advantages of wordpress website development

advantages of wordpress website development

A lot of platforms came and withered away but not wordpress. WordPress has grown from a small blogging platform to a full fledged open source CMS. Infact it is the most widely used content management system that is out there.


Big companies have preferred wordpress over other content management systems due to the flexibility and adaptability it offers.


Here are some advantages of wordpress website development


  1. Cost Effective

Since the vanilla installation already has a lot of features, it wont cost you an arm and a leg. WordPress designing and development is cheap. Similarly the maintenance and upkeep is cheap.


  1. Easy Content Management

easy content management in wordpress

One of the most important features of wordpress is the content management part. Its easier than updating your profile on facebook. You can make changes to your site from any computer and any browser.


  1. SEO Advantage

WordPress has inbuilt protocls for SEO. For example, it has provision to output title tags, meta tags, description tags and there are a host of plugins available which can really bring out the advanced SEO functionality found in some of the top websites.


  1. Easy Design

There are a host of readymade wordpress templates available in the market that can cut down your website development time. There are thousands of free and paid themes available which are also mobile friendly and coded by experts.


  1. Responsive Design

responsive wordpress website development

WordPress now has inbuilt customization tab for CSS queries. Popular frameworks such as WP Bakery Builder has a special section to enter custom CSS. Moreover, a lot of prebuilt themes have the option to update the mobile code easily.


  1. Plugins

You can easily extend the functionality of your website with the help of plugins. Say for example you want to setup conversion tracking for ads or facebook pixel tracking. All you need is a plugin and you are ready to go. Similarly, you can setup google analytics with just a few clicks. This really helps you a lot and saves you time and money. For example checkout the plugin wordpress push notifications that was developed by our team.


  1. Content Generation

WordPress is a blogging platform. At its core, its main functionality lies in blog posting. If content marketing is your goal, then there is no other platform that offers such a powerful platform for content generation. You can create categories, posts, set H1, H2 and so forth easilty. You can also tag your blog post and a user on the frontend can filter blog post with tags. Such an easy way to start your content marketing plan.


  1. Social Media Integration

social media integration in wordpress

WordPress is easier to integrate with facebook, google, twitter. So much so that there are plugins (both free and paid) that can show your entire social timeline on your website itself. We recently integrated an Instagram plugin for a client. The plugin pulls up the latest post of our client directly from their Instagram and displays them on the website.


  1. Website Security

WordPress is tested by the best developers out there. These developers have hard coded wordpress for security lapses and new updates come in the market everyday if there is a security vulnerability. If you are on wordpress and you do regular updates, your website will really be secure.


  1. Maintenance

Website maintenance is a big headache for people who are not versed with it. WordPress is easy to maintain. It requires minimal coding knowledge. Content maintenance is a child’ play and anyone can do it. As far as the hosting is concerned. All major hosting providers have servers specifically tuned for wordpress performance. Besides new caching plugins have really upped the game. So if you are thinking of building a website, wordpress is your ideal choice.

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