UX Principles For Creating A Great Website

Started a business what should be the first step and how to make people notice your brand? The simple one word answer to all of these questions is creating a “WEBSITE”. Well, building a website doesn’t mean the work is over, there are a lot of things to concern for keeping your potential customers engaged to your website?

Here comes the importance of User experience(UX) that not only makes your website look stand out of the crowd but also keep your potential customers stick to your website for a longer period of time.

After all a user will evaluate your website on the basis that how you made him feel on you website. And that is exactly the place where the UX plays its role.

Now the question is that, what are the basic principles to make the UX acceptable to the users in a greater way and how to make it more successful?


The design of the webpage must be highly acceptable by the user. Designs play a key role in the user experience on a website. Designs also attract the user to your website, so it has the power to directly catch the eyes of the user. Thus it is very important to focus on the design of the website and to upgrade it to develop the user experience of a website so as to get higher success rates.


Time is money for people. They will like you if you save their time. The best way to do so is by making your website easily scan able instead of making them read big information. You can do so by using video landing page or maintaining the “F” and “Z” scanning pattern. A good scan able page reduces the effort of a user and saves a lot of time. Thus this provides a boost to user experience of a successful website.


What’s the point of using your website if it has a complex structure and interface? People use very less time to decide whether to stay in a website or not so use this time cleverly to make them stay there. A user will always expect an attractive but very simple and easy to use interface, so provide them with it. Always keep the website clear and simple so that every people could use it without any doubt or confusion.


What is better the traditional elements or new creative design elements? The answer is a perfect balance between both. On one hand, you should never mess with the standard basic components of the UI, because people are accustomed to use them in a way and changing them can be troublesome for the users, so changing the standard or basic elements of UI can bring out adverse effect and on the other hand, it is always better to be creative in terms of design and other components that are not much related with the basic uses, like the introduction of parallax scrolling, animation etc. So, it is very important to maintain the balance between creativity and tradition in a clever and useful way. It must be taken in concern and handled very carefully as both of them if used excess can bring out negative outcomes.


It is very important for a person creating a website to know his/ her users. You need to have a clear concept of the users using your website, and then only you can expect positive outcomes. Once you know the needs, expectations and requirements of the users, their likes and dislikes, then you can create a website that will attract all the users with great ease. This principle is the hardest to follow but extremely important. Once you know your users, you are few steps away from your success. As long you know about your users you can develop the website according to their needs, thus making it more popular and successful.


It is one of the most underrated extremely important components of an UI. Visual hierarchy will assure you that the user use your website again and again without any doubt. We know that the visual pleasure is the most important issue for a person and visual hierarchy is the element that pleases you visually on visiting a website even you can refer about visual hierarchy on our another content. Thus visual hierarchy is the basic and most important principle that must not be overlook while designing a website as it the main hero of the UI. Visual hierarchy draws the users’ attention without him knowing it, it does not work directly but it always has a huge impact on the users. Thus it is another principle that must be kept in mind.


It fills up a position in this list. This is another useful element of an UI. So, another principle for a better UX is that the arrangement of the elements of the website must be proper. A user will never expect a messy and scattered website all the elements should be in their proper places and neat and clean. It is very important because when a person visits a website that is properly organized he/ she will automatically feel attached to it.


This may not be a technical principle but it is important there is no such thing as perfect or best UI. You can always do better. You should never think a work as best. The best thing to do is to keep improving it. Don’t do anything extreme but with the change in time and technological advancements, change and update yourself. And keep on building something better than before.

The user using the website must feel connected and emotionally attached to it. When you create a bond with the user it generally brings out great successes. By satisfying one customer you will gain 10 more customers. So your prime motto must be to satisfy the users. Build an UI not to boast your ability but to bring people closer. An UI can change the fate of a website, so it is the duty of a web-designer to follow these rules and always try to make better UI, for a great website.

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