Why Ecommerce Website Design Services Is Vital for Online Business?


E-COMMERCE is the new trend of todays business world. With the growth of new ways of shopping and boost in online shopping, Ecommerce is really getting its own charm with a lot of people getting totally dependent on it for fulfilling their desires of getting the things just by scrolling their fingers.

But as the demand for Ecommerce increased, the need for Ecommerce websites also increased and that ultimately boosted the growth of Ecommerce Website Design Services.

So, what made it necessary for Ecommerce service providers to get in touch with Ecommerce Website Design services. The answer to the question lies between the lines only and the straight forward answer will be their need to look different from others.

The website design service providers work according to the brief given by the company and make the website attractive and user friendly. For example if there is a Ecommerce company operating in India the service provider might give an option for Hindi language , which will ease the search for the people. In the same way there are many options which can be included in the website such as voice search, etc to make it user friendly. These ideas come from the service providers because they have a think tank to work on it.

So, lets get in detail and understand the business model. As an Ecommerce company a website is the first thing required and the website gives the first impression to the client or customers.

The website should be minimalistic in appearance because nobody likes a messy place. In the same way people get irritated if the appearance of the website is not clean and attractive. The website should contain proper division of categories and should attract people’s attention by providing the detail of each product within the category not directly on the first page.

The company must provide different options such as About Us, Search, Contact Us, Suggestions etc which makes the customers feel valuable and privileged to the company.

The appearance of the website must be pleasant to the eyes, so it’s really important to choose the theme and the colours wisely and here’s comes the role of Ecommerce website Design services because they know the taste of the company and they have got experts whose job is to work on different designs and colour combinations to come up with the best results. This part is really important because it makes the customer feel comfortable and people stay longer at places that offers comfort.

One of the major issue today is that people usually visit a website on mobile phone, tablet etc. So, website design service providers gives the website an appearance that looks good on the phone as well. It’s really important to design a website in such way that it can open well on the mobile phone or they must design a separate version for the mobile phone view. Today’s generation is mostly using mobile phones where applications can be an option to provide but usually applications need extra space and if the website will sort the purpose of better experience then people will visit your website directly on the phone instead of keeping a lot of applications and this will give your company more visitors than your competitors. It’s seems a small step but as the heavy applications slow down a phone, if it can be replaced by the more user friendly option of a website then surely it will make a difference.

Everything else can be compromised but not the security. As people give their bank details, contact details and other information while purchasing from an Ecommerce website. The challenge of protecting them from cyber thieves are a big issue. This is where the role of website service providers takes an important step. They should work very seriously on this issue and check all the related areas , spend  more time and money to make the website more secured and save the customer from data leaks as well. Security is important because today it can be easily identified from which website the data has been stolen and once this news becomes public, the customers will surely avoid doing business on that site. The websites of banks needs special security features as well. They must regularly sense the activities that’s happening and notify the user if something unusual detected.

Now lets come to the point where we can conclude about the importance of Ecommerce service providers. As there are many Ecommerce companies working for the same cause , these website service providers work on making your website look different , perform efficiently and lacks bugs. It’s really important for a website to look different as well as organised. For example if you take the example of Amazon and Flipkart. They both work for the same business. But there is a difference in the appearance of their websites. The flipkart’s website is far better and user friendly than amazon. It’s website is more organised and it provides the product details in more accurate and organised way. Even the segment of customer’s rating and reviews is far better in appearance than amazon. Coming to the home page. The colours that appear on Flipkart’s website is more pleasing. The pop down windows for different categories of products is far well organised and in details. These are a few steps taken by the company which started giving tough competition to a well settled company in the market, Amazon.

Secondly if you like to understand the difference that a website design service providers creates, you can just visit a website of any government run university and a private university. The government websites are so boring and unorganised. Even the website of India’s best hospital AIIMS is so confusing that you can even not spend a min on the website if given a choice. But if you will visit any private company’s or University’s website you will find it more attractive and organised because they are designed by a service provider whose knows how to present.

These are small difference but they create huge impact. Taking the example of IRCTC which is one of the India’s leading websites in terms of visitors. This website is so poorly designed and maintained that it crashes almost everyday during the tatkal booking hours due lots of visitors. If it would have been designed properly and maintained accordingly the situation would be different.

I hope I was able to explain the need of Website design service providers and the difference that they can create to your business. Today, “They are not just important, they are necessary”.

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