Why wordpress is so popular

why wordpress is so popular

WordPress is a content management system built on the top of PHP programming language. It’s a psuedo MVC architecture based system which offers advanced functionality. WordPress is open source, which means any body can use it in their commercial projects and build application and functionality on the top of the platform. The ease with which wordpress can be used and leveraged is mind blowing. So much so that approximately 34% of the websites are powered by WordPress. You can gauge its popularity from that fact alone.


What makes wordpress so popular ?

In simple terminology, its simple, cost effective and fast to build on. Here are top reasons why wordpress website development is so popular.


  1. Open Source and Free

WordPress is open source and free to use. It means that the wordpress installation is available for use and modification by general public around the world. Millions of developers collaborate on open source projects and they keep it upgraded. They pitch in their own advancements from their own experience and with general consensus, it gets updated in the project. Some of the best minds work to make wordpress strong, reliable and upto date.


  1. Plugins and Themes

There are thousands of wordpress themes and plugins in the market. While themes target the aesthetic value of any website, the plugins extend the functionality of the website. Some of the most eye catching designs of websites are found in wordpress themes. Mostly all themes come with some form of drag and drop builder framework which really makes wordpress become as powerful. Imagine that you have to design a new page on the website and all you have to do is fill up some forms, upload images, text and viola – your web page is ready. It is so easy and intuitive that any one can do it. WordPress themes and templates are really cheap to purchase and use in your commercial project.



wordpress plugin development

Plugins extend the functionality of the website with ready to use code base. Lets say that you want to add social login to your website, you don’t need to hire a developer to do that, you simple purchase the plugin and install on your website and social login will be active on the website. Ofcourse you will need some website development assistance by a developer if you need customizations and sometimes installation is tricky. Either its you or your developer who does it, it will save tonnes of development time. Not just this, there are companies who just develop custom plugins for wordpress and they are thriving in the market due to high demand because there are so many websites that are being run on wordpress. We are a wordpress website development company, we have powered numerous projects and it is due to wordpress we can bring affordability factor into the website building regime. Plugins can be paid or free depending upon what functionality they offer.


  1. SEO advantage

Search engines love wordpress. Due to its structure and due to the availability of plugins, it has become one of the most powerful SEO friendly applications on the market. With few plugins you can write custom title tags, meta tags and meta descriptions of 1000 pages. Moreover, every SEO campaign today is fundamentally based upon content. Remember wordpress is a content management system. You can churnout website content so fast and that too seo optimized, that you can be ahead of your game in no time. As an SEO Company in Gurgaon Here are some SEO compatible features of wordpress.

Custom url structure

With wordpress you can customize the url structure of your website.  You can have any product, service or post pages with custom urls. You can even have urls like yourdomain.com/url. This not only helps your users remember route to important pages on your website, but they are also beneficial from an SEO point of view.

Meta tags and meta descriptions

With free plugins, you can make wordpress an SEO powerhouse, you can specify default meta tags and meta descriptions for any pages that are generated or you can put specific meta tags and meta descriptions and even preview how its gonna look on google for specific URLs which you are promoting through SEO.


Content Generation

easy content generation in wordpress

WordPress is primarily a blogging engine which means that content generation is really easy. You can create rich blogs with youtube stream, image hotlinking straight from wordpress dashboard. It is so easy and powerful that no other software or open source project affords you the same thing. Moreover you can execute strong interlinking strategies straight from the text editor wordpress offers.


Auto Generated Sitemap

sitemap generation in wordpress

Again with free plugins, wordpress can generate sitemap of your entire website and you can submit that in google webmasters. This helps google understand your website faster and index your website link in the search engine directory.

Robots txt

Robots txt is a file that sits in the root directory of the website. Robots.txt is important from SEO perspective. With this file, you can guide the search engines towards the important content on your website and dissuade them from going into other pages on your website which don’t want to show to the public. For example, admin URLs are excluded. With wordpress, its easy to edit these files and in most cases, you wont even have to since they will be autogenerated by a smart SEO plugin.

Headings manipulation

We all know the importance of heading tags in any SEO campaign. Through headings search engine realize the important content on your website and also how the content is structured on the website. With wordpress setting heading tags is really easy and the right tags can go a long way in skyrocketing your rankings.

Social Signals

social media integration in wordpress

Social profiles are easy to integrate in wordpress. In a recent project, we were able to stream the client’s Instagram account’s page directly on the websites homepage, not only did it bring that personal factor into the website, it also boosted the site’s rankings.


Google analytics and web master integration

What good is any SEO effort if you cant measure and quantify the result. With a free plugin you can integrate google analytics in wordpress. Google analytics is a powerful tool that google offers for free. This tool gives you insights about the numer of visits to your site, the drop off pages, the regions from where they are accessing your website, the devices they are visiting from and much more.


These are some features that really make wordpress an SEO powerhouse.


  1. Woocommerce

ecommerce website development on wordpress

Woocommerce is actually a plugin. It is now being used by thousand of stores to power their ecommerce model. Woocommerce has come a long way from being a small plugin to a full fledged cart. Again there are thousands of woocommerce themes through which people are powering their stores. Its actually a good fit in some cases where your product range is not too vast and you actually need a few pages to sell your products. Modern plugins let you build custom woocommerce form and process payments. Almost every payment gateway out there has a ready made woocommerce plugin.


  1. Drag and Drop interface

WordPress is the most flexible platform when it comes to making changes on the fly. Plugins such as elementor and wp bakery builder (visual composer) really transform wordpress into a power house with powerful editing capabilities. With wordpress you can completely control content, images and customizations on your website. For a lot of changes you don’t even need developer support.


  1. Optimized Hosting

Because of its popularity, hosting providers have carved out specific optimized hosting stacks to host wordpress websites. There are tonnes of managed wordpress hosting plans out there that can support huge traffic at a very cheap cost. Even if you don’t go for them, it is pretty cheap to host wordpress and server huge traffic. There are ready made plugins available to support content delivery networks. This really helps to scale wordpress faster and with less cost. The biggest hosting providers such as Amazon, Linode and Google Cloud have ready made stack scripts to spin wordpress droplets on the fly. Development on wordpress has become so much easier, you spin a base installation with these stack scripts, start working on it, port it, destroy it, so on and so forth.


  1. Rest API

WordPress REST api provides an interface for internal and external applications to connect with your wordpress site through JSON (javascript object notation). JSON is one language every programming language speaks. Earlier this spot was occupied by XML, gradually twitter carved the way for JSON to be a standard in API interface. WordPress API is so extensible that it can be used immediately to connect to other applications for example an android app or ios app. You can safely post requests to wordpress site and retrieve POSTS, PRODUCTS, PAGES etc as JSON objects. Similary JSON can be received by wordpress websites to read data.


With this I conclude this Article, but wordpress is improving with every iteration. WordPress has started to use REDUX. Redux theme options are really a great way to improve wordpress’ interoperability and customizability.

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