Designing a new website can be a thrilling experience. Your company is about to debut a new look. As a result, it’s important to get everything in place for a smooth launch. When it comes to developing a website, developers and company owners make some common errors. As a website … Read More

Website development is very crucial for the customer to appraise the brand. Your website can either help you to level up your revenue or can turn it to the opponents. To increase conversion rates and traffic to your website, you must go for a custom website design. Good web design … Read More

You read it right, the Millennials! It’s their world, it’s their rule as to what remains hot and trending in the market- be it in fashion, food, technology and what not. UX Designing too, isn’t unknown to this world of people sorting their lives out, their own way- the “cool” … Read More

Why planning is necessary ?

An e-commerce website is entirely different from the regular websites, available on the internet. A regular website is mainly developed and designed for sharing information, whereas, an e-commerce website is a digital portal for buying and selling goods and products. This mode of business not only … Read More

Why web design is crucial ?

Website is a significant digital tool which helps in increasing the credibility and productivity of the business. However, building a website is not enough for increasing profitability and to mitigate the efforts for gaining customer value. When it comes to customer experience, it has been … Read More

The interaction between any ecommerce company and its customers is through its website. A good website with a great UI (User Interface) represents the brand value that the company has to offer. People generally judge the quality of the products of a company with its online presence. It is necessary … Read More


With the advent of internet, sharing of information changed drastically. People began to rely on search engines to reach to their desired information. Due to this, businesses quickly realized that they need to be available to their customers and stakeholders online. It slowly developed into an ecosystem from which no … Read More

E-commerce software is the engine driving the online stores and making it possible to manage inventory, add or deduct products, calculate taxes. They help us manage a website and fulfill orders. Basically, it simplifies the critical processes in a friendly user interface so that people of non-technical backgrounds can oversee … Read More

WordPress is a content management system built on the top of PHP programming language. It’s a psuedo MVC architecture based system which offers advanced functionality. WordPress is open source, which means any body can use it in their commercial projects and build application and functionality on the top of the … Read More

Lets state the obvious first. PHP is awesome and it has powered millions of projects around the world. It has brought businesses precious revenue from high powered applications with easy and flexibility.  It is dynamic, fast, robust and enjoys a huge developer support through out the world.

What is PHP ?
PHP … Read More

We all know the benefits of a website, but when I say custom website development, I mean to say developing a website from scratch. While developing from scratch does not necessarily mean writing every piece of code from the scratch, it means to build something with a clear intent in … Read More

Ecommerce is a tight niche. Its highly competitive and most rewarding. If you are in the process of ecommerce website development, you might want to look at some aspects which I will go through in this article


So how to make you ecommerce website worthy ?


Well lets start at the goal. … Read More

People often misjudge the need to aptly maintain their website. They would trust another agency for building their website and then would employ their own resource for handling the website. While this approach is not bad, people often end up spending more in maintenance than in website development. The perennial … Read More

When it comes to website types, you might think informational website is the most easier to built. You could take up a wordpress vanilla installation, spin up a droplet and get yourself a website within in 2 days, but would that really serve your purpose ? What I mean to … Read More

Website development can be tricky and time consuming. Its not simple nor it’s a one man job. There are multiple factors to consider while building any ecommerce website. Be it user experience or shopping cart process, every aspect of an ecommerce website should be customized to meet business goals. An … Read More

Lets state a fact first, any business today cannot operate without some digital footprint. Companies are leveraging different mediums to reach out their customer, but having your own real estate is always helpful and compliments your digital efforts. Because your competitor will have same reach around other platforms the strong … Read More

There are five things that make up a good website, we call them the five epitomes of web design. They are appearance, content, user experience, features, and compliance. An awesome website design must be visually attractive, very easy to navigation, should be smooth and should be structured well with information … Read More

It’s the biggest thing in website designing right now. If you are not from a technical background or a web design background, it must be difficult to understand. I will try to break it out in layment terms.

What does responsive website designing meaning ?
As the name suggests, responsive website simply … Read More

No one knows the future, even the astrologers cannot predict whats going to happen eventually. We can all have an idea of the things to come. Decision making is all about forecasting. Observing trends is something every website development agency should do.


It is our responsibility as website developers to sniff … Read More

A lot of platforms came and withered away but not wordpress. WordPress has grown from a small blogging platform to a full fledged open source CMS. Infact it is the most widely used content management system that is out there.


