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Money begets more money – welcome to Inorganic Digital Marketing !

Every month, Google receives over 1 trillion searches. Google ads are clicked twice as much as organic results. About 65% of people click on ads when they are looking to buy an item online. Save your time and grow at a faster pace with paid advertising ! Though online platforms provide an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience at relatively low cost, one must be cautious of the spending money without a strategy. Millions can be lost in advertisements without achieving a single goal. Its really a double edged sword !

Grow your business, improve your reach !

What is Inorganic Digital Marketing?

In simple words, when you pay for the services to achieve a marketing goal, such as sales, reach, visibility, it is known as inorganic digital marketing. Inorganic digital marketing is the polar opposite of organic digital marketing. It entails paying for advertising on applicable mediums to achieve your marketing objectives. For example, google ads, facebook ads. On these platforms you pay to show your ads to the audience at large. We are a digital marketing company in gurgaon having expertise and knowledge in inorganic digital marketing. We can help you capitalize on your ad spend.

inorganic digital marketing mediums

You can achieve anything with inorganic digital marketing !

Paid promotion is the best option if the product or service needs to be promoted quickly. We can make this process easier for you with our verified strategies, approaches and accurate measurement tools. Inorganic digital marketing will assist you reaching the right audience within a very short time span. Whatever your marketing objective, inorganic digital marketing can really set the ball rolling.

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Here is why you need inorganic digital marketing

Because it’s faster than organic digital marketing!

Who wouldn’t want success knocking faster at their doorstep? With inorganic marketing, you not only fasten the chances of success but guarantee your website to have high conversion rates. This is because you get the required data regarding acquisition costs, buyer personas faster. Our strategies will save you time in various ways. They’ll embolden the development of your online presence.

Rapid growth by using paid search traffic!

Clicks on paid search listings outshine organic clicks with 2:1 ratio for keywords with high commercial intent. If a brand buys internet traffic inorganically, they pay the search engine every time anyone clicks or views their ad. Organic SEO is a time-consuming process that can take weeks before the keywords begins to rank. Paid search traffic allows you to set up and run a promotional ad in a matter of a few days.

Ample testing opportunities

You get multiple testing opportunities which can really shape your long-term digital marketing plans. You really can focus on factors that move the needle. Not all businesses know their target market, neither do they really know what moves their customers. The answers to these perennial questions lie in testing. Such is the flexibility of inorganic digital marketing.

Google Shopping Ads

Imagine you intend to shop online. You instantly type the buy keyword. This triggers Google shopping ads which is such a powerful tool that can really drive low-cost conversions largely because of its format. Its easy to setup and can get you high return on your investment. Google shopping ads allow businesses to create advertisements that display pictures and prices of their products straight in search results which are largely text based. Naturally, a person who intends to buy will click on these picturized results and not boring text results. By clicking on one of these google shopping ads, a user is redirected to a website where they can complete the checkout process.

Enhance your Brand Value!

Another advantage of paid search traffic is the ability to put ads where they are most effective. Paid promotions can enhance your brand value faster. Your business name can become recognizable if you invest in running special brand campaigns like many other successful companies. You can also poach web traffic if you bid on your competitors brand names.

Your marketing goals would pay off!

As discussed, whatever your marketing objective you can achieve them with inorganic digital marketing. When you pay to achieve your marketing goals you can steer the marketing campaign in any direction as you deem fit. This helps you achieve your marketing goals faster and in tune with your overall brand positioning.

You'll give solid competition to your competitors!

The best way to weed out competition is to build a strong inorganic digital marketing campaign. In the end any company that starts with digital marketing activities settle on a long-term digital marketing plan of which, major chunk will be paid advertising. This is because paid advertising is flexible and scalable. With the right paid advertising campaign, you can be sure of strengthening your position in the market.

Get high click through rates

Dual visibility can increase your click through rates. If you see the same name in inorganic and organic search results your chances of conversion increases.

Tracking setup

Inorganic digital marketing is of no use until you track your campaigns properly. Performance tracking is something new businesses do not focus on. We focus on this aspect straight from day 1 of website designing. Almost all activities are trackable. You get the exact number of clicks, impressions, conversions, cost per purchase and detailed metrics of what worked and what did not. Another very important aspect of tracking is pixel setups. Pixels are technologies employed by advertising platforms to track customers online. These pixels help you build a specified audience which you can later on recapitalize or duplicate with lookalike audiences. We advise businesses to employ these pixels straight from day 1 of their launch.

What do we offer?

We offer effective inorganic strategies and we also have a dedicate team to carry it out. Our job is to provide you with the best inorganic results! We will carefully study your position in the market, the rung of the ladder that you are presently on, your business needs, your competition etc and advise you the most profitable inorganic strategy that will catapult your brand onto success. Here are our most elementary inorganic digital marketing services.

Google Ads

Google is the best search platform to advertise your products and services. Google services about 3.5 billion searches every day and the number is growing at a rate of 10%. It’s a completely inbound approach to marketing. You can purchase these searches by placing bids on a keyword. To advertise on google you will need a solid keyword strategy with a comprehensive list of negative keywords. Along with that you will also need a catchy landing page which will make sure that the clicks don’t go down the drain. You must be wondering that, only the top companies can win in the game since they will place the maximum bid. It’s not that anymore, google has changed the auction game in previous years by throwing things like ad relevance, quality score into the mix. It’s no more an English auction, it’s a mix of auction and search relevancy. You can outperform your competitors with lower budgets, catchy ads and better landing pages.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best discovery platform to advertise your products and services. Businesses want to connect to customers on a personal level. What best way of doing it, than by showing up in their social feed. Social media is where people spend most of their time. But here comes the challenge. Success in facebook ads depend upon a lot of factors such as the ad creative, the ad copy, the format of the ads, the right objective. When you are invading someone’s private space, you need to make sure that it is so powerful that a customer / prospect is compelled to click on your ad. The opportunity is fantastic but it’s a bit tricky. It’s all about drafting clever ad copies, using the right colors and catch phrases that will grab the attention of the audience. Our team will help you hit the right notes with your prospects. We have an inhouse team to create, manage and optimize your facebook campaigns.

