8 Elements Of Good UI/UX In 2019

Just started a business but don’t know how to make people notice it? Started a company what should be the first step? The simple one word answer to all of these questions is “WEBSITE”. But the concern is how to keep them engaged in your website?

This question give rise to the recent developing field called UI (USER INTERFACE) OR UX (USER EXPERIENCE). Now let’s look at the most important parts of this UI.


It’s obvious that when we first open a website the first thing we see is the appearance of the website. It is seen that few seconds are required by a user to decide whether to stay in a website or not, so if the appearance of a website is attractive enough it catches the user’s attention quickly. So the first and foremost element of an UI should be a good appearance.

So it is important enough for a website to look good.


Next to give a basic idea of a website to the user the next step must be over-sized headings to emphasize the main purpose of the website.

By this the user visiting the website will get the basic idea of the website at a glance.

This is also a very essential component of an UI as it saves the time of the user and describes the core purpose at a quick view. Thus this contributes to a successful UI.


A website gets accepted by a user when its design and choices are not too complex i.e. keep the website hassle free and simple to use but this does not mean simple view or basic design the user must feel it easy to use the website. That is there should be required number of choices not excess fields.

The core idea of this element is to make the website more users friendly.


It is seen that people gets engaged longer in the websites that have moving videos or animation in the background this draws the attention of the user thus adds up to be a good element for a better UI.

The main motto of this element is to simply make the website more attractive to the user.


This is one of the most important elements of a successful UI. Most of the times we see people do mistakes, but it is not necessary that they are bound to suffer the consequences. Thus in a good UI there must be choice to undo or correct the mistake. Many of the times when the system is very easy to use people do mistakes, thus a good UI must provide them with the choice to correct the mistake. This is a very important element to make the interface more acceptable to users.


This is also a very important part of UI but often overlooked. The arrangement of items in a website in a proper and good looking way is very important. This detailing is often ignored in most of the UIs.

The proper arrangement of tabs selection option and every item in an attractive and organized way also catches the attention of a user. So organized arrangement and proper size of items occupy one of the important elements of an UI.


It is an undeniable fact that everyone cannot design websites. With growing technology and better equipment we also get professionals of this field, experts in designing websites and creating UI known as UI designers. These UI designers are professional UI builders and developers they are used-to with the designing tools required for UI designing.

Thus this may be considered to be the most important element of an UI i.e. the one who creates it.

They understand and feel what is best for a user and provides us with meaningful result that is a good UI.


We are living in a society where technology is developing each second. It doesn’t take months that a new invention becomes old. In such a time the tools required for designing websites must also be developed. And the UI designers must adapt these changing and developing tools to provide us with a better UI. Thus this is also an extremely important component of an UI. This provides the UI designers with better options better equipment and better alternatives than before so as to develop the UI with the technological advancements.

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