Big companies have preferred wordpress over other content management systems due … Read More

The most important question that comes in the mind of any organization when they conceive the idea of website development is simply whether they should hire a website developer or should they outsource website development job to an agency.


Outsourcing may be good for you whether you are a small company … Read More

A lot of business today are searching for a website redesigning company to revamp their or redesign their website.
Why do businesses need a website redesign ?
Websites are redesigned for many reasons but the sad part is that many organizations don’t realize that their website might need a refresh. A lot … Read More

Without accessibility, a website is a mere novelty item that cant be used. It should be a key component of any web design strategy. It is so important that the government of UK has made it mandatory that all public sector websites created after September 2018 must be accessible. Big … Read More

A primary objective of any website design is to make sure that it looks different yet chesive. A lot of money is spent by corporates on a definitive style. For example amazon has a certain look and feel to its websites. The entire website user experience is circled around predefined … Read More

People often work on the website, marketing, social networking, public relations, and advertising. But, for a corporate branding of the business, the brochure is relatively fundamental. The brochure is the descriptive representation of the product and services of any company. It helps the customer to know about the services offered … Read More

A corporate website is designed to achieve some set of goals, i.e., either to increase brand awareness or to sell the products or services. A website is designed in a way to depict all the information about the company and values offered. In a context to earn revenue through the … Read More

People mainly focus on increasing traffic of the website and enticing the readers with the content. But, the foremost step should be oriented towards being considered by the web crawlers and spiders. Corporate web design is referred to the creation of the website, which is not only optimized up to … Read More

Keeping up with the everyday trends has become as necessary as breathing. The vital aspect of real estate websites has bloomed recently with rapid speed. To run along with it, and you need to keep your sites trendy, engaging, and informative.


Website Designing is creating an equilibrium of the status of … Read More

People often think driving traffic to the website is all needed while holding a business. However, it is incorrect. The engagement of the visitors on the site and the values delivered by them matters a lot. For such a situation, web design enraptures the quality of work a lot. It … Read More

The appearance and structure of a website are not the only factors necessary for brand awareness and lead generation. As website developers in gurgaon, we have curated choking points on any website.  You can just lay stress on aesthetics to make your website being recognize among billions of websites on … Read More

Every website owner strives to get a perfect website to enhance its online existence. But what most website owners overlook these days is that they hire amateur designers or beginners who mostly use free platforms like WordPress to design a website or webpage. Though such designers agree to create at … Read More

The appearance and structure of a website are not the only factors necessary for brand awareness and lead generation. You can just lay stress on aesthetics to make your website being recognize among billions of websites on the internet. There is the requirement to check the usability and compatibility of … Read More

Designing a great website is an art. Every business wants to create an appealing website that can get a visitor’s appreciation; creating a breathtaking website is not that simple and easy as it seems. It needs a certain level of attention to detail and exceptional care to design an attractive … Read More

Imagine you have created a masterpiece by investing your time and hard work; now imagine that an unscrupulous client is misusing this gem of yours. Not just in your imagination, this happens in real life; and it is more ubiquitous than you think.
Writing guidelines is uniformly monotonous as reading them; … Read More

Social media is one of the most reasonable ways of marketing your brand. But that doesn’t mean you renounce other advertising methods. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages; it’s about picking the one with just the right benefits for your brand. The attribute of social media … Read More

In this digital era, social media marketing is growing at a fast pace. With the increasing trends of e-commerce, online transactions, e-wallets, and so much more, social media is playing an instrumental role in providing an interactive marketing platform to reach buyers effortlessly. To reap the benefits of social media … Read More

Since the advent of digitalization in the early 90s, the market has gone digital! Social media marketing is now the critical element which has encouraged many entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their businesses and profit from the convenience of marketing their product to masses at a tap of a … Read More

Well looking at the present scenario there indeed has been big changes and no-doubt it is due to the discovery of internet and its wonders. Websites has indeed become a necessity and thus it is very important to rank high in search results in order to achieve greater success. It … Read More

The topic we are going to discuss about is UX (User Experience) a vital issue in the web designing field. We know about the internet world, the high population their and the high rates in the use of websites. And this population is used for profits and for that basically … Read More

At present times all that matters is appearance, the same works on the internet world also. Websites nowadays are rated on the basis of their appearance and design. People often get attracted to the websites that are really good at appearance and that bounds the user to stick to the … Read More

