Reasons to choose php programming language

Lets state the obvious first. PHP is awesome and it has powered millions of projects around the world. It has brought businesses precious revenue from high powered applications with easy and flexibility.  It is dynamic, fast, robust and enjoys a huge developer support through out the world.


What is PHP ?

PHP is a backend programming language that can help you build scalable web applications with tonnes of features and functionalities. PHP was initially called as personal home page and then it became hypertext pre-processor. It is now what we call as recursive acronym. It is also known as web scripting language.


Here are the top reasons to prefer php as your website development language.

  1. Opensource and Free

php opensource website development

Php is an open source language constantly being improved and updated by the developer community across the globe. The community helps to keep the programming language relevant and in sync with the latest technological advancements. Its free, you don’t have to pay for including the language in your applications. Businesses around the world have earned crores and crores of rupees in revenue from php.


  1. Multi OS compatible

php is multi os compatible

Php works great on all major OS and platforms. Its works with MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX etc. It creates a great programming stack with apache, nginx and mysql. It is also a tool to develop cross platform applications which greatly increases its usability factor.


  1. Shallow Learning Curve

Php is easy to develop because of its procedural and object oriented nature. It can be as easy as you want to be and at the same time it can be really complex. You can use the power of object oriented programming to leverage PHP in your web projects.  Further due to its shallow learning curve, it is widely studied by developers around the world. If you choose to build your application in PHP you are sure to find someone to build, update and maintain it.


  1. Flexibile and Dynamic Language

Php is an encrypted language, it is robust, secure and offers a great degree of flexibility when it comes to creating web applications. PHP applications refresh automatically without need for manual control. The language is highly customizable which means it can be leveraged to serve your precise website needs. Since its open source, it can be read by any text editor or code writing software such as sublime text etc. Due to its flexibility it can be combined with different technologies to create the desired output.


  1. Cost Effective

Php website development is really cost effective. First its free and open source, second, there is no dearth of developers that are equipped with the programming language. There is a huge developer community and IT staffing wont be an issue with PHP. Finding php developers is not an uphill task and you will surely get someone to work on your application.


  1. Developer Community

php website developer community

As mentioned above, there is a huge php developer community out there. Having a huge developer community really helps, since new improvements are brought to the programming language every day. Moreover, you cannot be good at everything, having a developer community ensures that you get the right answers when you are searching for them online. For example the best possible way to reduce ram consumption foreach loop vs for loop etc etc. There is a plethora of documentation online that can help you build your project easily.


  1. Ready to Port Applications

If you are not building your business on a new business model, there is a 90% chance, that someone has already attempted to make the entire application in php. Website Development has become really easy because of PHP. For example Ecommerce, there are tonnes of ready to port CMSes that can get you up and running in no time, these are fantastic CMSes that can help you build really powerful and scalable applications within no time. Further there is a community of sellers out there who sell ready made scripts. For example property listing portal, there are virtually thousands of scripts online and I am sure that one of those will fit your business exactly.


  1. Security

php website development security

Security is something that is not a feature or reason to choose PHP. In any application, there can be backdoors through which hacks can take place. It is really upon the skill and experience of the development team that can plug the loophooles and really harden the application. PHP is no exception. If you are aware of the security loopholes, you can create the most secure applications. A lot of people think that PHP is not secure enough. I bet to differ, it is one of the most secure programming languages out there, its only your skill and experience that makes your application secure or insecure. Facebook uses PHP in parts in frontend. Php is robust and secure.  If those people can trust php, you can too.


  1. New Improvements

Latest php versions have offered speed and stability improvements. It is moving towards total object oriented pattern. The latest versions of PHP are fast and more secure. There are significant speed improvements. Moreover, new frameworks like LARAVEL built on top of php, are really useful to make complicated applications on the fly.


  1. Tried and Tested

There are enough real tests of the programming language out there. Its been in the market since 1995, through years of community development, PHP has scaled new heights like never before. PHP has already been tested by numerous companies who have piggy backed on the programming language to skyrocket their growth. A lot of javascript frameworks still have to face the test of time before they get more acceptability.



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