Dynamic Front End and Back end


If you want to get things done like coding, designing, analyzing or evendebugging, front-end developers are the ones you should go to. The main focus of front-end developers is to ensure wholesome user experience. Also, when it comes to front end development, the developers manage what users first see on their browsers as it is more focused on the “client side” of development. When it comes to things like the look of the website and design, front-end developers comes to your rescue.

When we talk about back-end, we are talking about the ‘server side’ of the web development. Here the main focus is server side of the web development. How is the site working and functioning is primary work of a back-end developer? This has nothing to do with the user experience and is all about coding. How the databases communicate with the code written by the back-end developers. To sum up, the work of back-end developer revolves around server, database and applications.


How is front end different from backend?

Let’s understand it by the type of work front end developer and back-end developer do. Front-end developers work with visual designs, creating impressive user experience. The most commonly used languages a front-end Web developer uses are: HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. While the Back-end developer will work with huge amount of data, algorithms and optimization of complex systems.Most commonly used back-end web technologies are: Python, Java, Ruby and PHP.

While appearance comes under Front-end; storage, logic comes under Back-end.

Now, a person who masters both front-end and back-end development is called a full-stack developer. He can create as well as maintain a website.

Dynamic Front-end and Back-end

When it comes to dynamism, it’s just not with the front-end or backend. Everything in web development is changing every day from both ends. There is always scope for new opportunities. The evolving web development has led to many things like-

User expectations are increasing-

Users are not only demanding the best user experience but are also looking for creativity and best design. Also, they want improved SEO ranking and want to work on analytics.

Build process is getting competitive-

Performance and innovation is what users are expecting. The companies want to stand out of the competition and deliver something that their competitors are not. In this tough competition the developers need to be versatile and dynamic to provide best services because performance matters with all these resources.

With the upgrading technology-

With the upgrading technology, proficient knowledge of the programing languages is must with the ability to cope with the new trends.

Being good at HTML and CSS-

Being good at HTML and CSS is still in trend and shall remain as it is the foundation and it facilitates communication with front-end.

For Back-end developers, experience of version control, knowledge of security compliance and accessibility.

To conclude, in this competitive market of internet a business can only survive and grow if there is availability of best front-end and back-end developers who are willing to give their best and are updated with latest trends. We as a website designing company in gurgaon are committed to achieve this synergy

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