Well Internet and Websites has literally become essential necessities of humans. We really need it for our daily lives in the present scenario. Well nowadays all the daily work that we used to do by lot of efforts before now can be done just with a few clicks. You can … Read More

With the emergence of Internet literally our lives took a drastic turn. We shifted from letters to emails from calls to texts, and connected with everyone throughout the world. And all of this change due to the Internet and Websites.
We know that websites has become a soul component for each … Read More

Internet and website: these are not just words they are our daily necessity. You will not find a single person who doesn’t use Internet and websites nowadays. Even kids use websites for various purposes. Almost all kind of work are nowadays done with the help of Internet.
In each and every … Read More

There is no doubt in the fact that the world we are residing in is almost completely dependent on the Internet. The internet provided us with several wonders, but the thing that really changed extremely is Commerce. With the help of internet we mostly got engaged on the online platform … Read More

There is no doubt that the present scenario has considerably changed from what it was a few years back. The internet and website changed the face of the society drastically. Just within a few years the tech world has witnessed huge advancements. Now, people of all ages use the Internet … Read More

With the rapid progress in the I.T sectors and high advancements in the technological field, many virtues and opportunities have opened. With the introduction and presence of Internet, the whole face of the commerce in the present time has changed drastically. Now the commerce has taken the path of Electronic … Read More

The basic solution to every problem any situation is no doubt “Internet”. And indeed it has changed our lives in a great way. And websites are really affecting our everyday chores and works very effectively. We almost go through thousands of websites per day. The numbers of websites for each … Read More

With the discovery of Internet and Websites our lives changed drastically. Internet has helped to create an alternate reality where the population rose rapidly. Basically we all use Internet daily and at a very high rate. Internet connection is no more a matter of luxury it has become a necessity … Read More

If I ask you what kind of time we are living in, I am quite sure you will say the time of technology. The age in which technology is growing and will grow further. Well to be honest it is quite true. Basically presently the main concern of the people … Read More

Technology, when we hear it we picture the present situation we live in but only a few years back, people would have pictured some slow working computers some outdated cellphones and some extremely outdated tech stuffs that are no longer used nowadays. Technology has no doubt developed quite drastically in … Read More

21st century, the age where the growth rate of technology is almost exponential. Just a few years back the whole scenario of technology was completely different, there were big big monitors and super slow CPUs with slow processors. There were mobile phones only used for calling no other feature, and … Read More

At present scenario each and every people would blindly accept that we are living at the age of information technology. There is not a single technological sector that is not being developed presently. We are now standing at a time where technological advancement is the pillar of the success of … Read More

We are quite aware of the fact that in the present scenario we are completely dependent on the technology that we use that has modified our lifestyle, our choices, even ourselves in a drastic way. And it is quite interesting that the change didn’t take a long span of time. … Read More

Internet, basically it has become our second alternative world that is far more active than our actual world. Nowadays from children to adults all are well aware and acquainted with this virtual world. The rise of information technology and developments in tech world had a great impact on the whole … Read More

This is basically the era where the world is completely tech dependent. In today’s world no one is unaware of developing technology and its uses. From kids to adults all of us know the importance of technology in the present scenario and how to utilize it. And basically it has … Read More

In the present time, if we ask someone who want to start a business, that what is the first step he/ she will take to achieve results? It is quite expected that they will talk about using a website. Well, in 21st century or the well-known age of information technology, … Read More

In present times people no more live in a society filled with living organisms but in a world full of tech stuffs and machines. Basically nowadays the world is under the rule of technology. This basically is the age of information technology. One who can’t live with it will face … Read More

Welcome to the new 21st century well a few decades ago, we were living in a world where using a computer was considered a perk. We used to run to markets at various places to get quality and wide range of goods, but now we are living in a society … Read More

Well, honestly speaking most of my time I spend on the Electronic Medias either PC or Mobile. Well this is 21st century, speaking frankly each and every person nowadays requires some electronic media, it has become necessary. Not a person moves from their place for anything nowadays in the era … Read More

I remember there was one of my friends who one day came with an idea of starting a small business with some small investment. He soon realized the only way to step-up in making profit is to create website for his business in order to make people aware of it. … Read More

