8 Web Design Principles to Know


Designing a great website is an art. Every business wants to create an appealing website that can get a visitor’s appreciation; creating a breathtaking website is not that simple and easy as it seems. It needs a certain level of attention to detail and exceptional care to design an attractive website.

Interestingly, there are no conventional rules when it comes to web designing. The digital world is progressing at an exponential rate. Ways and ideas to effectively design a website every now and then. It is essential to follow the latest trends, technology, and visitor’s preferences to make a flawless web design. The aim is to attract and engage visitors.

Let’s look at 8 crucial web design principles that can aid you to succeed in 2019.

Keep it simple:

Users in 2019 are dealing with so many web information that they strive to navigate through those webpages that are user-friendly and understandable. The key is to keep your web page attractive and straightforward. Over-designing and too many technicalities complicate the look and usage of a webpage which frustrates the visitor. To effectively and efficiently communicate your business idea with visitors, devise the web page in a way that they can easily understand and navigate. Also, the web conversion option to other web pages and web links should be easily accessible and clear to aid your visitors to get all required information as smoothly as possible.

Business objective should be clear and loud:

Every business has a specific objective or goal for which they design the web page (or a website). In simple words, every company wants to sell particular products or services; in rider to do so effectively, a website is needed. The significant portion of your web page should circulate your business objective. You should rank the various web details in order of their importance to your business objective. If your most important information is obscure and unclear, then you might be in trouble. So, make sure that necessary information is placed in prominent places which visitor can easily see and perceive. Prioritize the little details in accordance to their importance and then give them visual representation according to their importance.

Visual Hierarchy:

Visual hierarchy is requisite to create an outstanding web design. It refers to the order in which naked human eye see and perceive things. It is vital to place various web details in hierarchical order because some options need more visual attention than others. You must be thinking that every single option is essential, and that is why it is posted on a web page. But you can’t deny the fact that specific options need to be highlighted to grab visitor’s attention and concentration. Some items such as the call to action, forms, add to cart, value proposition, etc. need more attention than other less important details. To utilize this concept of visual hierarchy, designers can place objects in two manners; they can either increase the size or change the color of options that deserve more attention.

Add filters for user-friendly navigation:

If your product or service entails too much detail and you are worried that such bombardment of information will confuse your visitors, then here is an excellent solution for you; add filter tab that suggests suitable options to choose from many choices. As Hicks law indicates that the time required to decide increases with an increase in choices, so the filter tab will help you to minimize that time. It will help to sort out the enormous information into valuable and necessary information and will aid your visitor in quick decision making.

Focus more on visual communication:

A visual image can communicate faster than mere words. It not only helps to break the steady flow of textual information but is also pleasing to the eyes. But wait! You cannot post visual images abruptly; instead, they need special care. In this era of advancement, designers are encouraged to follow the “Rule of thirds.” This rule directs you to divide the image, by putting two equally spaced horizontal and two evenly spaced vertical lines, into nine equal parts; you then put the most critical information along these lines or at their intersection.

Recognize the importance of white spaces:

White space, or sometimes referred to as negative space, is the part of the webpage that appears to be empty. It is not only the space that you see between words; instead, it consists of all white spaces, visuals, margins, words, and lines. These white spaces are quite significant when it comes to designing a web page. You must be thinking that these spaces automatically emerge after filling in the webpage with the required content. But let me surprise you with the fact that these white spaces or blank spaces need a certain level of concentration. It is an art to use the right amount of white spaces to highlight the critical text and visuals while giving a clean image of the webpage. A cluttered and overwhelming webpage is very unpleasing to eyes. To provide a neat and decent look to the website, use the white spaces optimally, and seize your visitor’s attention.

Web design responsiveness to smart devices:

It is essential to optimize web design for efficient working on smart devices. Among many drastic changes in the last few years, one of the most noticeable change is a shift towards the usage of smart devices as compared to desktop. Almost every person owns a smartphone or tablet these days. Smart device users want to have the same web experience as they used to have on the desktop. So, it is essential to make web design responsive for all devices.

Consistent design:

Web design should be consistent throughout the web content. A web site usually consists of many web pages. It is essential to design all web pages consistently. The font style, font size, spacing, design, and button style should be similar in all web pages. Consistent web pages are easy to navigate and connect.

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