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We need young, DRIVEN (NOT DRUNK AND DRIVEN) people, who tag each other in

We are secretly training people for resistance when AI takes over mankind, among other things

If you feel you are a fit for our company scroll down further and check current vacancies

Enough Banter and Pleasantries. Here is what we expect from you if you choose to join our company

Love for fitness !

We hate couch potatoes. life without exercise is futile. At Redballoon, exercise and fitness are strongly encouraged. Not that we will make you do 20 pushups before starting the day at our office, but we will do it alongside you, should you consider that.

Extroverts !

Communication has been one of the foundations of our company. Our logo reflects that value. Ideally we appreciate people who are outspoken and confident. We value people who are conversation starters and leaders. Some of the amazing ideas always comes from our team. We want you to be forthcoming with them

Will to Learn !

Great minds are inquisitive and perceptive. We keep a conducive environment at Redballoon. We share knowledge and we progress together as a community. If you join us, we would want you to become dynamic and trained for different roles rather than just subject matter expertise.

Respect for Timelines !

On time delivery has been our USP ever since. In any organization as the money trickles down, so does responsibility. We want people who can take responsibility for their actions rather than fighting blame game battles on emails where the top management sits in CC. We want people who can honor timelines and contribute towards on time delivery to our clients whose time we value more than ours.

Four Golden Values at Redballoon

Work as a Team

Care for each others and make each other feel like they belong to the community. Encourage and inspire others. Dont just be a team, mean it. Communicate openly and set clear expectations

Champion the Mission

Prioritize your tasks that contributes towards the mission of our company and positively effects the society. Build with long term strategy in mind and actively work towards improving yourself and reaching your goals.

Hack your Education

In the words of Maha Vigyani, Brahm Gyani, Parampoojya Shri Ra’s Al Ghul – Your training is nothing – will is everything. If you wish you can teach yourself anything. We encourage people to hack their own education. What it means be if you dont know something, try to figure it out. Google uncle will help you, if not uncles Sexy people at Redballoon will.

Be a cereal entrepreneur

Think two steps forward. See the culmination of your actions. Discover problems, dont wait for them to befall you. Take initiative and make things better. Only you can bring the change and the change is you.



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