Web Design Mistakes To Avoid On Your E-Commerce Site

I remember there was one of my friends who one day came with an idea of starting a small business with some small investment. He soon realized the only way to step-up in making profit is to create website for his business in order to make people aware of it. At first he faced some losses and was frustrated then he again started reframing the website and soon gained success with the new UI. He is now the owner of a big company and now earns a huge amount of profit once discussing with him, he told me that at first he faced a lot of losses due to some crucial errors in the web-design in his Website. He thought that making a website is enough but it wasn’t, there are few things that must be kept in mind.

So, making a website for stepping in the world of E-Commerce is a big step and future determining issue.

We all know that the marketing world is no more the same as it was few years ago; there has been a drastic change in the scenario of marketing and a huge development in the field of digital marketing. Nowadays no company can thrive to success without stepping into the huge network of E-Commerce. All of the big companies have their personal websites for their customers and other purposes. So, creating a website is nowadays compulsory in order to toughen the backbone of a business or a start-up. But, of course there is huge competition in the world of E-Commerce but in order to survive in the market one must overcome the hurdles and stand out among all the competitors.

Now, there are few crucial mistakes that mostly the newcomers do, they think that creating a website is easy but there are few errors that must not be done. But in most cases the new websites consist of these kinds of errors. The first step to survive in the competition is to create an error free website at first. Just like my friend most of the people attempt to create a website and suffer losses due to ignorance to some errors. So, let’s discuss that, “What are these errors?” and “How can one avoid such errors?” Once you get aware of these mistakes and avoid them you will be able to create an attractive and highly satisfying website and thrive to success and earn huge profits and also stand out among all of the other competitors.

So the basic and most crucial errors that are often overlooked and must be noticed and avoided are:

Ineffective Search Function

How does it feel when you are unable to find something you need from the mess of other products? It disgusts every customer. When somebody is unable to find something they need they no doubt move to the search bar, but in many websites the search bar does not perform well.

For example when you go to a successful website like Amazon, for finding some product you go to the search bar search for it and get successful results and even with filters that helps you to narrow down the list according to your given conditions and get the best preferred product for you, due to this amazing choices and search function people like searching goods in Amazon. So, this is a very very basic element but it is without any doubt the most important component of any web-design. Of course having wide range of choices is appreciable but burying the customer under choices is not a good idea, one must be given proper search facilities along with various filters for enabling them to narrow down to a product that best matches their choice that too with great ease.

Thus having a well-functioning and proper search bar is extremely important for a web-design in E-Commerce and the error mention must not be done and must be looked after

Insufficient Product Details

Well, for instance I want to buy a Power Bank and I searched and got a preferable product and opened it for its details but unfortunately there were no details, so out of doubt I bounced off to another website. Well of course if I like a specific product I will read about it specifications and its details for assurance and satisfaction, but if I don’t get it of course I will feel not feel right to order it because it may be not such a good product as no details are there. So, this is another very big mistake that many websites do and overlook, but it can bring huge scale losses. Thus, this is an issue that definitely must be looked after. So, product details must be provided for each and every product.

Bad Product Image Quality

Hey! I like this product let’s see how it looks, Oh no what a bad quality picture. This reaction will definitely bring out loss, so it’s better not to compromise with product image quality. Its 100 % definite that the customer before buying a certain product will check its image for seeing how it looks, and if the image is not satisfactory they may not buy the product due to doubt issues. So, never ever overlook this error if you want to create a successful website for your E-Commerce. So, never compromise with picture quality and always maintain a good quality image for the products.

Poor Cart Facility And Design

This is the most neglected detailing but this really matters a lot to the UI of a website. Many websites consist of poor cart facility and deals with losses. Detailing like total number of products and its price, delivery charges if any, number of its quantity option to increase the quantity of products, etc. So, the cart design and facility deals a lot with the quality and satisfaction of customers, so you must look after this error. Always create a well-functioning and well arranged, organized and maintained cart.

Messy Website

No one likes mess anywhere, neither in real world nor in websites. It’s quite obvious that if a website is messy then of course people will bounce-off to alternative sites. A perfect website should be well organized, properly designed and arranged. This error mustn’t be ignored because this is one of the greatest problems the customers face and it will definitely create problems for you. So, always keep your website maintained and clean, so when a customer visit there at first sight they will be comfortable in such an organized interface.

Poor Navigation

Well, we know navigation is an important part of searching products or services in a website, so it must be smooth and well-functioning. If the navigation of your site is not well performing it can create lots of problem. This is another crucial error that must be prevented and corrected if found.

Outdated Design

“TREND” this is the world that rules all of the fields of commerce including E-Commerce. Outdated things are never accepted in this updated society. So, being out of trend and not keeping up with present time is itself a Big Error, so always stay tuned with the technological advancements and updated stuffs and always without any doubt keep your website updated to attract the customers to your on-trend web-design, thus boosting you E-Commerce results.

Poor Response

This is something really important and crucial. MAKE YOUR SITE RESPONSIVE. Your website must be responsive and must not lag and hang while in use this irritates and disgusts people in a huge way. A slow and lagging interface automatically frustrates the user and they will definitely go to another alternative site contributing to your loss. So, your site must be responsive and especially in mobile interface because the maximum portion of population uses smartphone so, definitely it is the prime interface. So, this error must be fixed without any delay, keeping your website highly responsive and fast thus contributing hugely to customer satisfaction.

These are the stuffs that must be looked after while creating the design for your E-Commercial website. If you neglect and fix these errors then definitely you are going to beat your competitors with great ease and earn huge profits and success.

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