The Effect of Traffic on Web Hosting

Your decision of hosting provider should be apt and should be taken seriously as a bad choice in hosting can come back and haunt you. The selection of hosting has nothing to do with the fact that your website is good-looking or bad-looking. Of course, you can go back and change the provider but its very inconvenient. Now you may want to ask what difference the hosting provider’s selection will make on the functionality of the website, well it has an effect on the performance of the website.

If you miss a single information on key metrics that your hosting provider did not mention, you may end up compromising on the website’s performance. Hosting has various effects on site’s functionality like traffic, profitability and even engagement.

Read further to know what not to miss while looking for a web hosting provider and what impact will it make on functionality.

1. Site Speed

Data says that 50% visitors expects the loading time to be not more than three seconds and 40% click that back button if site takes more than three seconds. Your site’s loading time should be extremely fast and the site should be optimized properly. If things don’t work your way, realize that this may is because of the overload in shared servers or lack of investment which only happens if you don’t choose your provider wisely.

A study from Amazon determined that even a mere increase as small as 100 ms in their page loading costs them 1% sales which is a big number. So, you don’t want to be struck with a slow hosting provider, right? The best thing you can do is research and find reviews for speed tests. You can also find some professionals who do a thorough research to review these kinds of services.

2. Up-time

Up-time and downtime are very important for any site owner with any sized business. A study conducted by IHS showed that on an average, per month, businesses face five network down times which is a serious issue for any business. You are losing traffics old or new, repeated visitors and not to forget SALES for every minute your site is offline.

What are some common reasons for downtime?

  • When network devices fail to work
  • When system administrators do not constantly supervise
  • When there are frequent power outages
  • When configuration changes are poorly implemented

It’s also true that it is not possible for any provider to give 100% up-time, you can find some one who can give you a close figure.

3. Support

This word may seem a little too much but if you have made some mistakes in past and are here to solve them, we don’t need to separately explain it you how much important is the SUPPORT. However, if you are new- Support means system administrators to receive your calls or a prompt reply to your messages when you don’t get a schedule for downtime. You don’t want to get a 504 error when you go on and check for analytics and stats. If your hosting provider lacks the communication in the form of support, it can cost you traffic. When you see 504 error you may want to mail your web hosting service provider to make sure if there’s any break from your end and this procedure might take days to work out. Two days your site is offline, and you wait only to get the message that a couple of servers needed a reboot. So, all time support from web hosting service provider is very important.

4. SEO

Web hosting is all about the viewing of website on the internet, so it is directly related to the traffic on your website. When google in 2010 April started ranking websites on the basis of the load time, which means that the website that took longer time to load were immediately put down on the SERP and the ones who took little time to load had their places on top. Now the same thing is going to happen with the mobile web pages too. so, what does it has anything to do with hosting? Well, site speed is majorly dependent on the web hosting. The longer time your site will take to load the more organic traffic you will lose. However, if your SEO ranking’s good more people would look forward to do business with you. So, quick load time, good SEO and good performance in business all comes under an ideal web hosting package.

5.   Security

Security is very important for any website operating at any level. The more your site is open and vulnerable for exploitations the more is your website at risk. Attackers are constantly looking for information stored to take advantage and it is all about your hosting provider to take care of it. To make sure that your website and important information in it is being taken care of. You need to make sure that there aren’t any outdated admin panel versions or data management tools or passwords with no hash. Unless you have an expert identify these shortcomings, its hard to identify these issues.

6. Scalability

Well, this remains same in all cases. Whether you are a personal blog-based WordPress site or an e-commerce giant, your aim is growth and prosperity. You can find that a good web hosting service provider comes up with a wide range of plans which suits best for your website needs. They let you know about all the resources you will need when you need to upgrade to upper tier, and they will for provide specific needs too.


You must have by now realized that your web hosting will be the foundation for your website and good hosting ensures that your website grows to reach its highest potential by stability and support. If you are looking for hosting provider or are looking to change the existing one, remember that-

  1. A good site speed is to encourage low bounce rates and more traffic.
  2. Up-times as close to 100% are humanly and practically possible.
  3. An excellent support service should be there to back you up in all the difficulties that arise.
  4. A solid security practice needs to be ensured for the safety of your site’s and your visitor’s personal information.
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