Web development trends you simply cannot ignore in 2019

web development trends 2019

In this tough competition, customer retention now means keeping customers interested in your websites. Conversion of viewers in to customers is what comes next. To keep customers interested is the job of the web designer. With the help of multiple tools, the designers design websites and help company target their audience, but with the rapidly changing technology, the designers must be in touch with the latest trends.


Web App Development has now reached a level where it knows how to attract right customer in the right way. So, here are some trends you cannot miss in 2019!

  • AI Interface-

We put Artificial Intelligence on top because AI is on high demand, big companies are using AI technology to strengthen the user experience on their websites. AI is going to be in the top trending list for the coming years too because AI is what we call digital transformation! Until recently, usage of AI was restricted to some point but now it is being used in website development. Users can chat with a virtual assistant of website by giving them this option. AI can replace humans and help you in understanding the needs of your customers. Want to add chat bots to your website? Feel free to contact us anytime.


  • Blockchain Technology

    blockchain technology in web development

We have all heard the terms ‘bitcoin’ or ‘blockchain’ or ‘bitcoin is going to change how we spend our money’ or even ‘banking system should adopt the blockchain technology’

Not bitcoin, but blockchain is what is important for us, the web developers. Blockchain has provided a decentralized form of ledger in which, all transactions are coded and with every new transaction, a new block is created and there’s a chain of all these blocks. All the transactions are verified and as the transactions are coded, there is complete aid to security. Basically, we know now that wherever there are privacy concerns and whenever anonymity is required, Blockchain technology is applicable. This can help you in various aspects of business if you choose to use it.


  • PWA

    progressive web application development

PWA is in the trend list because it is giving users a lot of features. According to Wikipedia Progressive web applications (PWAs) are web based applications that load like usual web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access which was traditionally available only to native applications. PWAs combine the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native application. Well, this is what Wikipedia says. Let’s understand PWA in simple language. Imagine you took all good features of web applications, then you took all good features from mobile applications, then, you combined all the features, and there! You got PWA. It eliminates the waiting of installing a mobile app and the waiting of the web page to load. Saves all the space your mobile application takes and eliminates the redirects the websites gives. Some PWAs can also be accessed in offline mode. You can add PWA in your home screen and enjoy the push notifications like mobile apps but, without delayed loading time.


  • Images and Videos

    images and videos in web development

Video background is just the next best option for conversion. Reason is pretty easy- human brain is more engaged by visual content than the text content. People tent to avoid long passages and jump to a video which entail the same content. So, why not take this in to web development? When user come to your website and see a lot of text, he immediately loose interest but when user see some interesting images which convey the same message as the text does the conversion rate grow and people tent to stick to your website more. Adding videos gives you added benefits as you can use it for social media marketing too. Videos and images convey message faster than any text can ever do and it is way too engaging.

  • Interactive UI and Chat bots

    Interactive UI and Chat bots in web development

Accessing websites for the knowledge of what you want has become tougher as it involves searching through the web pages. But now, this problem is fixed too. All thanks to AI and machine learning. Why when sometimes you type wrong letters in the search bar but end up getting what you wanted? Yes, google too knows what you want, so why not websites? That’s why the demand for Bots or chat bots has increased over a period of time. Chatbots help you to interact with the website with the help of virtual assistant and you can get a clear idea of what you want. So, we, being a website designing company, provide full package of your needs! On the other hand, it is beneficial for website holder too as they can understand what the customer is looking for to give exactly what they want and get in touch.


  • Rising demands of JavaScript

JavaScript comes with some great frameworks and libraries. Its also very light weight and JavaScript is interpreter-based scripting language. If you haven’t gotten in touch with JavaScript already you need to go for it. The best thing about JavaScript is that you can build user interface as it has got REACT library. JavaScript also comes with other functions like RAIL, Node, callbacks and so on.


  • Mobile first

Google play important role most of the time because now the priority of google has changed. It now display mobile friendly websites over the ones that are not. Reason? Usage of mobiles has risen in recent years and will keep on rising. So, users prefer the sites that are responsive or mobile friendly over the standard ones. So, the need of responsive sites has risen more! That’s why we, website designing company in Gurgaon provide this service with a bunch of others!


From adding animated memes and videos to creating Chatbots or live chats, being a web developer if you master these trends, they will sail you ship for 2019 in the career of web development. This industry will keep on evolving every day with new upgradations and features and we are here to keep you updated ! Here is an interested read –  questions to ask your website designer ? 

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