Nowadays, we are all well acquainted with the term Internet. Internet has become just like a big shopping complex and the websites are its products from local to brand every kind of product or all kind of websites are available. Also picking website has become just like picking up product. … Read More

In today’s world people are entrapped in the world of tech advancements and Internet. Since, we became familiar with the magnificent Internet, everything came in our control. Everything is now just a click away. But if, this Internet is the forest then the Websites are its trees, animals and the … Read More

How to stand out in this crowded world of internet? This is the world of 21st century. There have been a lot of changes in the last few decades, and now we are living in the era of information technology. Those who can adapt themselves in this situation and learn … Read More

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In this era of technology and science, not a single person is left who is unknown of the technological developments. This technology not only affected people’s life but also the scenario of business world. Nowadays businesses are approaching towards a virtual world where tech savvy consumers no more go to … Read More

Want to buy something? Why go to stores, just open an online site and just a few presses, and within few days or hours or even minutes, your desired product is at your doorsteps.
In today’s technology oriented world, everything is at your reach without even putting a step outside. So, … Read More

Website is something that nowadays people visit more frequently than anything else. In a single day we run over several webpages we can’t even calculate. While trying to find a suitable website for a purpose people often choose a website with better UI. UI is something that determines how long … Read More

We are standing right now in 21st century, an era of technology and science. Not a single person is left who is unknown of the technological developments. This technology not only affected peoples’ life but also the scenario of business world. Nowadays business has also moved to the virtual world. … Read More

Website has become a very common term nowadays. With the growing of new websites the profession that expanded hugely is web designing. Web designing trends has been growing and developing significantly. Web designers put efforts every year to develop the web design and to improve the quality of websites that … Read More

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”― Albert Einstein. Thinking is the key to the unknown. Behind all great discoveries there were great thinkers. You can’t achieve something until and unless you think. Each and every person … Read More

Just started a business but don’t know how to make people notice it? Started a company what should be the first step? The simple one word answer to all of these questions is “WEBSITE”. But the concern is how to keep them engaged in your website?
This question give rise to … Read More

Every website looks different on different web browsers. Be it Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari, every website looks something different in every other web browser. What if your website looks great in Chrome and Mozilla but looks like nothing on the Internet Explorer? If it is the reason … Read More

The Hospitality industry is one of the most important and growing industries in the world. It is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, transportation and many more. It is the industry which has dived into digitalization … Read More

It is the user experience(UX) which is always the key to convert a simple website into a successful one. If you wish to target audience, you need to present an attractive and seamlessly easy user experience. It is with the help of a responsive website design that you can enhance … Read More

67.44% shopping carts are abandoned online according to Baymard Institute. So, what is an Abandoned Cart? Abandoned cart can be defined as a situation where the customer adds various items or single item in their online virtual shopping cart and s not proceed to make the payment for purchase confirmation. … Read More

While website development differs from company to company and product to product, some pointers remains the same while developing a website. For achieving a high quality website development, it is essential to blend the back-end, front-end and designing perfectly. In this article you will get to know some key factors … Read More

Website development and SEO go hand in hand, and both play an important role in the success of a website. A powerful website is a combination of creative web design, quality content, online and offline marketing and handful of SEO efforts. Quality content and SEO optimization both a interlinked to … Read More

You can easily build up a decent e-commerce store, but when it comes to growing that e-commerce store into a successful business that becomes a much harder task. If you want your e-commerce site to give out profits during the long run, you need to know the important fundamentals of … Read More

A Supermarket is a self-service shop that offers a consumer with a variety of household products, food, beverages and anything you need in your day to day life. There are many and many supermarkets across the country and all of which provides the same experience to a consumer but every … Read More

The process of web development is a difficult and time-consuming task which revolves around the creation of a website from scratch as well as maintaining the website. But over the time this task has been made much easier because of the technological advancements in the area of website development. Web … Read More

Thinking about website development for your startup? There are few things that needs to be considered and taken care of if you are new to this. Being a startup, your prospects and lead generation can totally depend upon the website your potential customers will see, so the website development can … Read More

Web Development has become one of the enhanced and diverse industries where you can showcase your business. Over the years websites have become an essential way to present your business to the users. One business must know how to correctly avail the services that are provided by a web development … Read More

Template-Based Website
For template-based websites you can find a lot of online companies offering templates for setting up your WordPress site. With a wide range of website templates available online, you can buy the one which suits your business best.
With templates your website can be built very fast and with minimum … Read More

Todays projects need a lot of dynamism, creativity and technical backups due to competition and rapid technology growth. While some websites can be created by a single person, some may need a full team of 8-10 members. Websites are not created with one single technology; website creation is like a … Read More

In this article we will show you how you can improve your e-commerce SEO ranking in the search results in various parts.

