Writing Content for a website

Content is the king and this is what the users read when they visit the website, however in order to make the website look good, we are ignorant about the good content. For conversions there must be a perfect balance between design and content.

The content for your website should be precise and to the point because not a single visitor is going to read each and every word for your website’s content. So how can one write persuasive content?

How to write for your web copy?

  • Cut the jargon

One of the most critical things which sets you apart from your competitors is the jargons. Not everyone is technical expert, but everyone uses web. So, the information you put on your website should be understandable to everyone. Even if you deal with technical things you can use some acronyms for better understanding, or you can provide hyperlinks to articles where readers can get more information about that particular topic. Avoid use of complex terms and insider language.

  • Ponder like a search engine

Readers find informative content through various ways like social media, emails, links from other websites and search engine results. Organic search result gives you most promising traffic. While creating content you should also know how important SEO (search engine optimization) is. If you want to gain more traffic through organic search you should focus on the keywords through which people will look for you. This will need some research. No matter how informative your content is if people cannot find it, it is of no use.

  • Become one stop for the information hunters

Online information hunters only consider two things

  1. Is your website offering what they are looking for?
  2. How easy is it to find?

People are generally in hurry and only give 5 seconds to search on your website. If they find what they are looking for, they stay or move to another website. So, a complicated site will turn visitors to another website. Keep your website simple yet intuitive. Also, before reading content, visitors also look for design. If they find design boring, they judge content likewise and sometimes not even read it. As there are a lot of options available to them, they don’t put in much effort and move to another site.

  • Important information first

Writing website content is different from writing essay. Essay starts with introduction, then overview, discussion and finally conclusion. Whereas in website content, the opposite procedure is to be maintained. You have to present the most important points first as nobody reads the entire content. If you manage to get the important things first, which the visitors are going to read, you can improve your stay time and increase conversions as users will get what they came for.

When we talk about important information, it can simply be ‘what you do?’. Understanding of what you are offering is the initial stage followed by some background information. Always put the big pictures first.

  • Write for scanners

Do you think people read entire web pages? No, they just scan through the content and proceed further. Data say that only 16% people read the web page thoroughly others just quickly scan.

So how to write for scanners? Read further:

  • Write a headline which communicates what you do.
  • Write sub headings which summarize your key points.
  • Write content in bullet points to be more precise.
  • Be more visual.

Your webpage should be a mirror of what you are willing to offer.

  • Write for lazy people

Develop your content in such a way that even lazy people can find it easy and effortless to read.

How to write for lazy people-

  • Avoid unnecessary words
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use small sentences
  • Avoid jargons or give explanatory notes
  • Eliminate unnecessary repetition
  • Address visitors directly
  • Dodge passive tense
  • Use short text

The shorter the text, the more it is likely that the visitor will read it. that’s where you can persuade your visitors and generate leads.

  • Increase the visual appeal of your web copy:

  • Use more photographs or videos than texts. Visual things are more attention seekers than the texts.
  • Use different font sizes – people scan large text first so make it count
  • Put quotes of customers to add credibility and build trust
  • Use versatile features like highlights, bold text, CAPS, or italics
  • A long headline can be broken down into a headline with sub headlines
  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs for better read

Another important thing which creates an impact is white space. The more the white space, the better and easier it is for a visitor to read. The more the clutter, the more are complications. But also, make sure that there is not too much of white space. There should be necessary balance.

While making sure that the content is easy and understandable, it is also important to look after the SEO again.

The truth about writing rich web copy

Some points to consider before moving to key areas-

  • Writing simple and precise at the same time is a bit difficult.
  • Your visitors are people who can hardly give your website 10 seconds to prove itself.
  • Do not expect that your visitors will go through complicated and challenging texts.
  • Visitors will not appreciate your rich vocabulary or small print. Not all of them are lawyers.
  • Your web copy should be customer oriented and sales oriented. Your message should be clear and easy to find.
  • Bonus- Be clear. Be specific. Be bold.
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