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Dont let any device harm your user experience

New phones and tablets are coming in the market, you never know where your user is viewing your website. It is imperative that a website is optimized for different screen sizes and orientations.

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What does Responsive website designing mean ?

Responsive Website Designing means that a website is responsive. It responds to the width of the screen of the user. If the user is viewing it on a mobile browser, the elements are adjusted according to the width of the screen, similarly font sizes are scaled and columns are condensed

Every new age website has this attribute. You simply cannot be unavailable to users who are reaching out to you on mobile phones and tablets. Your website needs to be ready for these devices, since a major chunk of users around the world are viewing your website on a device other than a laptop or a desktop.

responsive website designing

Every big website is thoroughly tested on major devices and even major browsers. There are certain tweaks to some browsers, for example for Internet Explorer, some people still use internet explorer, inspite of microsoft discontinuing it.

responsive website development company


Give us a chance to help you design a website that is available to your user irrespective of his viewing device



Responsive websites are really beneficial for your business and it has significant advantages over a separate mobile website. We can help you design a highly optimized website which is not only responsive but also which gives a great user experience on all viewing devices. We thoroughly test your website on different screens and actual mobile devices so that you never loose out on previous leads

faser responsive development


Instead of making a separate website for mobile user, it is better to have one code base for all the devices together. This way designing is faster and maintenance is easier. Naturally, its a low cost alternative

responsive lower maintenance cost


If you have a separate code for mobile and laptop, maintenance cost goes up since it is difficult to maintain a separate codebase for different devices. Having a responsive website ensures that you tackle the problem with one code base.

more traffic on responsive websites


More than half of traffic of top most sites in India and the world are from mobile devices.. As a website designing company in Gurgaon, we can help you capture that traffic and convert them into customers by optimizing their experience on the website.

fast loading responsive website


If a site is not optimized / responsive, it may take time for the user to reach to the desired information section, This will frustrate the user and he may leave your website. Responsive websites also utilize separate mobile caching for faster rendering.

responsive website conversion rates


Creating a consistent user experience on all platforms and viewing devices is imperative for converting new customers. If users have a good experience, they are more likely to get converted.

reduce bounce rates


If users find it difficult to reach the desired information, it can lead to higher bounce rates. If your website is responsive, the user will stay on your website and not navigate away. This will reduce the bounce rates and lower the abandonment rates.

easy analytics responsive website


Knowing your traffic demographics and device patterns help you make informed decisions. If there are multiple versions of a website, it becomes difficult and tedious to track user’s behaviour through various funnels and redirects. Having a single website simplifies tracking and reporting.

improved seo performance


Its a well known fact that your website has different rankings on mobile and web. Having a responsive website is a ranking factor in mobile search results. Also having a responsive website prevents a duplicate content issue which can impact your rankings.

responsive website user exerience


If a website is responsive, the user does not have to zoom in zoom out to read your content, he can comfortably read your content and take actions which ultimately lead to conversion. A responsive website is important for a positive user experience.

How we make a website responsive

responsive website designing services

Absolute Vs Relative Percentages

Whenever we make a responsive design we are really careful about putting relative units such as percentages, ems etc. This really reduces the work when we actually start making the website responsive. We would call this phase planning. A well thought out structure goes a great way in the final output.

Research Examples

There are a lot of things a user is familiar with when browsing mobile sites. These things have sort of become the norm. For example, on a ecommerce website, people are used to seeing 2 grid columns, further there is also an option to view the product in list view. Researching how the information can be viewed best is a great way to enhance user experience.

Make Images Responsive

Images play a great role in responsive web designs, extra care need to be given to make sure that the images are resized in the right proportion and they dont go out of the viewport. Similarly any background images need to be adjusted to make sure the essence of the background is not lost in mobile web view.

Responsive Typed Content

Bigger font sizes are harder to read, need to have a separate yet consistent font sizes for mobile phones. We also take care of the line breaks and paragraph breaks because they also influence reading patterns. Often a read more button helps when there is a lot of content.

Design Modifications

We carefully place blocks in such a way that the user experience is not hampered. For example, if there are six columns, we try to break it down into 3 rows of 2 columns each. Similarly, a mobile slider is preferable rather than having 6 blocks on the top of each other. These small things go a long way to improve conversions.

Why choose us?

why choose of responsive website

We have a strong team of developers and designers who can execute complex responsive website development strategies. We have an extensive experience of user experiences in various industries spanning over a decade

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    Frequently asked Questions About Responsive Website Designing ?

    A responsive website is simply a website that responds to the width of the screen of the user who is viewing the website. Contact us to know more

    Yes you need to have a great deal of experience in creating responsive website. Every industry has different user experience schematics. Dont worry our professional team is well versed with the nuances and will help you in each step.

    We have worked with a lot of industries such as real estate, ecommerce, fashion, retail, grocery, tours and travel, medical tourism to name a few. We have ample experience and skill to execute any complex UI strategies.

    Time really depends upon the number of pages and how long the pages are. Before we proceed with any project, we will give you the exact, cost, deliverables and timelines.

    Yes we are tech freaks and we have a lot of devices. We also upgrade our inventory of devices. We prefer to test on actual devices than simulated browsers. Dont worry we will test your website thoroughly before delivering.

    Yes we test on tablets as well, Tablets are equally important. While most of your traffic would come from mobile phones, there are still people who would be viewing it on tablets. We thoroughly test your website on famous tablet sizes such as 7″ and 10″ etc

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