The 7 Most Essential Front-End Web Development Tools

In today’s world people are entrapped in the world of tech advancements and Internet. Since, we became familiar with the magnificent Internet, everything came in our control. Everything is now just a click away. But if, this Internet is the forest then the Websites are its trees, animals and the elements of it. Clearly we call the whole as Internet but what we actually use is Websites. Thus Websites are the real hero of our Tech World. People are fast learners thus they easily observed that the place they need to place a foot in this Internet world and use its benefits to thrive towards success and reach above other competitors, but every person is not aware how to use this blessing called Website for their success or how to create it, so this opens up one of the most trending career scope called Web-designers. So, basically you guide and help people to create beautiful websites that draws attention of their customers, and how they can beat other customers by developing their websites. You will basically represent them in this virtual world. You will decide their impression on the customers in this virtual interface. Thus web-designers are the most important element of this virtual business because they give the first huge push to your company towards success. Now it is clear that they create and develop websites, and it is obvious that they require specific tools to do so. So, what tools would be selected for best possible outcome.

For, that purpose let’s take a look on 7 most essential front-end web development tools, that are very much useful in their field of purpose and will probably provide you with great result. So, these magnificent tools are:


Well this hero comes first alphabetically as well as in terms of usefulness. It is one of the greatest JavaScript interface for developing and creating Single Page Applications. It is one of the most famous front-end web development tools.

The uniqueness of Angular is that it uses general HTML language with a bit of extension to give output, no extra coding is needed to be known to use this interface. Thus this gives a golden opportunity to the web-developers. It’s another added benefit is that it can bind data in HTML. And there are several more facilities of this hero such as MVC, Testability, Routing, Directives, etc.

So, less coding and better output is the dream of every programmer. And Angular makes this dream come true. Thus, though it is young in terms of age, but under the supervision of the well-known Google and its unique abilities it has become one of the best choices of its field.

Chrome Developer Tools

It is quite obvious that this tool will be one of the best, Google is one of the best for a reason, and so its tools will also rank among the bests. So, here come chrome developer tools.

Wanna edit your HTML or CSS in real time? No problem here comes your hero “Chrome Developer Tools”. If you want to dig deeper into the web-applications then this is probably your pick. A collection of network tools to optimize the loading flows and a timeline to understand what my browser is doing at any instant that too bundled in-built in the browser, what else does a developer need? Nothing this is quite everything that a developer need to develop a Website.

Well, this is a Google product so it does not rest here.

If you want to Debug your JavaScript and test your website, this unique tool will also provide you that.

Thus it is undeniable that this stands out to be another precious choice among these tools.


Git is of course another player of this field. Its extension GitHub is an extremely demanded developing tool in today’s scenario. Many big companies hire Web-Developers on basis of their Git Skills. So, there must be a reason for such requirement and demand of this extension in these great companies.

We all make mistakes, and regret for it, but can never undo it. Same goes for developing coding also, once you make a mistake you wish hard if you could undo it but are unable to do so. What if you get the chance to undo your mistake any number of times you want? Well, of course it is not possible in actual world but it is in developing world with this unique extension of Git called GitHub. It not only helps to correct your mistakes, you can go back to any required state making your mistakes a history. What basically can a developer want if they get a chance to undo the mistakes and develop something again and again easily?

Not only this, this also provides you with an extensive open source development space. And additionally provides with several other extremely important features such as bud-tracking, feature requests, task management and well developed wikis for all king of projects.

Thus, without a doubt this would be a great choice for developers in our current state

Sublime Text

How can one possibly forget this superstar of Web-developing world? We all know that the thing that matters the most in a Website is an UI. Now think of a tool that gives a well-designed, extremely efficient and ultra-speedy User Interface, possibly your head will be blank. Well you can fill it up with Sublime Text because it is what it basically does, and it is something that a developer can barely think of. It is one the hottest favorite choice for developing extremely useful UIs. There is only one more feature that some developer would dream of that is ease; well Sublime Text provides you that also. Yes, it is an insanely useful tool for developing websites.

So, there is not even a single point to dislike this choice. Well it actually is so successful because of its vast array of keyboard shortcuts like performing simultaneous editing i.e. making same type of changes at several selected areas, quick navigation to various files, symbols and lines.

So, when you are working as a developer if you want to make your each second worth a count then this is your choice to pick.


We started our list with a JavaScript hero; here comes another wonder descendant of JavaScript. NodeJS is another JavaScript we-application development open source platform.

It helps the Developers to develop high speed servers using just JavaScript and also create and develop several other networking tools.

Node has several other special features such as it provides asynchronous or non-blocking I/O, which helps developers to do their work even while another work is under process. It also provides a really big open source platform to the developers and also works at extremely high speed. It is also buffer free.

It has a considerably high throughput and scalability. So, in basic words it is clear that NodeJS is a miracle in the world of programming and web development.

Thus NodeJS is another highly reliable and recommended web development tool for front-end web development.


Well the thing that you must keep in mind is that time is money my friend. Keep up with choices that save your time. And in order to maintain this rule in developing world you must remember a principle called DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), but the thing is that another great part of this field is CSS that is basically not very DRY.

Well Sass is something that will help you to keep up with DRY even with CSS.

So, if you are finding something that helps you write maintainable and future proof code, and will also reduce the amount of code writing in CSS keeping it dry then without any doubt or delay you should pick Sass. It’s is a CSS preprocessor, and an open source project. Though Sass can be a bit tricky to use at first but once you get accustomed with it you will be able to make your style sheets much more readable and DRY.

So, if you want to save time along with some less work and great results then yes go with Sass, because it is no-doubt one of the best front-end web development tools.

Tensor Flow

Well, how about ending with another second generation system discovered by GOOGLE. They really make each of their tools worth a count; Tensor Flow is another among those.

What makes it such great? Well it’s great to have choices; well Tensor Flow can work and run on several CPUs and GPUs with extensions.

It basically is available on the most common platforms such as LINUX, Windows, MacOS, and also in mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Well this is really something crucially needed in the present scenario. Developers can work better if provided different choices of platform, they can choose the platform they are most comfortable with and thus can easily adapt with Tensor Flow.

So, its architecture allows its computation across various platforms. So, Google keeping this useful facility in mind developed such a mind blowing tool.

Thus, if you want to work on different platforms and want a tool that develops regularly till now then Tensor Flow is exactly your choice.

Well, these were the best choices you could pick from when you want to develop and create great web applications and websites.

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