7 Tips to Start a New Website

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Designing a new website can be a thrilling experience. Your company is about to debut a new look. As a result, it’s important to get everything in place for a smooth launch. When it comes to developing a website, developers and company owners make some common errors. As a website designing company in gurgaon, we can help you avoid common mistake and optimize the process. You can avoid them by meticulously preparing the launch ahead of time. These seven-pointers will help your company get off to a fantastic start when you introduce your website to your customers/viewers.

1. Call to Action Buttons

Without incitement, even a well-designed website with persuasive content is unsuccessful. CTAs provide people with something to do with the details they’ve gotten from your site. It completes their engagement with your website. It will also help the customer progress into the sales funnel. CTAs should be present on virtually every page. They can be used to sway consumer behavior. It’s standard practice to invite people to read more material and last longer on your website. You may even request that they share a post or register on your website. CTAs are often used on membership pages to persuade visitors to sign up for access to restricted content. CTAs can be creatively used to boost conversions. If you start your website lacking them, you’ll be missing out on opportunities.

2. Tracking setup

tracking setup website designing

you could put off incorporating analytics to the website until sometime when you’re building it. The whole front-end platform is often prioritized, resulting in back-end functionality being overlooked. You won’t be able to track online traffic and gain other insights since day one if you don’t integrate analytics before your platform launches. Google Analytics, for example, will tell you if your marketing campaigns are successful. It also gives you more information about the site’s users, allowing you to find out what isn’t running. If you run an online shop, you’ll need Google Analytics to figure out which items are converting the most. You will track your lead conversion rate, as well as any improvements in it, as well as your website sales.

3. Coming soon page

Build excitement and customer experience before the website goes live. You should build a visually appealing Coming Soon page and provide consumers with details about your company ahead of time. You may also use it to create a google list when your website is being built. You’re missing out on a lot of chances to make your brand unforgettable if you’re not using a Coming Soon site. Before launching the website, use a tool to build a Coming Soon page and obtain analytics.

4. SEO friendly

seo compatible website design

Using an SEO strategy before launching the platform would save you time and money in the long run. Since 95 percent of people don’t look past the first section of a search engine, ranking is important. When you use SEO flexibility in the development process, you will reap rewards later. Once the platform is up and running, adding SEO capability is a huge challenge. Apply SEO tactics before launching your website, or you can end up having to build it from scratch. Besides, your web page would have already been crawled. Webpages that have an engaging user interface are ranked higher by search engines. You should get a faster-loading website with decent navigation by following SEO guidance. In addition, SEO best practices ensure that keywords are properly used in page names, URLs, and descriptions.

5. HTTPS encryption

The HTTPS method encrypts data sent between a server and a recipient, resulting in a protected link and the protection of your users’ personal information. From the outset, use an HTTPS protocol in your website development process. HTTPS is also a rating metric for Google when it comes to websites. HTTPS-enabled sites get more traffic and have lower bounce rates.

6. Pilot run

It might seem that launching your website on a Sunday night or the day before a big holiday is a smart idea. However, this will result in issues that are impossible to overcome rapidly. For eg, your live site can have varying experiences among different users. This is why testing is important. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to do a test run with selected users who are likely to give a great feedback. Websites are often seen differently in different screens. It’s not uncommon for glitches to appear until the site has a steady stream of users. It’s impossible to predict any complication that can occur when users interact with your website. It’s not a good idea to launch on the weekend or the one before a holiday so you may not be able to fix the technological challenges that happen. Your development team could be unavailable, and you’ll miss out on the chance presented by the weekend or holiday. It’s also preferable to launch in stages so you can keep track of problems when they arise.

7. Use redirects if you are migrating

website redirects in website redevelopment

website redirects when building a new website may have a significant impact on the site’s rating and traffic. Search engines must appreciate the improvements you’re making whether you’re updating an existing website with a new one. You may have several sites that get a lot of traffic and are well-ranked in browsers. If you’re not using redirects, you risk losing traffic and rating. Redirects do just as their name implies: they guide search engines and consumers away from your old content and toward your latest one.

These are just a few pointers and not an exhaustive list. A good idea would be to consult a professional agency and incorporate suggestions. A great technological partner right from the start can go a great length in building a brand or a company. You can count on us. Let us be that partner. Lets build something amazing. Reach out to us today.

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