Payment Gateway

We Provide Payment Gateway for Tech Support. India is moving away from physical payments to electronic methods – and Tech Support is driving this change. We are the most trusted name in payments processing in the country, and are committed to providing you with a comprehensive payments processing platform that keeps pace with your business. We approve International Payment Gateway For Tech Support Process in India and Payment Gateway Integration Services.

We all know that there is vast market for Tech support Process and many of the potential centers are running the technical process but due to Payment Gateway problems they are not being able to provide their services in best possible manner. Those centers depend on PAYPAL or G2S or GOOGLE CHECK OUT etc. We specialize in payment gateway for tech support.

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    Sign up Fee:
    Approval Fee:
    Annual Maintenance Fee:
    Monthly Fee:
    Security Deposit:
    Hold back of Funds:
    Minimum withdraw limit:
    Chargeback Fee:
    Refund Fee:
    Application Approval time:
    1 week-1 month
    Recurring payment option:
    Allowed after extra charges.
    Transaction Fee:

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