what is a cloud server

Definition / Meaning

A cloud server is a remote server / computer as opposed to a physical computer / machine running in defined environment operating system, that exists on the internet. Instead of a physical server, a cloud server is built, hosted and delivered via the internet through a computing platform, and can be accessed remotely. They are also called virtual servers.


Understanding it the easier way

The easiest way to understand cloud computing is by looking at it through a lens of multi-dimensional and multi-functional aspects and functions. Cloud server means essentially saving your data on the internet rather than an actual heavy hard drive or floppy. What cloud computing is all about is basically getting free from the hassle of hard drive storage and letting the internet take care of your data and web information. Cloud server storage memory can be extendable with regards to the kind of cloud you deal with. Cloud service or cloud computing is largely related to the business dealing with individual aspects and individual customers. Making one job easy at a time, cloud servers are digitized versions of your hard disk.


Cloud is commonly referred to as a network of interconnected multiple servers that can be rented by companies who do not wish to maintain a physical machine. Common cloud based services include web hosting, content delivery networks, or hosted environments such as ubuntu, linux etc.


Why its important ?

Large tech giants tend to prefer showing those websites on top of search which are handy and with an efficient cloud server. In a layman’s terms, a cloud server can act as a major storage box for large businesses.



Purpose and functions of Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are essentially places where data can be handled and settled in tandem with the processing and planning. The purposes of cloud servers, henceforth, would be the following:

  • As compared to Dedicated servers, cloud servers can provide with secured and controlled functioning, but again, these cloud servers efficiently work through virtual platforms. Another added benefit here is that one can pay the exact amount according to the use of the same.
  • Another very beneficial and easy function of cloud servers is that without inflating budgets and costs much, the IT optimization can be brought to maximum through them.
  • Cloud servers function on multi tenant basis. What that implies is that it is highly important to look through the plan of business in terms of what it requires with regards to single tenant or multi tenant. Therefore, clouds are better as they use multi tenants.


  • One of the most important functions of cloud computing is that it allows for more flexible working experience to the employees. This way, cloud servers present a better option for efficient functioning to businesses.


Categories of Cloud Computing:


Based on what medium is being used, cloud servers can mainly be classified under three heads namely:

  • using Infrastructure as service:

  • using platforms as service

  • and using software as service



This way, cloud server can act as a multi beneficiary platform to both employees and the customers interacting with the business. At large, servers initiate a process of collating, curating and understanding the functioning of the website in tandem with how the data is sorted on the page.


Therefore, cloud servers with all these benefits, can really help landing a booming business to peak heights.





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