Fundamental of E-commerce Web Development

You can easily build up a decent e-commerce store, but when it comes to growing that e-commerce store into a successful business that becomes a much harder task. If you want your e-commerce site to give out profits during the long run, you need to know the important fundamentals of e-commerce web development. We all know it is not an easy task to maintain a rewarding e-commerce site, it requires days of hard work to make it presentable to the users. Here are some significant fundamentals for the purpose of e-commerce development-

The User Experience

The most important thing which should be in mind is that the user should be presented with the best first user experience as the first impression becomes the last impression for everything. It is the utmost responsibility of the web designers to make a comfortable and yet attractive first-time experience for a user on the e-commerce web page. A good user experience ensures that the customers would return and may attract more people to it. It helps to gain more clients leading to an increase in traffic on your e-commerce site.

More of images and videos

Not only the content on a website but the images that represent that content are equally important for optimizing your eCommerce site. the images of the products showcased should be of high quality so that customers can examine the product easily through images and get to know the features too. Videos of the products can also be used to make the site experience more interesting. These visual aids show how well the products have been showcased on the site.

Easy Navigation

the navigation through your e-commerce site should be easy and not complex. As we all know people don’t want to look for things for too long and want straight answers, therefore it is essential that your e-commerce site has seamlessly easy and effortless navigation which will help attract more and more people to your site.

Clearly displaying your contact information

The ‘Contact Us’ tab is one of the most important tabs that should be presented clearly on an e-commerce website. Why is that so? This is because if a customer wants to send feedback, wants to complain about something, wants to know more about a particular product, he/she will instantly start looking for a contact us tab. If the tab is missing or the customer is having difficulty finding that tab, then you lose a potential customer. It is always advised to have a clear separate section for all the contacting information for an e-commerce site.

Work on developing trust and credibility

Purchasing a single product does not mean that you have won the trust of the customer, it means you are halfway there. To win the trust of a customer, you must make sure he/she is entitled to all the post and pre-purchasing benefits. Such as return policy, delivery options, feedbacks, etc. It makes sure that the customer has been provided with full service prior to the product. This helps in gaining the trust of the customers which will lead to them coming back to your website again and again.

Mobile Support

We all know that mobiles have become more popular than computer systems, so it must be made sure that your website is compatible with both the platforms. A mobile compatible website will surely help to increase sales as mobile phones have become a priority for people.

No distractions and clutter

There must be no distractions while accessing your website. Your website must be organized and not chaotic. Customers should be able to browse through things easily with no prior distractions. The presentation of layouts, fonts, images should also be not confusing.

Site search option must be clear

If a customer visits your site and has in mind what he wants, the first thing he/she will look for is the search option. The search option should be shown at the top clearly, not only clearly but it should have automated texts and information about every product your site has. It will help the customer have a better experience if he/she does not find a particular product easily.

Organization of key information about products

The key information about a particular product should be in a sequence such that the customer gets the information as it is tended to be known. For example, the name of the product should be mentioned on the top followed by the price and the specifications, feature, sizes available, etc. The organization of this information is important as a  customer should easily grasp the information provided.


It is very important to keep your e-commerce site up to date with the latest trends to the best of products which are asked by people.

If you wish to have a perfect e-commerce website which can help you generate more and more profits, the above-mentioned fundamentals should be kept in mind. The better the site will be, the more will be the traffic on it leading to increasing in sales.

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