Marketing integration in website design


Highlighting products and services on your websites, spending on the graphics, animated videos, images etc. will do nothing if it doesn’t reach to the customers. All the innovative ideas you put in your website will only be acknowledged if noticed and used, which will require traffic in your website. How to generate traffic? How to tell people about your website and the things you are offering? Well, integration of marketing and social media marketing in your website will help you gain traffic and improve you ROI. It is one of the questions to ask your web designer.

Turn your Websites in to Channels

More than half of the people are visual learners; people want to watch, not read. This pretty much explains it! That’s why even children tend to watch a video and learn than to read the books. When a user comes to your profile, first 5-10 seconds will determine whether they will stay or leave. So, MAKE IT COUNT. People will stick to your website more with video content and you can also use it for marketing too.


Initially, to fulfill the search algorithm, heavy contents were created, and it was hard for users to find the relevant information from it. But now, optimizing the user experience is what google is focusing now. It is also true that the users do not read each and every content that is being given, so, you can simply feed the SEO and add videos and images to the website for better user interaction and traffic.

Buy Buttons

While going to through some websites, you must have seen some moving buttons with animations and arrows saying, “BUY NOW”. Well, it may sound tricky but can lead sales to a higher percentage. Sometimes all it takes is a push order for customers to make a decision. Buttons saying “buy now” can be a real push and people may end up buying.

Big and Bold Images

Internet surfing is increasing day by day and people do not have time for reading lots and lots to text, that’s why almost every company, be it small or large are really giving a lot of tome for some boldness. Well, its pretty obvious that people WILL immediately look at the big bold image or an animated video sharing a story than to read texts!

Live Chat and Chatbots

When you see the bottom right corner of a websites these days, you will see live chats or chatbots. They serve many purposes, like customers can contact and ask anything they want at any time and get a reply and the companies will get a clear idea of the pattern of the questions usually asked by the users. This will help them know what the customers REALLY want, making it easier for companies to market.

Well, there are some other things to consider too like giving after sale services and when it comes to online purchase, the updates to delivery, the details of delivery person and so on. This helps the customers feel more connectivity with the company!


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