What Tools Do We Need to Design Great Looking Website Graphics?

Are you getting ready with your website? Here’s what you need to know when you are expecting traction on your website. Are you a service provider? Or are you proving consultancy services? Or are you trying to sell goods through website? Well, whatever is it that you are offering to your customers, that is the last thing they will see on your website. So, within the 3 seconds what is it that the visitors notice first? Graphics. Yes, this is absolutely true in case of any visitor and even you yourself do that when you buy something online. So, we can say that graphics are real game changer here, right?

Good graphics ensure professionalism that is your customers will know that you are actually serious about your business and its growth. It works both for clients as well as customers or potential customers. Great graphics equals great sales! So, if you are new at this and thinking where to start, we are here to help you.

For creating professional looking graphics, the two main tools which are worth using are Photoshop and Flash action Scripts.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is very impressive if you are new at this. With many options, photoshop helps you mold any image as per you need and purpose and the best part? you can find it in the list of almost any graphics designer. So, here are some pros and cons of the adobe photoshop you must know-


  • Adobe Photoshop lets you add multiple images and also allows you to remove unnecessary elements or the ones that are not required in your contest.
  • The software is both windows and Mac friendly.
  • The software is very user friendly and video editing is smooth and accessible.
  • Due to the presence of channel mixing, perspective correction, and clone stamp tool, you can expect the performance to be highly effective.


  • you cannot expect perpetual license in adobe photoshop.
  • Some tools bars have got deficit.
  • The interface is crushing.

Flash Action Scripts

Flash Action Scripts takes creativity at a next level. You can not only control and vector animations, but you can also allow graphic designer to convert paper-based images into polished vectors that are effective. Flash action scripts are frequently used by graphics designer and web designers.

Here are some others.


Canva is a very popular system as you can create various kinds of images with it like posters, presentations, covers of books, infographics and much more. With a lot of editing options in one go, you get a library of extensive elements like charts, illustrations and custom icons. The best part? You get drag-and-drop editor. All you have to do is work and arrange your work and export it to upload on your site.

Key Features:

  • Using a library of pre-built elements, it let’s you create enormous types of graphics.
  • Offers a drag-and-drop editor for customization of your work
  • Get access to dozens of fonts for each and every graphic.
  • Helps with the templates to speed up your work.
  • Export your projects and work as images to use however and whenever you want.

Illustrator- for creation of icons, logos and even sketches

2D or 3D graphics manipulation is provided by Adobe Illustrator to improve efficiency in the design workflow. To create many different types of digital products, Designers use Illustrator. Designers here means bot graphic designers as well as digital artists. You can get some exciting features here which are beneficial for designers. These features may include creation of faster document, variable fonts, easier image cropping, stylist sets for attractive texts, enhancement of stability, modern user experience and many more.

Sketch- The Graphic App

Sketch 3 has all set of features and symbols which that will help create best of your work. Combine the symbols together and create design that is flexible with ease and which is reusable.  There are a number of features which are extremely useful for designers which include features like:

  • Artboards for best look
  • Text and shared styles for content
  • Color picker
  • Pixel perfection for good effects


Most of the clients pressurize designers to use vector designs in their works as vector designs have become extremely popular these days. But how do we create logos? Well, you don’t need to be an Adobe Illustrator pro. Assembly can help you create best vector designs. Through it is an app, it is pretty handy and it provides more than 150 basic shapes. Assembly comes with customization, so you can change the shape for your own needs and requirements.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe name is enough for the leading graphics designers as it provides various tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign which eases the whole process of designing. Now what’s new with the adobe? You get Adobe cloud which enables storage of all the important tools which the graphic designers like. These tools may include graphics, color palettes which are handy and even typefaces for the future need. So, if the designer needs these tools in the future for projects, they can get access of it easily which saves a lot of their time.

Grain Edit

Grain Edit remains in the list of tools for website graphics because Vintage illustrations never gets old. It gives a clear understanding about the how vintage designs can be used to create logos of new companies. It provides various designs from which designers can choose what they want and transform it in to something unique. This tool provides ideas and tips which can be implemented in the designing.

One important point which was not included in the list was CREATIVITY. Yes. You can find n number of tools on the internet but one thing that no one can offer you is creativity. It comes from within and you have to work for it really hard.

Keep going. We wish you all luck.

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