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Your website is the first thing your potential clients check about your business on their initial contact. Your informational website gives a glimpse of your company / brand and the value it adds to the customers’ life. Your website is your signature, and it can very well be a pivotal point for the customer to go with your brand or choose others.

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What does Informational website designing mean ?

Its just a type of website designing. Its primarily aimed at having a meaningful structure and easy display of information

A website is created to provide valuable information about your company’s offerings to the customers online. It is a tool that helps you increase sales by offering customers’ a chance to buy your products at a single tap. A well-planned and well-designed website can be of immense significance for your company, much more than you think. It is the very thing people look for when they hear about your business.

importance of informational website design

We at Redballoon believe in finesse; we never cease to implement our belief into our work. We can design a striking website that not only a treat to your eyes and a pleasure to log on to but also present your information in a clear and concise manner. Our website works just as smooth as it looks. We keep in mind your brand’s personality and project the same to the people of the world through your website. Your customers deserve to have the same kind of experience online as they would have while visiting your business offline.

informational website designing company


We can create a website that not only looks good but works great too!


Types of Informational Website Designs

Informational Web Design is a complex process it involves a lot of diligent work that results in a sleek, chic website. Here are some types of informational website designs

Small to Medium Size Business

Small to business websites, need good information architecture to be able to put their best foot forward. As a web designing company in Gurgaon we leave no stones untruned to portray you in the best light.

Informational Design for health professionals

Health and fitness industry has seen a great boom recently. We have the expertise and skills required to carefully optimize information according to user preferences.

Educational Website Designing

Designed especially for the ease of students, parents, and teachers, we can create educations portals for education professionals. This includes online training, online examination etc

Informational Website for Government

This is a classic example of informational website. A government website has lost of information and carefully structured for the ease of the user. The most important links should not be buried deep inside. It is our pleasure to develop government websites that make life easier for citizens of our country.

Simple Brochure Website

A simple brochure website is a website that is short and concise. It tells your customers all about your business in a flash. Ofcourse the information structure has to be easy to use

Personal Use Websites

We can create a website that is for your use. A personal website is usually meant for showcasing your hobby or offering a service to others.

What does an informational web design include ?

informational website design services

Personalized Approach

RedBalloon believes in giving a personal touch to your website. We ensure your web design is according to your needs this certifies your personal touch on your website.

Customized Informational Structure

We avoid using dull templates and other website design presets. Everything is designed from scratch as per your preferences. This ensures that your structure is unique

Home Page Structure

We create a custom home page for your business website that is based on the nature of your business and its tone of voice.

Nested Designing

Every single page is custom designed for your website. (Bio page, services, and product page, about us page, etc.)

Contact Us Page

Our service includes the creation of the Contact Us page along with Google Maps integration.

Blog & News

Any informational website design should incorporate blog and news, it helps generate relevant content and keeps the website fresh.

Why choose us?

informational website designer company

Professional Team

Professionalism and discipline are first on our list while we work on your project. Our employees are well-trained professionals and know how to work in harmony and collectively. We interact with our clients with immense respect and offer them the best we can.

Project Management

We have a whole different team who keep an eye on your project status. Our project management team ensures our website designers work at full capacity to deliver your website on time.

Custom changes

Your website should be designed according to your preferences. Therefore, before we implement any new things, we always make sure to consult you and develop the website as per your needs.

Timely Delivery

We always stand true on our word. We scrutinize every aspect of the project before giving you a deadline, and once we do, we make sure we deliver in time.


We know what we do and have done it for years. This enables us to implement the priceless experience that we have gleaned from past works.


We work collectively, and that increases our power exponentially. Our team consists of young, dynamic individuals who bring their best to the table. When every team member contributes to an overall result, the outcome is genuinely outstanding.


We understand what you want. Before getting started, we discuss in detail about your goals and the purpose of your website. We look into the details that you’ve mentioned and understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Once we are sure of the result, every single change we make in the website development is for the better of your company taking you closer to your goal, one step at a time.

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Redballoon - Informational Website Designing Company

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    Professional and Dedicated Team

    A professional team that will assist you in shaping your website in the best possible way. Needless to mention they are highly motivated and dedicated individuals

    Respect for Timelines

    We value our time and more than that we value the time of our clients. We have strong affinity to deliver projects on time, we hate procrastination and we want your project to go live as fast as possible.

    Dedicated Manager

    We dont want you get lost in coordination with the design and development team. We give you one point of contact for all your queries.

    Complete Transparency

    We will be highly transparent with you. We will explain you every cost parameter before we begin the work. We never charge you any hidden charges whatsoever.

    Strong Support

    Our developers and designers can assist you in your journey. Forget all your worries and let us manage your website completely. For more information please call us on +91 9711448083

    Frequently asked Questions About Informational Website Designing ?

    Its a website that may have lots of information. Whats more important is the way that information is organized. A good information hierarchy goes a long way in creating brand value and recall value.

    Almost all of our websites are powered with a full fledged website management system. This system allows you to manage your website with a few forms and clicks. You can create, edit, delete information all from one backend.

    We work with a wide range of companies with different portfolio they can be small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B, B2C and more with many business industries which include technology, travel, finance, arts, restaurants, Ecommerce and more. Our team take time and work on the your industry, its competitors to help you achieve your goals. We provide a wide range of services which include SEO, payment gateway, hosting needs, Google analytics and much more.

    An informational website takes a bit more than a regular business website. If there is good information, we can wrap up the project within a month. To get exact timelines, please get in touch with us on +91 9711448083

    We have talented in house content writers who can write punchy and sharp content. We cannot write technical content relating to your product / service because our content writers are not subject matter experts. But they can always shape the content in a presentable way.

    We are currently working on react js, node js, vue.js, angular js, java, php and many other technologies.

    Informational Website Designing Company

    For any queries please feel free to call us at +91 9717284074, +91 9711448083.

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