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Without digital marketing measurement, you are sailing your ship in the fog!

In digital world, you can track everything. That’s the power of digital advertising. Each impression and click can be accurately counted and even predicted too! You can accurately calculate your return on ad spend and make decisions that will help you grow by leaps and bounds. It may interest you that 25% of the digital marketers move forward unknowingly when they can track these metrics and win success. We will give your business a boost by helping you analyse your campaigns effectively! The profitability of your business depends on tracking the impressions and clicks of your ads. The more data you have in your hands, the better your decisions will be. We have expertise in tracking the metrics of your website. We can provide you with effective strategies to improve the growth of your business. Our work is to give you clear and transparent marketing metrics that you’ve been missing to analyse.

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What is Digital Marketing Measurement?

Digital Marketing Measurement is all about determining the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns!

Digital marketing measurement are a set of tools & techniques that are useful for identifying marketing campaign effectiveness, revenue earned, and cost incurred to achieve the same. The objective is twofold. First, to determine whether the ad variables such as creative, audience etc. are working or not and second, to determine the next course of action for campaigns and business as a whole. We all seen the Netflix documentary, data has surpassed oil in value, why do you think that is, it’s the most valuable asset an online business can have in today’s cut throat era.

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We don’t leave anything to chance ! we want you to make data driven decisions.

Digital Marketing measurement doesn’t mean tracking a few impressions and clicks. It means tracking your user journey straight from the time he interacted with your ad till the time he made a purchase or performed a desired action. An advanced marketing tracking setup also calculates lifetime value of your customer to have yet better picture of your advertising campaign. Since it’s a time consuming and complicated process, you’d require help. We will help you setup digital marketing tracking on campaign level and also on website level. Our priority is to fill you in with every detail of your online business and help you in making informed decisions.

why do you need digital marketing measurement ?


Objectives of Digital Marketing Measurement

To track your revenue

The first and foremost objective is to track sales. How much money does your advertising campaign generates daily/monthly/quarterly. Further we need to drill down and segregate what advertising platform is generating what revenue. Being, a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon , we do not bank upon one advertising platform but multiple platforms. Only then, will you achieve an optimum cost to achieve those results, since target audience is spread across multiple platforms. One common mistakes businesses do is to take a decision too early. You should never discount a platform just because it is not generating enough sales in a short span. One month data means nothing if the ad spend is too low. Further quality of the customers have to be taken into account. Let’s say a platform is generating fewer customers but they all make high value purchases, it would be incorrect to say that the platform is not profitable. You can determine the most powerful platform more objectively by focusing on how much money each platform generates. Tracking sales helps you to validate your investments in profitable parts of your campaign while we will be helping you to divert funds from less successful parts to more successful ones and constantly experimenting profitable approaches.

To track the cost per click on your website

A lot of business attribute the success of their advertising campaign to effective cost per click. This is true for businesses who have optimized their sales funnel to the extent that it cannot be better anymore. For example you have successfully run digital marketing campaigns for 3 years now and you are confident that your funnel is strong. You solely focus on bringing down the cost per click. New businesses and startups should be very careful in assuming CPC as a success parameter. New businesses and start-ups should instead focus on tightening the funnel and tracking growth in customers. Further they should focus on customer loyalty as well.

To track the ratio between website traffic and lead

This metric gives a very important insight into your business. Two very important parameters emerge from this. First, whether the traffic you are receiving is quality traffic or just search engine bots and second, how many visitors actually turn into leads. Needless to say, the higher the ratio, the better. But the challenge is to identifying the pain points with the help of data. If customers are bouncing from the landing page, there is some problem with the same. May be the speed isn’t upto the mark, may be the first line isn’t attractive enough. These questions can be answered with data. Detailed heat maps can be installed on the website as well to track from where the slippage is happening. Another thing to look out for is drop off pages / sections. It doesn’t matter if your visitors come directly or indirectly to your site. What matters is how you analyse these metrics to make decisions to improve the profitability of your business. Your priority should be increasing your conversion rate and we will help you in achieving that objective.

To track the conversion rates of your website’s landing page

This metric focuses on the success of your landing pages. Multiple landing pages are testing and data is analysed to determine the winner. This will help you in finding out how your content and landing pages are syncing to your business’s persona. Positioning is also important. You also need to see what type of customers are actually converting. Wrong messaging can hurt you in long term. Conventional marketing principle are not to be ignored. You can split test as much as you want. The goal is to achieve an optimum conversion rate.

To track the customer value

It’s always great to find how many clients you have, or how many times and how much do they purchase or respond to you? You should focus on the management that comes after their purchase, whether you’re dropping consumers or if they’re just doing one-time purchases. Advanced marketing measurements can help you track this value as well which will drastically improve long term return on ad spend. Digital Marketing measurement is not simply wooing the leads. It needs great time and effort to understand your customer value and enhance it with time.

Digital Marketing Measurement Services

Setting up a complete end to end tracking can be a daunting task. We are a Digital marketing measurement company who completely believes in transparency and data driven decisions. Here are some Digital Marketing measurement services we offer –

Google Tag Manager Setup

In this competitive world you cannot rely on one marketing tool / platform. Every marketing tool comes with its own set of script tags to be able to track the efficacy properly. But managing these tags can be a night mare. Google tag manager allows you to handle tags in one place it also smartly queues them as per instructions, you can further segregate the timing of the tags, tie them to custom events, javascript browser events and states such as page load, page view. You can even insert a custom HTML code with google tag manager. Google Tag Manager allows you to create and handle your conversion monitoring, site monitoring, remarketing, and other tags. There are virtually unlimited ways to monitor behaviour through the pages and applications, and the user-friendly interface helps you to switch tags at any time. GTM allows team individuals to share fast updates and introduce new tags without requiring any complicated code changes. It’s been the best Tag Manager out there.

