Three Design Hacks For Better Website Conversion


Well looking at the present scenario there indeed has been big changes and no-doubt it is due to the discovery of internet and its wonders. Websites has indeed become a necessity and thus it is very important to rank high in search results in order to achieve greater success. It is nothing new that whatever you do nowadays you need a website in order to gain customers. Now more or less all have website. Some are good whereas some are bad.

Now the dream of every website owner is to improve the conversion rate of their website, gain higher customers and for that what you need is to rank above in search results and the ability to make a person or visitor stick to your site instead of bouncing off to another. We go through a huge number of websites thus it is indeed a tough job to make a person stick to a website.

Websites nowadays are used for several purposes Fashion, Blogs, Shopping, etc. So it is quite obvious instead of working hard people will prefer the easier alternative that is website. So, it is evident that a huge population resides on this E-World. Now the issue that prevails is that how to attract them and make them choose our website. For that purpose you need to follow some designing rules.

The main motto of our article is to make you aware of the very useful and easy tricks to keep in mind in order to give a boost to your conversion rates and attract more and more users and make them stay to your interface. Now reading a huge number of tricks in order to gain a successful website is also troublesome. But, no worries we will discuss only three highly important and applicable hacks that will surely bring out drastic changes in your website and thus give it a boost and take you one step closer to your success.

Now instead of telling that there are tricks let’s discuss what are those 3 magical tricks?


The key to success is always interaction. Ever wondered before taking any big decision why companies organize meetings? It is because to interact with everybody in order to obtain the best possible choice. Because choices evolve from discussions and interactions. So, why not in website also? Always remember the users of the website are god for you and whatever they say is what you need to do. Thus you will only be able to understand your users if you interact with them, another thing is that your website itself shall also be interactive such as little elements ensuring what the user doing is correct. Interactive websites are what people like the most they feel that their presence is given importance and decide to stay longer in that site. So, having an interactive website is highly important in order to attract huge mass. Interactive design often make the users feel your presence and highlight your care for them which makes them stay longer there and thus convert site visitors into customers.


Well to be honest videos is really something that will definitely draw your attention. It also have been seen in surveys that most of the internet traffic presently is caused due to videos. Videos can truly be a medium to make your users understand something and attract. Well you can use this human nature in your website by using landing page video. By automatic video that plays on the starting page where a visitor lands and this quickly draw the attention of the user towards you site and get them engaged to it. People rarely overlook videos. Video landing page basically have only one little drawback that it is costly and that’s it. Not even a single other flaw is there. It is completely filled up with benefits. Through video you can give a quick glimpse of what your site is actually about to the users this saves your space and the user’s time and also they get to know it automatically that too with great ease and a very engaging way. Video is the best medium to attract people and make them aware of something. Thus using video in the landing page is a good idea for stopping the bouncing of the visitor and makes them hover over your website and then gradually making them like your website.


If I ask what device you use most of your answers would be mobile. That’s why in Mobile First principle people were asked to give preference to mobiles as it is the most frequently used device at the present scenario. It has been seen that a really huge proportion of internet users are indeed mobile users. So it is obvious that you will gain greater customers if you focus on the diversity of the devices nowadays especially the mobiles and the best way to deal with it is Responsive Website the process by which your website can adjust itself depending on the device you are using by this the diverse device won’t affect you anymore and you will be able to draw customers using different devices simultaneously. This is no doubt a golden opportunity to use as the diversity of the devices is increasing at a higher rate and responsive website will help your website to fit any device without any problem. So this surely is a great facility to make use of in order to change your conversion rates and obtain positive results.

So, these were some key techniques in order to develop your conversion rates and reach higher towards your success. There is several other ways to do so. But these three hacks will surely pose a great effect on your website and bring out great outcomes.

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