Website Redesigning Tips

A lot of business today are searching for a website redesigning company to revamp their or redesign their website.

Why do businesses need a website redesign ?

Websites are redesigned for many reasons but the sad part is that many organizations don’t realize that their website might need a refresh. A lot of businesses loose out on prospective customers and hurt their brand image by not opting to refresh their website according to the latest trends. Hare are top reasons why a business requires a website redesign ?


  1. The brand image is not correctly or adequately represented by the current design.

  2. Website is old / outdated

  3. People are not able to navigate through your website or in other words your website is not accessible. Here are some tips to make your website accessible.

  4. Users are not impressed by the current website.

  5. Website has a bad user experience. Outdated code may lead to a buggy website.

  6. Website is not responsive. A lot of old websites are a night mare on the computer.


Tips for website redesign


A lot of businesses opt for free website builders such as wix, weebly, blogger etc. They are fairly simple to operate and you get a template based website which does the job of being out there but is never bright enough to outshine the crowd. No code required approach doesn’t really fit in these days. Websites and their user experience are becoming much more complex these days which really cant be defined with drag and drop builders. While its good for a startup but a serious online player would not prefer this approach.



While you can opt for a an ecommerce drag and drop builder only to realize that you cannot add products and you have to spend more to do that. Often businesses don’t realize that if their website grows more complex they will find themselves in a very bad situation. Also website visibility is also dependent upon SEO, Security and mobile user interface. These aspects really get neglected in out of the box solutions.



Hire a UI / UX expert / Website Redesigning Company to develop your website. Explain him your vision and your business objective. Work with him to make the website future proof. Make sure that SSL is integrated on the website because it’s a ranking factor.


Advantages of a website redesign activity

  1. Branding

A website should reflect the identity of the business / organization. A rebrand portrays your business in a good light. A redesign should also include text rework. Some original colors should always be retained (may be with a different color shade) so that the original investment by a business in building up brand recall is not eroded.


Here are some pointers on branding

  1. The user should be able to identify with your brand colors.
  2. Images should align with overall brand guideline.
  3. The voice of the website that is the tone of the website is very important
  4. Google map embeds is important if your website is local.
  5. Any major functionality which is required on the website such as live chat should be integrated.


  1. Better user experience

A redesign is an opportunity to revisit the user experience and their journey on your website. You can remove pain points that a user might be facing. For example the website is not responsive. You might wanna give attention to this aspect above anything else. How the user perceives your website on a mobile view is very important since mobile viewership is constantly increasing.


  1. Extended Functionality

A redesign can be from the point of view of functionality. A website may require new feature that the users usually want. For example chat bots are a rising trend right now. You might wanna consider adding live chat and a chat bot to automate lead capture process. Also anyone who is searching you online might wanna see your social presence therefore social connectivity is very important. Also customers often want to see updates of your brand / organization. A blog or news / updates section is apt for that matter.


  1. Content Restructuring

Content is the life and blood of any website. You might want to rework the tone of your copy to maximize conversion and engagement. If need be, you might want to move to multilingual website to make your website content relatable to all audiences around the globe. Similarly you might want to add new milestones that your company has achived.


  1. Analytics

The online game is all about data. Data will help you make informed decisions. Tools like google analytics, hotjar and crazyegg can help you understand the behaviour of your audience and how they perceive the application.


  1. Bug fixes

A website redesign is an opportunity to thoroughly test your website and fix any bugs due to outdated code, major browser upgrades and weed out technology that is not longer supported. For example flash is disabled by default on chrome browser.


Its all about solving a problem. Go for a redesign if your business needs it, if you are loosing out on customer, if you want a strong digital presence and your business has moved online. Redesign your website for a strong brand image and for a future proof approach


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