Facebook pixel setup and tracking

For success in Facebook ads and retargeting, it is imperative to use Facebook pixel from day 1 of your website going live. Even if you don’t want to start with facebook ads, pixel should be installed from day 1. It will keep collecting visitor data which you can channelize whenever you want to start advertising on facebook. You won’t be able to use the most common targeting options if you don’t have the Facebook pixel setup. You can’t monitor conversions reliably. It’s impossible to customize your campaigns effectively. We can do a thorough Facebook pixel setup for you with custom event tracking. Please checkout our facebook marketing services

Facebook pixel remarketing setup

The Facebook Pixel is a very flexible tool. Not only its a great conversion tracking tool it is also an audience targeting tool. You can make your advertisements more relevant by delivering them to people who have already expressed interest in your ad or your website. Naturally the conversion rate would be better. Through remarketing ad setup, you can improve your conversion rates by 2x.

Google ads conversion tracking setup

Similar to facebook, google also provides entire tracking setup to accurately measure your return on ad spend and even make budgeting decisions based on this. Yet more, you can even set your bidding strategies according to ROAS value and google will adjust your bid accordingly. For this to happen, you should have google conversion tracking setup properly. Conversion tracking within your Google Ads account helps you to know with utmost certainty whether your new activities are delivering the desired results or not. Correctly recording conversions is absolutely essential. Conversion research will help us polish your campaigns on a daily basis and arrive at an optimum ad spend.

Google ads remarketing setup

Remarketing is a method of contacting users who have either visited your website or downloaded a mobile app of yours. It enables you to strategically place the advertisements in front of all those viewers as they browse through Google or its affiliate websites, thus increasing your brand recognition or reminding them to make purchases. To advertise for your business, you can build Remarketing lists. We will create a targeted Remarketing list for your customers who have done some action on your website or interacted with your ad. Google Remarketing can also be leveraged for abandoned carts.

LinkedIn Pixel Setup

Like facebook and google, linkedin has emerged as a pioneer in B2B advertising. It has its own set of tracking procedures and setups. And yes! You must integrate each pixel separately and according to their guidelines to be able to get meaningful data. You surely need a guide to guide you through this tricky situation. Linkedin ads are particulary expensive because mostly B2B businesses advertise on linkedin. Their average ticket size is also higher. It becomes even more imperative to have linkedin pixel correctly setup.

Key performance indicators setup

KPIs will show you if your business is progressing or regressing. They can be extremely useful in the decision-making phase and will aid us in the expansion of your business. KPIs are a type of metric that can be used to measure the progress of a company’s goals. They can be used in any type of business. You invest time, effort, and resources into the functioning of your business; it only makes sense to monitor its success regularly. KPIs aid in the clarification of the actual state of the company and success goals which makes them certain and reliable. KPIs serve as a point of comparison for comparing crucial facets of the market in the future as well as in the past.

Cost vs benefits reporting and analytics

The cost-benefit analysis (also known as cost vs benefit reports) is a method for evaluating decisions, processes, or programs, as well as determining the cost of intangible assets. The model is developed by defining the benefits of a given activity and the costs related to it and then subtracting those costs from that activity’s benefits. Cost-benefit analysis is used by companies to facilitate decision-making because it offers an impartial, evidence-based interpretation of the nature of the problem, free of the biases of sentiment, ideology, or prejudice. Cost-benefit analysis is a valuable method for designing corporate strategies, assessing new employees, and allocating capital because it gives a clear picture of the effects of a decision. Our team will provide you with best Cost Vs Benefit Reports.

Bounce rate metric reporting

A website fails to gain real customers if its bounce rate is high. Knowing your website’s bounce rate metrics will help you in finding more effective ways to have real interacting customers. Our strategies would concentrate on reducing the bounce rate by giving you quality advice for your business based on verifiable data.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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Our digital marketing company in Gurgaon prioritises our customers’ needs before anything else. We are experts in effective and successful digital marketing measurement strategies. For us, growth is synonymous with satisfied customers. We never let loose our responsibilities. But why us? Here are a few reasons to select us –

We are renowned professionals

We have years of expertise and clear insight into what we deliver.

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We are an all-in-one package when it comes to delivering verified results. Our teams always wish for our customers to hit fortune!

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We show utter transparency with our decision-making. We make sure that our customer is satisfied with our hard work. That’s why we make sure they have every knowledge related to their project.

Our metrics include

ROI, profit, return on ad spend, cost per action (purchase, lead form submissions), etc.

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    Digital Marketing measurement is very important to measure the success of digital marketing campaigns. In simple words, if you want to measure your success you must have a digital marketing measurement mechanism in place.

    Cost Reports, Cost per click, impressions, CTR rate report, sales report, conversion report, Lifetime value reports etc. can be customized according to your needs.

    We will need access to your CMS backend, file access in case it’s a custom website. We will convey the details required as per your technology stack.

    Yes, you can, but you will never have the data to make decisions or effectively measure the success of your campaigns. Further, it will be very difficult to attribute conversions to a particular source of traffic.

    Almost everything, we can track clicks on buttons, add to cart events, purchase events, signup events, lead form submissions events and we can also set up custom event tracking for example how many people stay for more than 5 seconds on the page.

    We track people who have interacted with your website, which improves conversion rates. Dont worry it is included in digital marketing measurement setup

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