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21st century, the age where the growth rate of technology is almost exponential. Just a few years back the whole scenario of technology was completely different, there were big big monitors and super slow CPUs with slow processors. There were mobile phones only used for calling no other feature, and television, this was the picture of the technology just a few years back, but after that the growth of technology was extremely fast. The latest technological advancements have proved themselves to be highly essential in the present scenario.

Each and every person knows that this is the age of Information Technology; no one can live their life properly at present time without knowing how to adapt the technologies and advancements. Well, I still remember a time where we used satellite phones to talk with people just a bit far away. And now just click and boom you are talking with a person sitting on the opposite side of the world for as long as you want, that’s the magic of technological advancements. Technology is no longer a luxury it has become a necessity. From kids to old generation all of them nowadays know how to use these technologies. Even these technologies are now taught in every school for making the children ready to step in the world dependent on technology.

The main boost to technology came after the discovery of the still the hero of the tech world called “Internet”, but it only is a network of some devices. But after the passage of time this network grew bigger in size and expanded at a high rate, but this Internet was hollow which got filled up by the main element of the time Websites. We need no introduction that what a website is. We probably go through thousands of websites daily. There is billions of website for a single purpose. The growth of Internet and Website has been quite drastic. Almost all of the present population of the world has access to Internet and Websites and are making a good progress through that. The websites have become a great necessity for our daily needs.

Nowadays websites are used for shopping, dining, business and all other various kinds of activities. Internet almost created a parallel virtual world for the people where there is everything from facts to entertainment, from business to shopping everything. Even a few years back websites were just a platform for getting a few facts but the picture of a website has changed in a great way. Websites are no more like that, they are well organized and highly designed and user friendly. They are now used for several other purposes. They are designed on the basis of their purpose.

Just in the last few years the whole picture of what a website has changed in a great way, there have been great changes from interface to purpose to design to smoothness everything. Even it has evolved for the diversity in the use of device, thus it has changes and witnessed great changes due to the technological developments and it is quite obvious that there are several huge changes to come in future, the websites will get much more modified and developed in the coming future that too in a great way. But to be specific there has been great changes in few aspects specially and which are very much evident and visible. So, let’s take a look on the aspects on which it changed greatly over these few years and how will it change in the future.


Well it is undeniable that the main purpose of website has changed hugely with time. Previously website was just a medium for obtaining certain facts and information only. But now there is website for all purposes not only for information. There is websites for entertainment purpose, there is website for foods, there is websites for shopping, there is website for booking tickets and rooms, and there is even websites for finding websites for a specific purpose. Thus little time ago it was a different scenario, but the definition of website has changed greatly with advancements. And it is quite evident that new websites are coming for new purposes thus it will definitely get modified and updated with time further. This is of course something that got changed in a great way and evidently with time. Thus this of course fills up the first place in the list.


It is actually the components that will decide how many users will visit you website, how much will they like it, for how long will they stay there, whether they will come back or not, everything. It basically refers User Interface, thus it decides the experience of the User. It is quite evident that UI changed drastically with time and is still developing and it will definitely develop in future because it is a great decisive factor.


Basically the whole purpose of website depends on the web-design. The design must be friendly, well-organized, neat, and very much comfortable. If the web-design is properly satisfying it will definitely decide the fortune of the website. Well it has developed greatly with the various highly developed front-end websites like Java Scripts, Sass, Sublime, etc.


There has been a huge development in the variation of devices thus with so many diverse devices the website also needed itself to adjust itself in any interface or any size required thus responsive websites are highly important nowadays and indeed is a noteworthy development in the field of website development. In fact it will further get developed in future because, with the passage of time the diversity in the devices will increase more thus responsive website will get developed with it.

Thus website has indeed changed greatly especially in the above mentioned aspects and will definitely get developed more because in future it will play much bigger roles in our development and daily life. It has become one of the most required elements of our life and will definitely develop in order to enhance our experience.

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