Popular technologies for custom website designing

This is the era of online business. Every business irrespective of its size and operations is planning to come online through a website. Data shows that “there are 1.6 billion websites available and more than 200 millions are active.” And this number is increasing every day to increase the competition.

Websites are not just about the online presence but also about the traffic. You need to implement innovation ideas and follow the latest trends to survive in this competitive world. As modern websites are the custom websites, they are content wise rich and innovative.

So the question arises which is the ‘right’ technology for my new website? Well there’s no such thing as the ‘right’ technology. It all depends on various factors regarding your business. Once you know the important factors like how much is your business dependent on the website or how early due you want your website, you can then implement the technologies in your custom website designing and development.

Here are some very popular technologies shortlisted for your custom website designing-

Website comes with various layers, just like a cake-

It is important to know the blocks that build your website before going for a technology. Website with various layer represents different technology and each technology has different purposes and features. If you choose them wisely, you will have a rich website with various flavors. The ‘layers’ of a website are given below-

  • Client Side coding
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Engine
  • Webserver software
  • Operating system


Client-Side Coding-

Include HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript and they are important part of your website.  

Programming Language-

Top programming Language include PHP, ASP .NET, Java, Ruby and Python, Many websites depend on the Framework / Platform as they focus on cost and time effectiveness. Some popular frameworks include PHP, ASP.NET, Java and Ruby Rails.

Database Engine-

Database Engine is where your website stores all the information like product details, order summary, transactions, user records, and so on.

most common databases web developers use are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Postgres. Some of which are free and other require licenses.

Web Server Software-

Web server software and operating system on the other hand can be chosen easily.

Besides the layers we have some very popular choices for your custom website designing.


Single Page Applications (SPAs) are here-

SPAs have become very popular because with SPAs the reloading factor of the webpage gets eliminated when in use. This happens through JavaScript. SPAs do not take loading time which reduces waiting time of the users and users like it because it works inside the browser and entail natural behavior. Not only this but every user is now looking for sites which do not take a lot of time loading. The sites which take a lot of loading time are abandoned by the users.  Some popular single page applications are Gmail and Facebook.

Motion UI to the rescue-

Users today avoid the websites which are complex and hard to use. They want user friendly and easy navigation on the websites they are using. Motion UI is very intuitive and useful interface. Motion UI helps increasing conversion rates and it includes animations in the background, headers, animated charts. Motion UI is really a game changer.

Use Push Notifications-

Just like mobile applications, websites can also use push notifications to reach audience as it can be used as a powerful tool engage visitors and customers. However, overuse of them should be avoided as it can be chaotic. Push notifications can be used to provide engaging information like discount offers, sale, events and much more.

Browser Extensions are here to stay-

Extensions have become very popular these days and will remain in the world of internet. Browser extensions are used to enhance the functionality of a website and add features, extensions can be used to remove website elements which are unwanted like ‘pop-up’, ‘auto-play online videos’, ‘AdBlock’ and many more.  You can see a lot of articles stating, “the best google extensions to save your time” and much more. But as the browser extensions read a lot of online activities of the user through various permissions, people are considering it as a threat to their privacy. So, if you are planning to get one, make sure that it is secure and has privacy protection.

The Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps are working wonders in the website world. As PWAs comes with the features of both websites and mobile applications, is preferred by many companies as it is a great concept. Some great features of PWAs are-

  • Browser compatibility and responsiveness
  • PWAs work both offline and in low- quality networks
  • Interacts like native apps
  • Enables push notifications
  • Automatic update
  • Enables safety as serves through HTTPS
  • Can be shared through URLs hence easy to install and discover
  • High user engagement

Best example of PWA is the eCommerce giant Flipkart. When Flipkart introduced PWA, it witnessed 70% conversion. So, the impact of PWA is strong and will continue to be so.

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