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Website / Page speed optimization is really critical to the success of your business online. If users are forced to wait beyond 2 seconds, they will leave your website and log on to a better one that doesn't frustrate them

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Why is website / page speed important

Nothing is more frustrating to a user than a website that wont open. Now matter how strong your products and services are, if a user cannot get to you, then your entire business model fails. This is the reasons google considers page speed an important parameter for ranking in search results. Even if your content is strong and your SEO is on point, your webpage wont rank in search results if your website loads slow.

importance of fast loading website

We will advise you on the best practices and improve your page loading speed

There are number of factors that slow down a page like, slow hosting, cluttered code, browser errors, 404 errors, assets blockage, time to first byte etc. We will carefully analyze your website and offer you a solution to reduce page load times.

Are your struggling with page speeds ?

Just key in your website details and we will get back to you with an actionable plan


What makes a website slow ?

Render Blocking Resources

Poorly sized images

Excessive DOM Size

Inefficient Cache Policy

Too Many Redirects

High Javascript Execution Time

Enormous network payloads

Inadequate or shared hosting

Outdated Code

Absence of a caching mechanism

Benefits of Fast Loading Website

Low Bounce Rate

A faster website means your content is served to the customer instantly, if he does not see a blank screen, he will stay and read the content. If your bounce rate reduces, you win half the battle.

Improved Conversions

In this impatient world, if a user is unable to reach a desired page within 2 seconds he gets frustrated, if you website / page loads fast, its a welcome trigger to the customer to conclude the sale or fill up the enquiry form.

Higher Rankings

Google imparts a great significance to page loading times, so much so that it has a page dedicated to finding out about whats causing your website to become slow. It is an important ranking factor. You can check why your website loads slow or how it performs HERE

Brand Image

If your website doesnt load fast, there is a general perception among people that it might not be genuine. If your website loads fast, its a subconscious trigger that you are at the top of the chain.

Customer Satisfaction

If a website loads faster, naturally customer satisfaction score improves. Imagine that a person walks into the store and it takes 5 minutes for any sales person to get him assistance, he will be frustrated and dissatisfied. Similarly, if a customer / user can get to the relevant content within miliseconds he will be satisfied.

User Retention

Page loading speed has a direct co-relation with loyalty and customer retention. Any user hates to buy or transact on a slow website. He will definitely revisit a site that served him faster.

Let us help you improve your website speed

Reduce bounce rate and welcome your user to your website


Why do I need this Service ?

Because this is the first step in any online campaign. If your customers cant reach you, your website fails. No matter how good your product or pricing is, if you are unavailable to your customers / users you cannot survive in this cutthroat environment.

What will you actually do ?

We will actually improve all the factors that are actually slowing down your website. For example, we will resize your images, shift you to a better hosting, improve your time to first byte, improve perceived loading time, implement a caching mechanism. For more information please call us on +91 9717284074, +91 9711448083

How long with the process take ?

It depends on case to case basis, generally it can take upto 3-4 days to completely optimize your website and / or hosting environment for a good page loading speed.

How will I measure it ?

While we definitely believe in perceived loading time as against numbers and percentages, you will surely see a page speed score improvement in popular page speed measuring websites such as google page speed, GT Metrix etc.

Is it expensive ?

No, usually you can get better page speeds with some important tweaks in the code. For more information please call us on +91 9717284074, +91 9711448083

Best page speed optimization Services

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