’s understanding of the modern-day consumer. Also, the advance cloud features it delivers is due to its collaboration with Adobe Cloud Platform. 


Flipside of Magento

magento for small business

Magento’s e-commerce product covers a wide range of features. This has made the software robust and bulky, which requires heavy resources for proper operating. This makes infrastructure management a costly affair. 

The inappropriate infrastructure management could lead to a slow down of the system and other run time issues.

Also, along with a huge list of features and plugins, the core development and installation need experienced developers.

All in all, compared to other close options like Shopify, MonsterCommerce, WixStores, etc. Magento could be an overpriced option for small businesses. Others may not provide a wide range of features like Magento but could be more economical in terms of overall operations cost.

Magento is a win-win software platform provider for the Bulky Business!!

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