What is digital Marketing?
When advertisements are delivered through digital media channels like SERP, mobile applications, websites, emails, social media, it is called Digital Marketing.
Popular Digital Marketing Channels
One thing to note here is that using all the marketing channels can be chaotic. It depends on the type of business that determines … Read More

This is the era of online business. Every business irrespective of its size and operations is planning to come online through a website. Data shows that “there are 1.6 billion websites available and more than 200 millions are active.” And this number is increasing every day to increase the competition.

Websites … Read More

The decisions you make at the initial process of your custom website designing is going to be the most crucial ones. If you are planning to design a website for your business, you must be looking for the top-notch website designers and developers in your area. We understand it is … Read More

With thousands of websites launched every day, many business owners are confused whether to spend their time, energy and money on the custom website or not as template-based are easily available and economical too. We, being in this area for a long time now can assure you that custom is … Read More

Technology is upgrading every day because of which you need cover for a lot of skills. And due to rise in internet usage, every business is looking forward to building website. And it is of very important too. Every business wants to grow and now, be it offline business, each … Read More

Building a brand image that makes your brand look out of the box is paramount in today’s e-world, which is pervaded with websites offering similar services. Building a brand image of your own, gives you an upper hand in your e-commerce battle with your counterparts by creating a healthy genuine … Read More

What’s seen is sold.

Today, there are a million web portals and pages offering same kind of services. Type ‘coaching for JEE’ in a search box and you’ll be presented with more than 5,10,2900 results in less than 2 seconds. What makes your website and services different from rest … Read More

Shopping Cart
Not to ignore, this is the most important ‘must have’ thing in your website if you are dealing with multiple product lines. A shopping cart is where the customers store their virtual products for checkout and purchasing. If you build a flexible cart, both your registered as well as … Read More

Online market is rising with each day and many companies are looking forward to becoming a part of it by making its presence in the online world. But how to ensure that the customers will remember us the next time they want to buy anything, or how to retain customers? … Read More

If you want to get things done like coding, designing, analyzing or evendebugging, front-end developers are the ones you should go to. The main focus of front-end developers is to ensure wholesome user experience. Also, when it comes to front end development, the developers manage what users first see on … Read More

Imagine you are working with a web developer and everything’s going well. A little this a little that but there are a lot of terms that they use while talking and you just don’t know what it is, so you just nod. You might as well want to look it … Read More

Research says- “70% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live agent while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important contributing lead conversion factors a website can offer.”

So, live chats do improve and increase the sales volume. Wait, but what is … Read More

Think big, start small.

Everything in this universe, which is enormous today, once started at small scale, even our universe started with an atom and not as humongous gathering of nine planets and innumerable amount of galaxies, so start with finding keywords which has little or no competition and usage … Read More


As the word suggests, a strategy is here in context with a tussle, between business competitors and a scuffle for loyal and potential customers. You need to roughhouse your way through the crowd of people who mean business, atop to, whom the business is being meant. A good social … Read More

Explore hidden depths of your business.

You can’t prepare for a cricket match until you know if it’s a test match, T-20 or a 50-over one, similarly you cannot choose keywords for your service based business’ website without knowing what traffic are you attracting and how much of it keeps … Read More

Ways to remove bad reviews from Google Business.

While hosting a service based business website, reviews on Google cannot be looked over, Google being the whistle-blower of consumer-merchandiser interaction on a grass root level basis.

Check if the review is palpable, and if it fails to be palpable and honest, … Read More

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form.
The sole purpose of a landing page is to increase conversions. It is created for advertising or marketing. In simple words, when a visitor clicks on a particular … Read More

As much as the networks connected to web servers are risky, so are the websites. As much as risks are created by misuse of network resources and web server, hosing sites can also entail risks related to security. When it comes to security, both websites and customers take extra care … Read More

As an E-commerce business grows, the traffic grows, however if you are not ready for it, it may limit many things. Wikipedia defines scalability as, “the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged … Read More

Highlighting products and services on your websites, spending on the graphics, animated videos, images etc. will do nothing if it doesn’t reach to the customers. All the innovative ideas you put in your website will only be acknowledged if noticed and used, which will require traffic in your website. How … Read More

User Interface Design
When it comes to website designing ‘user experience’ is very important. User interface is one of the most important factors to be considered while making a website.  People surf internet most of the time and in that they go through various websites. So, all users remember about your … Read More

Why reporting and analytics is important ?
Qualitative things are hard to measure and compare, but quantitative things can be measured, compared as well as tracked. And that’s how you can easily track your site’s performance and improve it. You can do this with the help of website’s analytics. To be … Read More

What is responsive web design?
Let’s say you are owner of an e-commerce website providing books online. You were doing good until there came an incredible number of devices in the market like Desktops of various size, Smartphones of different resolution, Tablets, Laptops and even Smart watches! You noticed that all … Read More

In this tough competition, customer retention now means keeping customers interested in your websites. Conversion of viewers in to customers is what comes next. To keep customers interested is the job of the web designer. With the help of multiple tools, the designers design websites and help company target their … Read More

Questions to ask your web designer
India’s rapid growing e-commerce industry is creating a huge demand for website services ever. Also, India is far too competitive to take chances with a web designer! Right? We understand, that when the question of hiring a web designer comes, there are a lot of … Read More

Follow the USP You must stick to the world wide accepted and trustworthy USP for website development, i.e. U(user)S(simplicity)P(purpose) user here refers to the traffic that’s going to visit your website, simplicity here is in the context of website, always remember simplicity is preferred over complexity, last but not the … Read More

If you want to present your website to people from a particular area or region, you have to optimize it for local search. It sounds bit complicated, but it is not. The process requires some work and patience, but you can finish it without too many problems.

First of all, … Read More

Web Development TrendsThere was a time when the web was not as wide spread worldwide but now in today’s era we can say web is truly “world wide web”. As technology progressed and as internet connectivity became strong, demand of websites spiralled, which led to boom of technologies for web … Read More