As the world is changing rapidly, technology is changing even faster. People are shifting more towards using their mobile phones, tablets etc than the traditional PCs or laptops.

Businesses have taken an on-line route and websites have become shops. They are the main attraction for any Ecommerce business and they need to be as effective on mobile phones, tablets as they are on the PCs.

As people are more addicted and accessible to their mobile phones than their PCs, the company which has a better website that operates well on mobile devices will definitely have an edge over their counterparts.

This generates the need to discuss about the mobile website design and their benefits.

So, what does mobile website design mean?

Mobile website design is basically the design of a website which is compatible to run on a mobile or tablet, whose interface on a mobile device is as beautiful as on a PC. Usually a heavy website takes longer to open on a mobile whose resolution, screen size, hardware etc are smaller and weaker than a PC.

The design of a website has become a complex affair. Today the challenge is to design a website that contains all necessary information about the products and the services but at the same time it should not become a heavy site that lags while opening on a mobile device. To deal with this challenge the need for mobile website design occurred.

There can be two ways to deal with it, the first is to design a website with minimal data content on it so that it opens well on a high resolution PC and even handles the small screen devices by having less complex view. This can be a good idea for some company who doesn’t have many products or services to offer but for a large firm it becomes really difficult task to accommodate everything in small space. This can be a major problem especially for an online store because they have to keep high resolution images and all.

So, it gives way to the second way, where websites can be customised according to the devices on which it is opened. This can be done by identifying the device, platform, browser etc and then offer the content accordingly. Programs like google analytics can be used for the same. In this way mobile website design can be done to provide fast and easy access to the website on the mobile device so that it doesn’t crash due to heavy data load. This is not new, facebook has been using this technique from the beginning and that’s why facebook can be well used on PCs, smart phones and even on feature phones. They provide different interface for all these different platforms and hence they are one of the most visited sites in the world.

Benefits of mobile website design:


  • Mobile website design provides the user with a user-friendly way to use the website on the go without taking the hassle of carrying laptops. But here the condition that is required is the easy and fast access to the website. This is an area which creates a difference between different companies. A company whose website will be smooth to use on a mobile platform will generate more visitors and ultimately more customers.
  • Mobile website designing enables a website to operate well across all platforms such as android, ios etc. As you can’t keep yourself limited to only one platform, your website should work well across all platforms to have a better customer base.
  • A better mobile website interface helps the user to avoid keeping apps of different service providers because apps consumes memory, power and makes the phone slow. So, if a company can provide a better mobile website experience to its visitors, they will surely going to have them back and generate their trust and believe in them. This can be explained well with the example of IRCTC website. Their mobile version of the website is as convenient and easy to use as the web version and that really helps people and avoids to keep a separate app for their services.
  • Mobile website designing helps the business to grow at a faster rate as it gives the idea of the company and creates an impact in the mind of the customers that the company is matching with the required pace. The impression of the company is a must in order to get the people’s attention. The company should maintain the services wisely and regularly update the website with content but not the interface of the website.


We have talked about the benefits and the need for mobile website designing, but one thing that needs to be taken care while designing a website is that the website should look the same on the PC and the mobile. Obviously, there will be changes in the appearance but there must not be any change which creates problem for a user to find what he/she requires.

This is the reason why some of the websites provides an option of mobile view or desktop view while you open it on your mobile. This is good that they provide the user with options but the designers must take this issue seriously and address this problem so that people need not to shift to desktop view because if they need to do that then it will again bring us to the starting line where we started.

To solve this problem, a better and efficient mobile website design is required which can be provided by a better website design service provider only.

“For a great impression you need beautiful clothes and your website needs a beautiful makeover.”

Don’t save money when you buy creativity!


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