Part 1: Research
Research is the first and the most important part of the process of SEO. Before you plan anything, do a thorough research. Research here is all about … Read More

Website Design is the first step towards creating brand awareness and generating leads for your business. Most of the users prefer websites having neat and clean structure with easy to read content. If it were not so, they will quickly move onto the other websites. This may adversely affect the … Read More

If you really think that you have designed a website, get it hosted and have finished with the designing aspects. Then you must need to change your mind-set. Website designing is not a single-step process, it requires constant changes and modification with time to keep your business going well and … Read More

PHP is a server-side scripting language used by people from all over the world. It is the most preferred programming language used in developing dynamic website and web-based applications. This scripting has been used to build some well-known websites like Wikipedia and Facebook. Not only is the PHP top choice … Read More

When it comes to custom website designing and development, there are various steps from initial information to maintenance and updating website from time to time. It is also true that the steps may differ from designer to designer, some basics remains the same. They are-
1. Information Gathering        … Read More

With the evolving trends in the online shopping, the website designers too are coming up with new trends to fight the competition and survive in the dynamic environment.  Below is the list of top trends followed by e-commerce website designers-

1. White Space here, white space there
Online shoppers are the ones … Read More

Your decision of hosting provider should be apt and should be taken seriously as a bad choice in hosting can come back and haunt you. The selection of hosting has nothing to do with the fact that your website is good-looking or bad-looking. Of course, you can go back and … Read More

In this fast-paced world, technology is upgrading fast because the needs of the industry are growing very fast. Every client wants his product delivered fast. Whether it be a website, software or mobile app development, it is expected from web designers to deliver the product fast. Here are some questions … Read More

You must have heard some phrases like- “If you break the streak, I will break you” or “checkout the new filter of snapchat” or “let’s take a selfie, open your snapchat” or you might have said this yourself! But have you ever wondered how the filters of snapchat work? Read … Read More

If you are looking to have your website build, you must have a lot of questions going in your head. While there are a lot of options available, how do you know which one is the best for you? This is a tough choice and it is acceptable if you … Read More

You always schedule for your next car servicing without forgetting or buying a new music system for your car. So how can you not consider website maintenance? Just like things when used for a time needs servicing or repairing, websites needs that too. when you always keep your music system … Read More

A lot of firms when looking to build an e-commerce website are confused whether to go for Magento or WordPress. No doubt both have some unique features and qualities to consider, but how do you decide which one is good for your firm? While there are different kinds of businesses … Read More

Are you getting ready with your website? Here’s what you need to know when you are expecting traction on your website. Are you a service provider? Or are you proving consultancy services? Or are you trying to sell goods through website? Well, whatever is it that you are offering to … Read More

Just like leaves of a plant are dependent on the roots for its nourishment, growth of a website is dependent on the website design.
When it comes to website designing, there’s not just one aspect that needs special attention. There are multiple angles to all aspects of web design. But, the … Read More

If you are thinking that creating a website for affiliate marketing is a big struggle and if you are new at this, let us help you. But before we take you to the main discussion, you must understand what Affiliate Marketing is!

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?
To … Read More

In this digital era, it has become important for almost all businesses to make their online presence and to reach their targeted customers. This can be only possible if your business is running in accordance with the proper digital marketing guidelines. There are a lot of ways to promote your … Read More

Nothing in this world is difficult, it’s just about finding the right way to do it.
Everything starts with an idea. But as Swami Vivekanand has said and I quote “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. … Read More

Before answering the above question, let me ask you something. What will be the cost of a good car? What will be your answer? Obviously, you can’t answer it unless I tell you my requirements or expectations from the car. How much I have to pay for it depends upon … Read More

As the world is changing rapidly, technology is changing even faster. People are shifting more towards using their mobile phones, tablets etc than the traditional PCs or laptops.
Businesses have taken an on-line route and websites have become shops. They are the main attraction for any Ecommerce business and they need … Read More

