Digital Marketing Jargons You Should Know About

Are you looking to expand your business by introducing it to the internet? Or you own an Ecommerce business already but looking for better exposure? Well because Approximately 40 billion people are using internet to find your products and services. But how do you reach them? Well, simple- digital marketing! We know, you are surely then planning for digital marketing. But wait, to make most out of it you must know all the terms related to digital marketing, right?

So, here are most important Digital Marketing Jargons you should know:

CTR – Click-Through Rate

whenever you place any links in the Ads, e-mails or websites, CTR is the percentage of people who click on it.

CPC – Cost per Click

Cost per Click is the sum charged by companies for every click people do on the shown Ad which helps in traffic and conversion. This is an effective way to get more traffic on your website.


when an action is generated by the user which was intended by the website then it is called conversion. It can be in the form of sales, newsletter signup or downloading.


how many times will your company’s ad appear on the users screen for your target audience? The term ‘impressions’ is used to define it.


when a user type a particular word or a phase to search for the topic on various search engines, it is called keyword. Keywords can be short and can be long too. For example, website designing company is a short keyword but website designing company in Gurgaon is a long tail keyword.

Organic Traffic

when traffic is generated by the search engine, it is called organic traffic, also known as ‘free traffic’. This traffic comes to your website organically meaning that because your website ranks for a particular keyword, a user has landed on your website when he punched in that keyword.

Paid Traffic

when a company works on the keywords and gets traffic by creating Ads around those keywords, then the generated traffic is known as paid traffic.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization improving the website ranking on the SERP by making your website more relevant is called SEO.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

when a user search any keywords on the search engines, the result displayed is called SERP. It is presented to you by the Search algorithm.

Keyword Stuffing

using too many keywords in the content of a website to make it more visible on SERP is called keyword stuffing. But using it a lot may look like spam to users as content may get affected due to a lot of keywords. This practice is old and not encouraged. It might adversely affect your rankings.

Landing Page

this is the entry page of a website when a user is redirected from any external link. It is optimized in such a way that a user is attracted to it become customer. It usually has a lot of call to action triggers like BUY NOW, CALL NOW, BOOK NOW.


when you subscribe to any content from a website then you receive messages from that company through emails or other means of communication. This way you can be updated with all the new content/videos/products, services/E-newsletters of that company. Subscription is also a form of conversion.

Split Testing

split testing also known as A/B testing is the two versions of a landing page or an Ad, made to test which works better, by showing them to visitors. There are differences in both of them and split testing shows which one is better in terms of user experience to give the results back. It is used in emails, Ads, CTC, newsletters etc.


analytics provide data through which patterns can be identified by the website owners to track the performance of the website, social media or email campaigns. It provides data like the visitor’s information- location, age, gender, how much time they spend on the website, the pages they view and much more. It also helps identify the search patterns and the keywords used by the users for SEO optimization.

Thank You Page

if you own an Ecommerce business, a thankyou page is crucial entity. A thankyou page help you track ROI when the site is not tracking the conversions when the customers go through checkout process. You can add a thank you page after the customers complete their purchase if you are an ecommerce business. This will help you know where your customers are coming from and tracking conversions becomes real easy.

Keyword Proximity

when you feed the search engines by putting keywords to improve the search ranking on the browsers, keyword proximity helps you even more. How you put your keywords also matter in terms of closeness. How close you put the keywords to each other also improves your ranking on SERP. If you put keywords close to each other in a natural way you will achieve higher rankings on SERP. However just to improve ranking you put keywords close, not making it sound natural it may look like spam.

Keyword Stemming

the results on the SERP are not only on the basis of exact keyword matches, by it also takes variations in to consideration. It also consider semantic groups like plural-singular, synonyms and related suffixes. Search engines view similar keywords as similar meaning words, so, ‘keyword stemming’ can exceptionally strengthen your reach. These keywords can also be found in google suggested search.

Lookalike Audiences

sometimes audiences can be reached beyond demographic and interest based system. Facebooks has got lookalike audiences which helps in targeting different audiences. It has the ability to find people on the basis of closeness of your present customers using samples of percentage. This can help you gain more audiences having interest in the products and services you are offering.

Conversion Rate

the percentage of the people who initiate the desired action on your website or Ads on social media, is conversion rate. It not only mean sales, it can also include conversion of a visitor in to a lead or SQL (sales qualified lead) or even MQL (marketing Qualified lead). We did not take them individually because they are self-explanatory.

These were some basic yet important jargons that you should know before you start digital marketing.

Have any questions ? Any jargons you don’t know about ? Shoot us an email on and we will demystify the terms for you.

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