Keys for Achieving Hi-Quality Website Development


While website development differs from company to company and product to product, some pointers remains the same while developing a website. For achieving a high quality website development, it is essential to blend the back-end, front-end and designing perfectly. In this article you will get to know some key factors for achieving high quality website development.

Before we move on to the key factors, let’s understand what are factors that determine the quality web design. In terms of elements, there are onsite elements and offsite elements and some additional elements.

Onsite Elements

1. Well organized and written content

2. Effective use of images and videos

3. Consistent use of all branding elements

4. Resolving the details of forms and structure

5. Strong visual style

Offsite Elements

1. Integration of social channels

2. Boost in conversion rates

3. Having a clear point of difference with the competitors

4. SEO optimization

Some Additional Elements

1. After sales services

2. Timeline of web development

3. Future proof web design

4. Web development cost

Read about the keys for achieving high quality website development-

Visual style that is strong

If you want to lay a good foundation for your quality web design, use strong visual styles. Good visual designs help you achieve your quality goals and gives a great result. Visual designs are distinctive and combine well to achieve the goal.

User focused design

If you wish to be on top of the search results, you not only need to focus on the SEO. Another important point which determines the ranking of your website is the stay time. The more time visitors spend on your website, the better will be your ranking. The stay time is directly proportional to the user interface and the content you provide. To ensure that your bounce rate is low, make sure that your designers are focused on the customer. The more is the focus on customer needs the more is the stay time. The search engine algorithms have other parameters too such as keywords, loading speed, responsiveness, and much more.

Consistent use of all branding elements

Your brand must be on focus when you are going for a web design. The brand identity should entail a visual language for communication. Communication here is of visual nature and that communicates the values of your brand consistently across all the digital media as well as offline media.


It is important that the visitors find what they are looking for easily. Having an intuitive navigation on your website ensures that the customer will not have a hard time finding what they were looking for. This means that as soon as they arrive at your website, they will find things easily without thinking much. Easy navigation also ensures that the stay time is more and the bounce rate is less.

Here are some tips which will help you optimize the navigation of your site.

  • Make sure that the primary navigation remains at the top somewhere. That is where customers look for if they want to find anything. It’s the primary navigation structure that is effective.
  • Always include the search box on the top of the home page. In case the customer needs to find anything, they will just type the keywords and get it.
  • Too much navigation options are bad too. It can create chaos and confusion.
  • Also, try not to keep the navigation too deep, three levels at most is sufficient.
  • If you include links in your page, keep it clear where they are leading to.

Good quality content

it is important that you make some time for the content of your website. The content should be well written, organized, targeted and in the tone and pitch it should be. These should also be a perfect alignment between the content and the style of design to make sure that the readability factor is not ignored and should motivate the action.


There are some conventions in web design which have become popular and instinctive over a period of time and people have become very familiar with them as they are seen on almost all the websites. Some of them includes, main navigation on the top left or right of the homepage, logo on the top (usually center) of the page, etc.

Visuality- structure and form

To enhance the quality of web design, some factors are important to be considered such as effective spacing, use of form and much more. In case of websites, the white space is considered good. The more white space you have, the more effective looks your content. With white space, your content gets acknowledged and visually appealing. If you have less white space your web pages will look crowded and quality wise poor. You will not be able to highlight any special offers too due to too much chaos. With adequate visual space around text, images and content, you can make your website good quality wise.

Effective texts and eye catch images

Your website has some key elements such as images, videos and texts. Effective use of these elements can bring in some user engagement and conversion. As much as readability factor is important, so is the presentation. A good layout promotes engagement and understandability. So the titles of the content should be styled to compliment your logo.

Integration of the social platforms

With business, the broader the reach, the more is the customer base, which is why all businesses maintain their social channels. Your social channels and website should have a connection which means you have a strategy for social media and design of a concept. Social media is used to highlight your brand on different platforms and gain attention, grow traffic and hence conversion. Social media integration is also used for effective communication on both ends.

SEO Optimization

An effective website building means optimizing the content for the search engines algorithms when the website building takes place. To ensure that your SEO is successful, optimization of content, structure, layout and website coding.  SEO optimization increases traffic in the website and hence increases the conversions. Apart from SEO, content also defines your conversion rates, so focus on effective and informative content. When customers land on your site through organic search, they will get what they came looking for.

After Sale Services

Web design services continues even after the project is completed. To ensure the long term success of the project, it is important to provide any additional information, queries or questions if asked. This ensures that the after sale services are also given prime importance.

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