Importance of reporting and analytics in website development


Why reporting and analytics is important ?

Qualitative things are hard to measure and compare, but quantitative things can be measured, compared as well as tracked. And that’s how you can easily track your site’s performance and improve it. You can do this with the help of website’s analytics. To be more precise, with website analytics you can learn about the behavior of the visitor, particular specifications such as age and gender, or how they got to know about your website and much more. This is one of the most important factors to be considered while making a website.

Web analytics can track things like-

  • The origin of the traffic. Where the traffic is coming from?
  • What kind of posts and pages are attracting the traffic? (to indulge more efforts in it)
  • The keywords that are used by the users to land at your website. (to improve the content accordingly)
  • Is the traffic being converted to a lead or not and if not why.

how to make the best out of analytics

People find your website with the help of two things, by marketing and by using keywords. Once you start tracking the visitors of your website, you will get to know more about the visitors such as their age, gender, their location and the devices from which they are accessing the website. If you are able to find any pattern in the devices used, you can go for a more apt responsive design to give users good experience. You can also track where they are spending most of their time in your website. This way you can work on it more. When you will know the details of the visitors you can know about the particular kind of people using your website, the content they are accessing and much more. Personalizing the content accordingly will create more traffic. Once you find out how are they finding your website, and what they are looking for, you can really work on it to increase the traffic of your website when you find the right keywords. Using right keywords, you can create the content of your website and gain more traffic. And since you know the visitors well, you can focus on user friendliness and user experience. Another important point is the audience. Depending upon the audience you may want to change how your website looks. For example, if you are targeting youngsters you may want to add animated relatable memes, while if you are targeting the professional groups, they are always interested in knowing what’s new. This is how you can personalize the content depending upon the kind of traffic you are getting. you can personalize on the basis of location too. This will require images and keywords. But if you are using keywords, again, you must be very clear about the audience you are targeting. Also, your analytics will let you know if you are doing it right or not. Also, using the right keywords will improve your google ranking and will help more people find you. This process shall continue as the trends keep on changing.


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