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We are standing right now in 21st century, an era of technology and science. Not a single person is left who is unknown of the technological developments. This technology not only affected peoples’ life but also the scenario of business world. Nowadays business has also moved to the virtual world. People no more go to store to get services they get what they want online. So the use of website for growth of business has become a necessity. But creating website has become common nowadays, so how to make your website most acceptable to the customers?

The answer is WEB DESIGN. Web design is something that basically makes a person stick to a website. It decides whether people will like your website or not. Thus, web design plays a key role in boosting your business to the next level.

A good level web design gives a positive perception about your brand and company to the consumers. It make the customers come again for your service, thus it is clear that web designing place a huge role in determining the success of your company.

Some basic and useful web designing tricks that can truly boost your business are:


It is a very good idea to show the consumers the huge no. of webpages through parallax scrolling. If the user faces problem in navigating through the choices then in no time the user loses the patience and move on to the next option. So, parallax scrolling is an innovative option to make the navigation process much easier for the user. There are several layers of the webpages and there movement speeds are also different. This unique quality can be used for designing the website in a much more interesting way. This helps the users to the section, sub- sections, even sub-sub section at once instead of opening a huge no. of pages and making the choice harder for the user. Thus parallax scrolling makes the navigation of the user easier and reduces the mess of lots of new pages.


The easier you make the popular you get. The lazier options you provide for the user the more they start liking you. It is obvious that rather than reading big big texts people prefer rather love to watch videos. Then how about making an auto play video on the starting webpage. It is seen that people spends most of their time seeing videos. So, it is a good idea that when a person opens your website automatically a video starts playing that gives the basic idea of your website and promotes your brand in an innovative and highly acceptable way. It is not only easier for users, but also is attractive. People automatically get attracted towards videos thus, landing on your site. So, video landing page is an innovative and highly profitable element for taking your website to a much higher level.


AI or Artificial Intelligence is a smart choice to satisfy the users. Artificial Intelligence is something that can directly affect the user experience in your site. Like chatbots, people feel interested and attracted to AI like chatbots. AI never gets tired like human beings they are active forever. Normal human being needs rest, but AI can provide you service for 24×7 without any rest. Customers can visit your website at any time and it will be very pleasing for them to get equally active interaction throughout the day with the application of AI. Whereas without AI a person will never get active response throughout the day. Thus AI is an extremely important element that provides complete customer satisfaction without any human effort. Thus this element will provide you with great ease in doing business and boost your business at a higher rate. As a website designer in gurgaon, we are constantly upgrading ourselves with latest trends in AI.


Users always requires some confirmation before taking an action and it really makes your job tougher. The only helper that can make you free from this trouble is little animations that makes them understand what will happen if they take an action. For example the micro interaction of Facebook like button. This animated direction not only makes it easier for you but also helps the users, and in addition it also increases the appearance or attractiveness of your site. This small element can bring out big positive changes in your websites.


When person visits your website, the first thing they do is to read the contents. So, developing the typography of the contents can truly contribute to the success of the UI of the website. Thus attractive typography, like colored and designed texts, big and bold texts, can really draw the attention of the user. Thus, Custom Typography is an efficient element to contribute in expanding your business efficiently.

While making your website, scrolling over these points can help you in achieving bigger success at a faster rate.

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