Future of Website Development


No one knows the future, even the astrologers cannot predict whats going to happen eventually. We can all have an idea of the things to come. Decision making is all about forecasting. Observing trends is something every website development agency should do.


It is our responsibility as website developers to sniff whats coming in the market and to make a website with a solution which is long term and enduring.


Website development technology, practices and institutes are a product of two things, the viewing device which the hardware part and the hope of making a profit. We should take a look at these two aspects if we are to predict whats going to enter the market in future.

So here are the key takeways regarding the future of website development.


  1. Smart Devices

    javascript based website development

We already know that mobile devices have seen a boom and have already captured around 80% of the market share. Websites are being built specifically for smartphones, tablets and even smart wears. A lot of content is now also consumed on smart TVs. So what does it mean, it means to be future compatible, we must deploy a practice to serve all devices. We can also look at separate websites for separate devices and optimizing the real estate that exsists. Accounting for unexpected screen sizes should be at the top of the list.


  1. Its going to get expensive

If you think that drag and drop builders are going to reduce market prices, then I urge you to look it in a different perspectives. These drag and drop builders have sort of widened the market for expensive development. Eventually a person grows out of the existing framework, theme, template, design and functionality. Custom Development is already on the rise. While a lot of major players like google are also focusing on drag and drop apps but till AI really gets invented, we will have to rely on human input.


  1. Writing code is going to get easy

If you look back and compare, writing and compiling code has become really easy. New programming languages are better equipped to handle code distribution. Git deployment has increased by 500%. Earlier we used to write everything by hand, now the software completes the code for you. Suggestions by software are correct 9/10 times. Moreover debugging has become easier. Most text editors compile the code realtime and tell you that you are going to face a problem.


  1. Javascript based languages

    javascript based website development

Javascript is now a dominant player both in front end scripting and backend scripting as well. With the advent of nodejs, javascript ventured into server side handling. Its becoming more popular. I cant comment what will happen 10 years down the future, but javascript is here to stay for now.


  1. Modular Development will increase

Modularity is being inbuilt with new languages. Softwares aid people a lot in developing component based and modular apps. Component driven frameworks like React have had huge acceptability and adoptability.


  1. Website Architects

A specialized branch is being carved out in the website development field. They are called component architects. The architects job is to make sure the code is developed in the proper manner and in a modular manner. Its also his job to make sure that the code is written correctly and is future proof. So be sure that website architects are going to be high in demand. For being an architect you need to a good foresight and visualization power.


  1. Reactjs

React js is storming the market. We don’t need to tell you what react is because every website developer must have known about its benefits and its processes. Its an ultra light frontend framework that is really fast.


If we look at the past, we have come a long way from Jquery to React and we are moving towards component based frameworks. Its only going to get easier, with faster computers and better softwares, writing code is going to become easier and faster. As developers it is our duty to pave way for the future of website development.



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