When you start a new shop, what are the areas that concern you? The location, the size of the shop, the appearance, the quality of the products, the hospitality and the staffs. In the same way if someone is creating an online store, the first and the foremost requirement is … Read More

E-COMMERCE is the new trend of todays business world. With the growth of new ways of shopping and boost in online shopping, Ecommerce is really getting its own charm with a lot of people getting totally dependent on it for fulfilling their desires of getting the things just by … Read More

E-commerce has become one of the most devoted cultures followed by most of the people of India. It has changed the traditional method of buying and selling products. The products are made available over the internet through various e-commerce sites and people purchase it by simply logging in to those … Read More

Are you looking to expand your business by introducing it to the internet? Or you own an Ecommerce business already but looking for better exposure? Well because Approximately 40 billion people are using internet to find your products and services. But how do you reach them? Well, simple- digital marketing! … Read More

The answer to this question is a big YES..!! Facebook can grow your average/normal business to an opulent and ritzy one. Facebook offers unending ways to grow and expand your business. Just a simple but stout-hearted and gritty step towards Facebook marketing can take your business to new heights. The … Read More

You have got questions we are here with answers!
While planning to give online presence to your website there is always a basic question whether to go for a Website Builder or Website Designer? Well there’s a lot that comes with both of these options. Read further to understand what pros … Read More

Content is the king and this is what the users read when they visit the website, however in order to make the website look good, we are ignorant about the good content. For conversions there must be a perfect balance between design and content.

The content for your website should be … Read More

Are you planning to get your business online? You must have heard a lot of things about website designing, some thoughts must have been scary. So, here are some common myths about website designing you must know. Read further-
1.Everyone Can Design a Website
This is one of the most common misconception … Read More

Have you ever had an experience where you tried surfing a website and it took forever to load? It must have been very annoying, or like other users you must have left too due a lot of load time. In this article we will tell you what AMP is and … Read More

In 2019, if you already have a website or if you are planning to design one, some aspects just cannot be ignored because your web design is the mirror of your work. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while designing website, but you still don’t want … Read More

Digital platform for your business

No matter how good your business is in your city or town, but the reach of your services are limited to several kilometres’ radius, a website will help your business’ word reach to millions of customer making thousands of possibilities.

Less time consuming

Let’s assume you … Read More

Do you know there are somewhat 644 million active websites on the Internet right now? And how do you figure what is the best website for you where you can get your answers and can collect and extract data that you need. Data collection can be a difficult and time-consuming … Read More

In todays era, people look for you online before coming to you. It doesn’t matter whether they saw your offline ads or heard it from someone. People are very skeptical of the business who do not have online presence. Your website or landing page is what they see and judge, … Read More

What is digital Marketing?
When advertisements are delivered through digital media channels like SERP, mobile applications, websites, emails, social media, it is called Digital Marketing.
Popular Digital Marketing Channels
One thing to note here is that using all the marketing channels can be chaotic. It depends on the type of business that determines … Read More

This is the era of online business. Every business irrespective of its size and operations is planning to come online through a website. Data shows that “there are 1.6 billion websites available and more than 200 millions are active.” And this number is increasing every day to increase the competition.

Websites … Read More

The decisions you make at the initial process of your custom website designing is going to be the most crucial ones. If you are planning to design a website for your business, you must be looking for the top-notch website designers and developers in your area. We understand it is … Read More

With thousands of websites launched every day, many business owners are confused whether to spend their time, energy and money on the custom website or not as template-based are easily available and economical too. We, being in this area for a long time now can assure you that custom is … Read More

Technology is upgrading every day because of which you need cover for a lot of skills. And due to rise in internet usage, every business is looking forward to building website. And it is of very important too. Every business wants to grow and now, be it offline business, each … Read More

Building a brand image that makes your brand look out of the box is paramount in today’s e-world, which is pervaded with websites offering similar services. Building a brand image of your own, gives you an upper hand in your e-commerce battle with your counterparts by creating a healthy genuine … Read More

What’s seen is sold.

