The fight between the two operating systems IOS Vs Android has been morbid, but Android wins hands down because of the vast majority of features and services it offers.

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Android is an operating system built for mobile use which is built out of a modified linux kernel and other open source technologies. Android was designed specifically for touch screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets, though some mutated versions were released earlier to cater to button enabled devices. Android is open source which means anyone can fork a copy of it and build their applications. When we talk about building apps for Android, we mean to utilize the apis and functionalities offered by Android and leverage them to build our apps. Android is opensource which is led by Google.

Android commands 91% of the share of mobile operating systems in the market. This means that 91% of the total mobile phone users in India, have android enabled devices and thus stems the importance of android app development. Android is so popular and widespread that if you think of introducing your product or service you have to consider Android App Development. Android has come a long way since its first release. It is loaded with features and it is backed by Google which means you can be assured that it only get better and better.

why android app development

Android is powered by a new Programming Language introduced by KOTLIN which is a derivative programming language of JAVA. It is much more better than JAVA because it is concise and solves the same problems with fewer lines of code. Developers around the world prefer fewer lines of code because they all follow the dry principle in development. The main reason that you should go for an Android APP is that android is open source and it has perfected itself over the years due to google’s intervention and contribution by the entire global community of developers. It has lots of features and it is relatively cheaper to build than IOS apps

advantages of android app development


Let us help you in your journey in building a sound product which not only helps your business but also strengthens your position among your competitors.



As stated above, Android enjoys a 91% share of the total mobile operating systems. Therefore if you goal is to reach the masses, you should opt for Android Development and leverage the functionality it offers through its strong and robust APIs.

return on investment


Android APPS are relatively cheaper to build and host compared to IOS. Moreover, Android SDKs are easily available which means that you can use any device to build android apps. IOS apps are costly mainly because their system is closed and not open source. Limited developers are available who still struggle with their native code developing software – Xcode.

android development and deployment


Android has a rapid app development cycle. Android Studio offered by google is an excellent tool that comes with ready to go libraries and tools which aid in faster development and therefore faster deployment. Reduced time to market is one of the many benefits of Android Apps.

android apps for multiple platforms


Android is now powered by KOTLIN which is a derivative of JAVA. Because it has java at its core, it becomes easy to port the application to operating systems like UBUNTU and SYMBIAN. KOTLIN code can also aid in development of desk applications.

android app features


Android is versatile and the recent versions of Android have been nothing less than a treat. The Android Development studio offers a great way to build apps for smartphones, tvs, IOT enabled devices and wearable devices. Android applications are highly scalable and robust.

android app security


Android P introduced several security enhancements over its predecessors. Now android provides inherent protection against malware and viruses. Safety and reliability have not become the pillars of android applications.

cusmotize android apps


Because of its open source nature, android offers maximum customization opportunities than any other mobile operating system. Android can be easily customized for integration with your current business processes and tools. The open nature of android is itself a great boon for developers who want to customize the core kernel. This is not possible in case of IOS apps.


android app development process


Every android app project that we receive starts with careful planning and roadmap. We first take two three days even before finalization of the project to bring out a clear scope of work that is required. This brings transparency and avoids friction later with regards to the functionality of the APP. After the scope of work is finalized and we shake hands, we then prepare GANT charts to define our internal deadlines and allocate work among our developers and designers.


During this phase our developers work with you to bring out the wireframes and screens that will go into the app. For example, in case of an ecommerce app, we define the prototypes of the home screen, product grids, menu items, cart line items and thank you pages. This is done to make the structural flow of the app. Once we confirm the structural flow of the project we proceed with app theming which is according to your brand guidelines. If you dont have a brand guidelines, dont worry we will create one for you.


Backend is an API or script that outputs data that the Android Application can read and interpret. The most common response from an API script is JSON Object. JSON is one language that every application / framework /language speaks. Our backend team is proficient in building high performance and secure API’s that can help with secure input and output of data via Apps or via any application whatsoever. We can also build a backendless app / serverless app with popular backend as a service providers such as firebase.


Once the APIs are connected, our app developers work with the backend team to parse data that is outputted by the API and show on Android Screen. Android logic is also built in this phase, this phase is the most technical but dont worry we have you covered with all that. Server provisioning for APIs also happen in this phase.


Push notifications are a great way to keep your customers engaged with new offers and updates. It is a notification that an app produces on the android phone which can be accessed through the slide down menu on your phone. The line wise notifications that you see from apps like GMAIL, WHATSAPP are push notifications that the app outputs. We integrate push notifications in this phase keeping in mind client preferences and the structural flow of the app defined in Phase 1.


