Planning e-commerce website design and development

how to plan your ecommerce website

Why planning is necessary ?

why should you plan ecommerce website development

An e-commerce website is entirely different from the regular websites, available on the internet. A regular website is mainly developed and designed for sharing information, whereas, an e-commerce website is a digital portal for buying and selling goods and products. This mode of business not only includes an electronic medium but also makes use of electronic transactions and data sharing.


With the help of e-commerce sites, users can do the trade easily with a few simple clicks. How an e-commerce website is convenient and useful and what are its important elements? How is it organised and secured?


The design and development of an e-commerce website depends on its function. Depending on the type of the website, the planning, interface, investment, layout, and other factors are considered. Before introducing the factors and standards for a responsive and modular e-commerce website development and designing, the different types of e-commerce websites are listed below.


Here is a broad classification of types of ecommerce websites.


  • Business-to-business (B2B)

  • Business-to-consumer (B2C)

  • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

  • Consumer-to-business (C2B)


The basics of ecommerce model.

ecommerce model

Online business and electronic transactions are preferred in order to reduce the cost and earn more revenue. Apart from profitability, there are several advantages of using an e-commerce website for business and marketing. This is the reason why there is a high demand for e-commerce websites in the market and huge competition among them. One needs to get the website completely optimized as per the new standards of web design and development to stand in the crowd and level up the business using the online platform.


So, what are the steps you must take before going for e-commerce website designing and development?


No matter, you are an investor or business owner, you can build your website for e-commerce easily. You need not be a tech geek with programming skills for owning a website. There are several web development and designing companies, rendering IT solutions for all types of businesses. However, you need to consider some factors before hiring them to make your e-commerce website productive and efficient.


Take a tour of these important components carefully to start planning your own e-commerce website development and designing.


planning of ecommerce website



Before starting a venture, you must think about the investment first. Website development and designing have become very crucial with new technology and advancement. To enter the competitive market, you need to invest in digital tools and hire an appropriate software team for building the website. Make sure your money is worth it, as the designers and developers will take the charges of the time. So, you must have a designated plan and timeline for each and every process of your website designing and development. Hire the best e-commerce website solution to get your website fully functional and integrated with the latest technological features.


Merchant accounts:

Before having an electronic mode for the trade and business, you must get all your transactions done online through net banking/ debit card/ credit card/ UPI/ e-wallet. To get started with this, the website owner must have a merchant account. Check the eligibility of your account and then integrate it with the website to accept the payments online through different modes. It will help you to level up the sales volumes and keep all the transactions secure.

Payment Gateways:

The merchants need to have an online portal where they can offer different ways of payment to the consumers. It is an essential part of e-businesses and online retailers to take payments in a short time. There are several vendors offering payment gateway solutions with multiple currencies and payment methods. You need to obtain a payment gateway and configure it with the website to accept remittance online.


You need to send the purchased package or accept the returned or replaced package in any e-commerce business. So, you must set up extra shipping charges or include that in product price and deploy a shipping agent to deliver the package. You should also preview every shipment and update the timeline for easy tracking by the consumers. You can find different agents to ship the package on time and make your services transparent.

Architecture of the store:

Your e-commerce business should be reliable enough to keep thousands of products which can be easily searched and filtered. So, you must evaluate the performance of the site and make changes accordingly. Do not forget to make your site mobile-friendly as the majority of internet users access the sites on mobile phones.

Search feature:

Among all the stakeholders you have, you must keep your customers at the priority list. You must review and optimize your website as a customer. Update your website regularly by adding new tabs like-new collection, top discounts, trending, and others. Also, you must review the items in these tabs, which needs to be updated time-to-time to enable the customer to find the desired product without any hassle.

Marketing Plans:

Having a robust and amenable website is not enough for running an e-commerce business. You need to set up new strategies for marketing and business to increase ROI and gain value from the customers. You must set up the target and then coordinate with different online media to start advertising. You can make use of social media websites, collaborate with other businesses or display ads on TVs or on other websites. Moreover, offline marketing like the newsletter and print media can also be considered.



It is said that the efficiency of online businesses depends on the quality of the content they create and publish. In your e-commerce website, you need to provide a suitable shopping environment with descriptive models and products. You can also bring up new products and launches with innovative content to make the website engaging and user-friendly.


You must have a planned package of management for running your e-commerce website. From testing to launching the website, promoting to evaluating the business, you will learn about many more factors which will help you to grow your business. Online business with an e-commerce website can be very beneficial if you mark up your strategies with new trends and technology.




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