How To Recover Abandoned E-Commerce Carts

67.44% shopping carts are abandoned online according to Baymard Institute. So, what is an Abandoned Cart? Abandoned cart can be defined as a situation where the customer adds various items or single item in their online virtual shopping cart and s not proceed to make the payment for purchase confirmation. There can be various reasons for abandonment such as high shipping charges, session time out, etc.

Reasons for people leaving their shopping carts in the middle of checkout process

Cart abandonment is very common and can be fixed. What causes cart abandonment is a simple shift in the motivation to buy something. Although this cannot be the only reason, here are some reasons which may cause people to abandon their shopping carts-

  • When they find a better price somewhere else.
  • When they come across some unexpected costs.
  • They were just browsing.
  • They found the overall price to be too expensive.
  • Decided not to buy all of a sudden.
  • They found the website navigation too complicated.
  • Website crashed.
  • The process took more time than expected.
  • They found too much payment security checks.
  • They find the payment page not secure.
  • The delivery options provided were not suitable to them.
  • Website time out.
  • The price presented was of not their native country.
  • Payment declined by service provider.

Apart from this,

  • 34% said they were not ready to proceed for the purchase.
  • 23% had faced a problem with the shipping options or price
  • 18% wanted to make a comparison of the final price of the advertised price with that of another vendor
  • 15% do not trust online purchases and prefer to make purchases in person.
  • 6% did not find a payment option suitable for themselves.
  • 4% experienced technical issues during the checkout process and lost interest.

Here are some effective campaign ideas that can help you for cart recovery:-

Sending Cart Abandon Reminders

There are multiple ways through which you can send reminders. One of which can be the push notification when they visit your website this notification should be like a soft reminder. Like “Hey XXX, you just left a YY in your cart.” You can give personalization effects by adding their name and the item they left. You can also make it more personalized by adding an image of the item they added to the cart.

Sending Offers

You can re-engage the customer in buying by giving them exciting offers. There are many options open for the offer some of them includes cashback after checkout, buy 1 get 1, discounts, drop in shipping charges, etc. These offers will bring their interest back to the cart.

Showing Some Urgency

When you offer limited time in sales, the conversion rate increases. By showing some urgency in sales by giving limited time initiates fast decision making. Usage of some specific works like “hurry up” or “limited time period” or “limited stock” in the notifications can encourage action and urgency. Also sending some coupon codes ‘for discounts adds up to the conversion rates. Send in notifications like use code RB30 to avail flat 50% discount, offer valid for let’s say next 30 minutes and much more.

Retargeting Ads

The best way to recover an abandoned cart is by retargeting ads. In this procedure the customers will see the exact same product they abandoned in the ads. This way the ads will remind them of the product and initiate action. By retargeting ads you can actually send personalized ads to every individual person who abandoned that product.


People come across with emails every day which is why emails are very popular. Emails are also very useful tool for recovering abandoned carts and improve your cart abandonment rate. Emails are not as effective as push notifications, or ads, but emails can be the most personalized form of reminder. Surely you will have to take time to build the perfect subject line and body with some handsome discounts, but if used right, emails cann be the best tool for cart abandonment recovery.

CTA buttons as Payment Option

Ecommerce sites always face this problem where the customers abandon the carts because the payment options do not suit their methods. This problem can be fixed by CTA- Calls to Action where in you can persuade the customer by showing them the picture of the item they left and you can use the push notifications, you can add CTA to redirect the customers directly to the payment page where they can avail the COD option or different payment options.

For maximum conversions, these points can be helpful-

Avoid long and compulsory registrations

Customer’s time is precious and if you ask them to fill out lengthy forms, they might lose interest and leave the cart. Because of that not only conversion process slows down but also consumes time. Make sure that the registration is short and does not include unnecessary information.

Make the check out process as short as possible

Make sure to ask necessary details in the checkout process but leave the marketing alone, at least in the conversion process. Ask minimum details and ask only if they are essential for delivery such as personal details, address, contact number, etc. remember that with every additional field you are losing your sales.

During the checkout process, add product pictures

While checking out when you put the pictures of the product, then even if the person drains out of the motivation, he will get it back. Reminding customers with pictures of the product they are buying is the best way of keep them p with the buying process.

Offer Free Shipping

If you look at the past data, you will find that maximum cart are abandoned due to the shipping charges. So, if you want your customer to buy the product, you can give then free shipping option. Again, if your business can afford to do this, it is the best option to recover the loss.

Use Popular Payment Gateways

While making a payment, what customers want is a safe and secure payment gateway, so in such cases if you provide them with the most common payment gateway, you can surely expect sales. One of the most trusted payment gateway is PayPal. It is being used and trusted by millions.

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