Advantages and Usability of FAQ in Website Designing

Welcome to the new 21st century well a few decades ago, we were living in a world where using a computer was considered a perk. We used to run to markets at various places to get quality and wide range of goods, but now we are living in a society where people no more need to sweat to get results. We are living in the age of Information technology.

Well, to be honest nowadays the only key to the door named success is WEBSITES. Basically every person, from entrepreneurs to big business tycoons, all depend on this medium called website. Actually in the present scenario from small details to big facts for everything people take help of the hero of the age i.e. Internet, but the thing that makes Internet is a Website, this huge use of Website is used by companies to draw people’s attention towards them and stand out strong among all of their competitors.

We all know that website is made up of several elements and features that must be looked after to make the website flawless. And creating a successful website is a big deal indeed. It’s really tough to build a really good website. Because though now almost all of the website designer focuses on building unique UIs but often commit small errors and miss small detailing that add up a lot to the results provided by the website.

We discussed about the important elements of an UI, visual hierarchy, branding, small errors, etc. but there is one more small detailing that is often neglected and ignored but plays a massive role in making a website highly successful and that components is “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Question).

What Is FAQ?

Basically FAQ is something that helps both parties i.e. the one who is the consumer or user and the company or the businessmen. Well, by the name it is quite clear what actually FAQ means. FAQ came into existence in 1982. Well this worked as a blessing to both sides as this contributed a lot in decreasing a lot of hard work. Well, suppose you want to purchase a specific service or product, now it is very common that doubts and questions may arise in your mind, well before 1982 you would’ve called the customer center and ask questions, may or may not get satisfactory answers, on the other hand the customer center will get buried under calls and doubts, but this is the post 1982 period and we have our new solution to all of these problems i.e. FAQ. Once a customer asks a question the customer service answers it and the future customers having similar doubts will get their answer without asking just by running over the FAQ question thus helping both the customer as well as the seller.

Thus it is quite clear that what exactly FAQ is and why is it important part of a successful web-design.

What Are The Advantages Of FAQ?

Well, now that we know what FAQ is and what is its importance now it’s time to know and sort what exactly are its (FAQ) advantages. Now it has several advantages to discuss, let’s look over them.


There is some sites where there is not FAQ instead there are search bars, but it can never suffice the intention that FAQ serves. For instance suppose there is a question then different people will frame it differently thus while searching the keywords or the framing of the sentence of the user may not match with the previous thus giving zero results, it is most obvious that vocabulary of different persons are different and thus generalizing it will be a foolishness thus FAQ saves a site from this trouble by providing the questions and doubts of previous users to the new user decreasing the work of the user. More over the query given by the user may not suffice the search to give an answer thus; FAQ is the best alternative and has already shown great results in its purpose. And moreover in the FAQ page one gets to discuss about topic of interest and moreover one can get cleared about other topics which may arise in future thus getting a genuine basic idea of the product they are intending to buy and thus helps them in their choice and contributing to their satisfaction that is the first duty of your site. Thus for this purpose without any doubt FAQ is the best possible option till date.


Well, FAQ helps the customers to clear all their doubts without contacting the service centers, thus saving both cost and time. Without spending even a single penny customer’s doubt is cleared away and this also promotes a positive and healthy impression of the business to the other people. Instead of getting buried under e-mails and calls, the customers get their answers just in a page. This not only contributes to the ease of the company but also helps in building a trust in the customers for the company. The customers will develop a trust for the company where their views and doubts are valued. They will like the fact that their importance and doubts are valued and answered properly. FAQ also showcase the company’s intention and eagerness to serve their customers with great efficiency, and the importance of customer satisfaction to them. Thus, this builds a positive relation between the potential users and the company as well as saving both time and human effort, and thus contributing to the success of the company in a great way.


A well designed and organized FAQ pages not only clear doubts but also help the people to get an overall genuine idea of the product they are purchasing. It can contain very important topics and issues that help the user understand better and deeply about the products and as well as getting answers to other questions as additional information.


Well creating a useful UI is very important and FAQ serves as a perfect element in creating a better UI. Well, FAQs definitely add up to the UI of a website by making it more acceptable and useful for customers and thus helping the company to thrive to SUCCESS.

Building An Efficient FAQ Page

Well this is something that is better known to the web-designers but some tips can always work.

  • An effective FAQ page can be charted by the queries and the feedback of the users at the initial stage of the website. And following the pattern of the questions of the customers can help you to frame the question in a way that users can quickly catch it.
  • It should in a place where it is easily visible mostly people emphasize on headers and footers thus they may serve as a proper location for FAQs. So, place it in a highly probable and visible place.
  • The question as well as the answers should be clear in simple language and easily readable in proper font, color and typography. Another main point to focus on is that the questions must differ or be separate from the answers by the means of Font, Color, etc. So that the reader may separate them easily.
  • Well, the doubts must be properly categorized among short categories so that the people feel ease to find their doubts. And another important thing to focus on is that a search bar is compulsory for long FAQ pages so as to help the users find their category and questions without any problem.
  • And, lastly as visual means are the best way to draw people’s attention small icon and thumbnails in the FAQ pages may make it attractive as well as more acceptable to the users.

So, these were some basic information about FAQ pages and its use, importance, etc. and this element must not be neglected as this genuinely plays a massive role in making a successful website sometimes a website less attractive and better FAQ beats a more attractive website with poor FAQ. Thus, FAQ is highly important element in the web-designs in present scenario.

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