Top 10 Front-End Resources For Web Developers

At present scenario each and every people would blindly accept that we are living at the age of information technology. There is not a single technological sector that is not being developed presently. We are now standing at a time where technological advancement is the pillar of the success of the society. All the developed countries and developing countries have highly developed technological sectors. To be honest the actual hero of the scenario is without any doubt “INTERNET”. Basically our daily life is strongly bonded with the virtual world created by the so called internet, and more importantly its undeniably most important element i.e. WEBSITES.

Websites are something that is accessed by billions of people every day. We go through a huge number of websites daily for different purposes. There is website for almost every purpose, from shopping to foods, from entertainment to facts, everything you can think of. So, basically internet provides us an alternative world with various important facilities, and to be honest, people have accepted and adapted this virtual world very well and are making good use of it. Now people no more need to step outside for any purpose just a bit of scrolling and some clicks and your work is done. Well the main thing behind this magical function is again those websites.

It has been seen in surveys that an extremely huge ratio of people in the whole world almost everyone uses the internet and access to websites for various purposes. And this ratio and number is still rising at a steady rate. Well, it is quite clear that internet and websites play an important role in our daily life. And we can say quite clearly that the User Experience of the sites are regularly developing and improving and the top-rated website are always updated and keep developing, this has opened an very popular career choice that is Web-Developers, the people who develop the websites top make it more popular and much more useful to the users. The web-developers also focus on the experience of the user. Well, of course the developers use some highly developed tools, well what are those tools. The tools that are used to develop web-applications, web pages and websites are called front-end web-development tools.

Well, highly trained professionals use highly equipped front-end development tools for the purpose of developing websites but what are those development tools that provide such positive results?

Well there are several web-development tools, but which ones will give best results, which one will save time, which ones are easy to use? To answer all these questions we need to go through 10 best front-end web-development tools that will definitely bring out positive results and make your so called hero WEBSITE better.

 Then let’s look over the best ones in this field.


Let’s start with the most used and highly useful script’s descendant Angular. Angular is a JavaScript framework which has some special features. It uses just html coding with a little bit of extensions to give the required output. Another highly useful quality is that it can bind data in HTML coding. By the use of only html coding a programmer can easily design highly efficient single page web-application. Thus by these qualities it also curdles the excess coding, thus it reduces a lot of effort. Thus less coding and high quality output, what else do you need? It is very young in age but extremely developed in terms of its applications. Thus, this JavaScript descendant will definitely fill up a space in this list.


Well JavaScript is genuinely the most reputed language. So, it has another descendant that is jQuery. Experience and history matters a lot in the field of programming well jQuery have a big history in the fields of programming. And yes it also has an actively supported plug-in repository. And yes it also works on various platforms or various browsers, thus versatility is also highly appreciated in development community. Well such an useful JavaScript library is bound to be in this list


Here comes another JavaScript library. You must recall the ping sound that you hear every time a notification comes. It is the gift of this React. You know more need to reload a page again and again to get updated status automatically it will update. Its specialty is that it does not change the whole DOM; it only replaces the changed part with the updated information thus keeping updated without recreating DOM, thus reducing a lot of effort and cost. So, this cost reducing extremely useful tool will definitely appear in this list without any doubt. It has some special features that no other tools can have.


Well the Java surprises doesn’t end. Another rock star of the family is NodeJS with unique facilities it is basically an open-source JavaScript platform. Being an open-source platform it has comparative lower errors. It can also develop high speed servers. Who don’t need speed? Besides it Node also develops several other networking tools. It is also significant for other qualities such as providing asynchronous I/O. It also has a very high scalability and a huge throughput. Well, it is also Buffer free, amazing right? Its platform is significantly big and also it has huge library, and yes it is also very easy to use. Well with so many qualities inside it, it also definitely occupies a point in this list


How can you forget the highly reputed company Google? Well, Google also have its own tool, and being a Google product it will obviously be quite something. If you want you can edit your HTML and CSS in real-time, can you believe it? Not only this you can also debug your JavaScript and test your website. It also consists of some of its own network tools to optimize loading flow. Well, it is a Google product it also provides you a timeline to see your browser’s function at any instant. Well, it is quite evident that it is something unbeatable. How can a tool with so many unique and useful tools not be in this list? Well, it’s a Google product so you can never know what they may provide to you.


Well it is not very easy to use tool at first but soon you will get accustomed with it. Sass is basically a CSS preprocessor. Well development dictionary have a word in it called DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) which helps you save time and reduces your work. But it is quite known that CSS is not very DRY. But what’s the point to worry when Sass is there? Sass help to keep your CSS DRY and thus saves a lot of your time. You can use CSS for development but you will not need to repeat yourself and you will save a lot of time. Well in an era where time is money there Sass is really worth something big.


Well GIT is something highly demanded nowadays. Big companies nowadays hire developers on the basis of their GIT skills. GitHub is an extension of Git. We all make mistakes and regret doing it and same goes for the developers also they can undo any mistake and regret doing it and had to do all the work again but, GitHub helps you undo your mistake very easily again and again, what else do you require? It is like a dream come true. You can go back to any stage of your web-application. It also provides you a big open platform and some appreciable features like, bud-tracking, feature requests, task management and also some well-developed wikis for projects. So, it is worth a try, and it really is something great.


We have heard of the mobile first rule and how it is a highly followed principle nowadays and how it can benefit the users as well as the developers. Well, bootstrap is another open-source toolkit that can help you develop good quality Responsive Websites making it available to all of the devices of any sizes and type thus; it is a highly important tool. Well, it also has some features to make the development task easier, it has some prebuilt HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements to serve the stated purpose. Thus this is definitely a highly useful front-end web development tool.


Another highly used JavaScript library is METEOR. Well it is also an open-source platform thus have some very useful facilities. It has an appreciably well written library. Well, today’s world works on the principle “The Less, The Better”, and Meteor follows that rule, programmers need to write significantly less codes in order to achieve good quality development results. Thus the less code the easier it becomes for the developers to develop stuff. Thus it provides ease, and moreover it also works on various platforms like Android, iOS, etc. and as we know the more versatile the better is also followed in the fields of development. Well with so many extremely useful unique qualities it will definitely stand out in the list.


Well, this one is definitely worth a space. This can never be neglected while discussing development tools. The most important component of a website that engages the users in it and makes them come again and again is UI. User Interface is the main decisive component of a successful website. Well Sublime Text helps develop some great extremely fast and efficient UIs. Moreover it is also unbelievably easy to use. Sublime text is extremely easy to use and can give real high quality product. It has a vast array of keyboard shortcuts. Well it has several more facilities. Its uses and qualities are innumerable, thus it is a highly useful and valuable choice.

Well, what else now you know what are some best choices you can pick for front-end web development? These are all well reputed and valued tools. Now, it your call which one you will choose and which one suits you. So, in order to decide grab one first.

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