Instagram Ads

The younger generation wants a more personal audience and Instagram caters to that specific needs. Instagram quickly became popular with its photo intensive approach. A lot of younger audiences and even influencers prefer to capitalize on Instagram rather than Facebook. It’s drawing a slew of major brands because the engagement there is quite well worth it. There are new opportunities now with stories and Instagram reels. Brands are also leveraging a new technology via which you can tag products in photos. Myntra, for example, heavily tags their posts with url links. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, facebook and Instagram campaigns are combined. You can run ads on both facebook and Instagram from a single interface. Ideally brands look for higher user engagement on Instagram.

YouTube Ads

Youtube ad comes in handy when you have to educate your customers fast. Because you can leverage video and sound, it can become a powerful tool. Because data in our country is relatively cheaper people have thronged to youtube replacing spotify as their favorite music streaming app. This opportunity has been capitalized by marketers. When people connect their devices in cars and Bluetooth speakers the ad is spoken on their devices. This creates a semblance of radio ads and we all know how well radio ads perform. Brands like, swiggy, Zomato, godaddy have leveraged youtube ads to achieve multiple objectives. We have a dedicated team for curating youtube content and we can help you build strong youtube campaigns that will bring high return on investment.

LinkedIn Ads

If you want to reach a corporate audience or if your business caters to other businesses, there is no better platform than linkedin. Linkedin ads can help you penetrate deeper into corporate community and laser target companies and their designated employees. LinkedIn ads are a crucial part of inorganic digital marketing campaign for B2B businesses. Brands are also building knowledge bases on linkedin that can put them forward as an authority on their subject matter. Linkedin has evolved into a corporate social network with some ingredients imitated from facebook. Our team can help you make connections and drive conversions through linkedin ads which are relatively new in the forge. We have had successful experiences with linkedin ads. Our team can assist you in reaching the right individuals who are actual decision makers in a company that can really cut your marketing time in half.

Email marketing

Email marketing has been there in inorganic digital marketing for a long time now. It consistently outperforms all other marketing mediums when it comes to engaging with the leads, nurturing them, and converting them into your customers. We can design this journey for your customers. Prospects will become clients, and one-time customers will become regular buyers, with our effective email marketing tools and strategies.

SMS / Whatsapp Marketing

Because of such a low cost, SMS can be effective as they create an extra low cost stream of new customers, who you might have missed during online promotions. More and more businesses are now turning to whatsapp to address deliverability problems. Whatsapp has a strict policy against spamming, therefore any whatsapp campaign must be done with utmost caution and one should be wary of uncool spamming. We will help you design clever opt in forms that will reduce inertia from the minds of your prospects. Businesses use text messaging / whatsapp messaging to raise brand recognition, improve interest, and even drive revenue by delivering them to prospects and customers.

Marketing Automation Tools

If you have thousands of customers it is virtually impossible to keep in touch with them without employing some form of marketing automation. Marketing automation involves connecting with customers at regular intervals without human intervention. Because of so many options, customers forget your brand faster. To improve recall value, businesses often employ marketing automation to keep their customers loyal. Today it’s possible to run sophisticated automation campaigns that will help you personalize the communication experience with the customers. We have successfully setup and run multiple automation campaigns for brands. Our team will design these automation campaigns for you and advise on the right mix of platforms and frequencies to make sure you are connected with your customers round the year.

Why should you choose us?

We strike perfection and success!

Our main goal has always been superior efficiency, with a results-driven strategy taking precedence over everything else. We have the experience and skill to leverage inorganic marketing platforms to achieve your business objectives ! Based on our years of experience, unparalleled creativity, and cross-industry expertise, we aim to deliver personalized offerings that are tailored to your needs.

This is what you can expect from us! –

We like to form alliances than merely acquiring new customers. We would like to be your technical and digital partners than merely service providers.

We have expertise and experience in inorganic digital marketing so your investment will be in safe hands. 

We will not tie you for a certain amount of time or at some point in time. However, we recommend that you give your projects a few months to fully scale up. 

We have a strict policy to follow marketing measurement, tracking, and reporting.

inorganic digital marketing company

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    There are multiple inorganic digital platforms that can help you. We can advise you the best platform only after completely assessing your business and your customers. Your end marketing objective will also be factored in while choosing a platform. Please get in touch with us and we will guide you towards that end.

    Results are instantaneous with inorganic digital marketing platforms. Cost optimization takes a few weeks / months depending upon your business and your objectives.

    It’s the million dollar question and we can answer that when we know your business, your product and your customers. We will also advise you with phases of investments required.

    You should use inorganic digital marketing if you want to grow faster. Inorganic strategies are indispensable for the growth of businesses these days!

    Yes you can, there are lot of ad formats which don’t require a landing page. For example, we can generate leads for you from facebook forms and google lead forms. There are also direct call campaigns. You can also run ads to initiate whatsapp chat directly. These activities are helpful and even advisable in short term but in long term you will need a website to scale your business.

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