Today, there are a million web portals and pages offering same kind of services. Type ‘coaching for JEE’ in a search box and you’ll be presented with more than 5,10,2900 results in less than 2 seconds. What makes your website and services different from rest … Read More

Shopping Cart
Not to ignore, this is the most important ‘must have’ thing in your website if you are dealing with multiple product lines. A shopping cart is where the customers store their virtual products for checkout and purchasing. If you build a flexible cart, both your registered as well as … Read More

Online market is rising with each day and many companies are looking forward to becoming a part of it by making its presence in the online world. But how to ensure that the customers will remember us the next time they want to buy anything, or how to retain customers? … Read More

If you want to get things done like coding, designing, analyzing or evendebugging, front-end developers are the ones you should go to. The main focus of front-end developers is to ensure wholesome user experience. Also, when it comes to front end development, the developers manage what users first see on … Read More

Imagine you are working with a web developer and everything’s going well. A little this a little that but there are a lot of terms that they use while talking and you just don’t know what it is, so you just nod. You might as well want to look it … Read More

Research says- “70% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live agent while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important contributing lead conversion factors a website can offer.”

So, live chats do improve and increase the sales volume. Wait, but what is … Read More

Think big, start small.

Everything in this universe, which is enormous today, once started at small scale, even our universe started with an atom and not as humongous gathering of nine planets and innumerable amount of galaxies, so start with finding keywords which has little or no competition and usage … Read More


As the word suggests, a strategy is here in context with a tussle, between business competitors and a scuffle for loyal and potential customers. You need to roughhouse your way through the crowd of people who mean business, atop to, whom the business is being meant. A good social … Read More

Explore hidden depths of your business.

You can’t prepare for a cricket match until you know if it’s a test match, T-20 or a 50-over one, similarly you cannot choose keywords for your service based business’ website without knowing what traffic are you attracting and how much of it keeps … Read More

Ways to remove bad reviews from Google Business.

While hosting a service based business website, reviews on Google cannot be looked over, Google being the whistle-blower of consumer-merchandiser interaction on a grass root level basis.

Check if the review is palpable, and if it fails to be palpable and honest, … Read More

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form.
The sole purpose of a landing page is to increase conversions. It is created for advertising or marketing. In simple words, when a visitor clicks on a particular … Read More

As much as the networks connected to web servers are risky, so are the websites. As much as risks are created by misuse of network resources and web server, hosing sites can also entail risks related to security. When it comes to security, both websites and customers take extra care … Read More

As an E-commerce business grows, the traffic grows, however if you are not ready for it, it may limit many things. Wikipedia defines scalability as, “the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged … Read More

Highlighting products and services on your websites, spending on the graphics, animated videos, images etc. will do nothing if it doesn’t reach to the customers. All the innovative ideas you put in your website will only be acknowledged if noticed and used, which will require traffic in your website. How … Read More

User Interface Design
When it comes to website designing ‘user experience’ is very important. User interface is one of the most important factors to be considered while making a website.  People surf internet most of the time and in that they go through various websites. So, all users remember about your … Read More

Why reporting and analytics is important ?
Qualitative things are hard to measure and compare, but quantitative things can be measured, compared as well as tracked. And that’s how you can easily track your site’s performance and improve it. You can do this with the help of website’s analytics. To be … Read More

What is responsive web design?
Let’s say you are owner of an e-commerce website providing books online. You were doing good until there came an incredible number of devices in the market like Desktops of various size, Smartphones of different resolution, Tablets, Laptops and even Smart watches! You noticed that all … Read More

In this tough competition, customer retention now means keeping customers interested in your websites. Conversion of viewers in to customers is what comes next. To keep customers interested is the job of the web designer. With the help of multiple tools, the designers design websites and help company target their … Read More

India’s rapid growing e-commerce industry is creating a huge demand for website services ever. Also, India is far too competitive to take chances with a web designer! Right? We understand, that when the question of hiring a web designer comes, there are a lot of questions that may come into … Read More

Follow the USP You must stick to the world wide accepted and trustworthy USP for website development, i.e. U(user)S(simplicity)P(purpose) user here refers to the traffic that’s going to visit your website, simplicity here is in the context of website, always remember simplicity is preferred over complexity, last but not the … Read More

If you want to present your website to people from a particular area or region, you have to optimize it for local search. It sounds bit complicated, but it is not. The process requires some work and patience, but you can finish it without too many problems.

On-Page SEO Optimization

First of … Read More

Web Development Trends

There was a time when the web was not as wide spread worldwide but now in today’s era we can say web is truly “world wide web”. As technology progressed and as internet connectivity became strong, demand of websites spiralled, which led to boom of technologies for web … Read More

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