This is the most important phase for any development project whether it is mobile app or otherwise. This is where we harden the app so that your customers can enjoy a seamless experience with no bugs and errors. The mobile app is extensively tested on multiple android versions (atleast the ones we are targeting) and devices. We also test out thoroughly in portrait and landscape variations. Testing is done by a person with technical background and a person who is completely unaware of the app. This helps us collect real user feedback even before the app is complete.


We will register your playstore account or if you prefer we will push it live through our account. The entire hassle of completing the procedures are handled by us. We will publish your app, write your app description and also add your screenshots.

Why choose us for android app development?

hire android app developer

We have a dedicated team of android developers accustomed with real use cases that happen on a mobile app. Our team has also extensively worked with numerous scenarious that are required for many mobile apps such as google maps integration, payment gateway integration etc. Our developers can execute complex development work that can be real drivers for your business

Android development across various industries

android app development for business

Business Apps

We create Android & Tablet Applications for Corporates and Business catering to consumers and for internal business operations that provide users a smarter and more efficient way to run a part of your business. We also develop CRMs and we can create APPS for various use cases that will be helpful to your business processes.

medical android app development

Medical Apps

Medical profession can greatly benefit from android app development. For example a good patient management system can help doctors and patients alike. The doctors can keep track of their treatment and appointments and the patients can keep track of their prescriptions. Certain bio medical devices also require an android app interface to output parameters that are displayed on a mobile app, this can be your heart beat, blood pressure, glucose levels etc.

real estate android app developer

Real Estate Apps

We can help you integrate google street views to make your property more attractive and your listing impeccable. Supplement additional information with rich functionality to drive real estate sales. People who are want to buy or rent a property are often on the move and they would prefer profiling through an app rather than a website.

tour and travel android app development

Tours and Travel Apps

Help your customers manage bookings, flight tickets, reservation documents straight from their mobile apps. Give them information, offers and remind them of your business through push notifications. Businesses across the world are leveraging android apps to connect with their customers and stakeholders.

ecommerce android app development company

Ecommerce App

Reach out to massive audience through playstore. Android powers majority of devices and that gives you an excellent opportunity to capitalize on its reach. By building an ecommerce app, you can provide a great handy experience and remove any barriers to buying. People love to buy on sofas and couches and not on boring laptops. Build your customer base with an android app.

educational android app development company

Educational Apps

Edtech apps are the highest grossing apps right now. Educational content is being consumed digitally. Apps like vedantu, udemy have got huge payoffs with apps. People can learn anywhere, anytime straight from the comfort of their mobile screens. The forerunners have taken a step further and introduced realtime quizzes to gauge understanding and performance.

food and restaurant management apps

Food Court and Restaurant Apps

Food startups are no different when it comes to success stories. We can help you build a loyal customer base that orders from you rather than big aggregators such as swiggy and zomato. Case in Point is dominoz which leverages its own app to drive sales and I actually like ordering form dominoz than swiggy zomato.

social media community android app development

Social Media / Forrums

Big businesses are built around social engagement and more and more apps are making their own community / platform to connect with the community rather than social media which is highly moderated and motivated by many factors. Having your own forrum / social platform helps you levarage technology by keeping a tight customer base which is loyal and actually interested in conversations about your product.

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    We dont sever ties once the project is completed. We will be delighted to maintain the project for you if you give us a chance. We provide complete android support after your project is delivered.

    Frequently asked Questions About Android App Development ?

    ANDROID app development is all about building beautiful, scalable and feature rich applications for publishing on play store or otherwise. If you want an installable application to sit on your customer / user’s phone, android development is your ideal choice.

    Time for development is always proportional to the scope of work. It can take anywhere between 15 days to 6 months. It all depends upon what you need. Let us know your project and we will give you a timeline.

    We have worked across multiple verticals and industries. We have the insight and knowledge to execute complex android app development projects.

    No a lot of apps out there work without being on playstore. An android APK file is installable on your mobile / tablet without playstore dependancy. Take for example dream11. This famous app is not available on play store but still rakes in good revenue through native installs.

    Yes we make sure that correct security protocols are in place for your data to be secure and your app to be hackproof. We have robust api authentication in place, we also use paid code obfuscators to protect from decompilation.

    Absolutely, we would love to be your support providers and technical partners. We can maintain and modify your android app according to your requirements.

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