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Facebook is one of the largest discovery platforms to showcase your goods and services. Internet users spend about 2 hours on social media everyday. Every month, over 2.8 billion users visit Facebook. This platform will give you enough opportunities to create a vast audience for your brand. Search traffic is highly monopolized and that is why Facebook is the robinhood of new businesses. The only caveat is that there are too many variables for facebook ad success. Since Facebook Marketing has become a real challenge these days, you’ll need a facebook marketing company like us to do the job for you!

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What does a facebook marketing company do ?

Facebook marketing and advertising has evolved from simple post boost for likes and engagement. Over the years, facebook has introduced AI and machine learning to improve deliverability and performance. The ad management dashboard, now called the facebook business suite, has multitude of options and functionalities. Facebook marketing can be a daunting task for businesses. Our Facebook marketing services team will help you capitalize on various options to improve your ROI . Our team will carefully study your requirements, set the right objective to match your marketing goals and design irresistible ads to woo your customers. Apart from this, Facebook Marketing services also include correctly configuring audiences and setting up tracking. Landing page development and sales funnel building is also an important aspect of facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is the most cost effective form or inorganic digital marketing. Our Facebook stalwarts will rigorously split test ads and landing pages to bring down your cost per action.

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We are an experienced Facebook Marketing Company!

The keyword to focus on is effective ! Thats literally one word to someup facebook marketing. To be able to generate revenue from facebook ads, your ads have to be effective and that is where our expertise and experience comes in. As a facebook marketing company in gurgaon, We have, over the years, accumulated data that has given us insights into how the human mind can work. We have also done various studies on customer psychology to understand why an ad works and what factors increase your click through rates. To make facebook ads successful a business really needs to understand their customers and figure out what moves them. We love psychological discussions, lets discuss. Contact us today.

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How can Facebook Marketing Help you.

Facebook provides us with different objectives, to choose from, which can be leveraged to achieve a specific marketing goal. These are briefly discussed below.


Facebook reach advertisements can brinng visibility to your brand. It completely focuses on number of unique users, to whom, your ad can be shown. You may also designate a particular location for your audience, meaning that the ad only reaches people near your location. The freedom to pick the timing of these ads, including how many days they can be used, is an additional advantage.

Brand Awareness

These ads would be shown to people in the target audience, who are more likely to spot and recognize your brand. By asking users whether they recognize seeing an ad, Facebook will predict the recall potential. Keep in mind that the main purpose of these advertisements is to raise brand awareness, but don’t expect a lot of interest or click-throughs. This is purely directed towards brand recognition.


Post engagement, post likes, post share, page share, page likes are some engagement objectives that be targeted with engagement ads. Why is it important ? It’s something we call social clout. It’s the same philosophy with brand building. When people trust a brand their buying inertia is reduced manifold. So if your prospects see engagement, likes shares of your content they will be convinced to buy from you or approach you.


If you already have a strong sales funnel and you are convinced that by bringing traffic on your website will increase the sales, run ads with this objective. But the caveat is quality traffic, your ads need to be designed in such a way that it attracts relevant clicks only.

Views on your Video

Videos outperform other ad formats by a factor of 200%. Video engagement is at least 2 times more than text / images. With video you can educate your customers quickly, about the product / service in question. Most people leave their auto-play settings as it is. So, the moment it appears in their feed, the video starts playing and it can really grab the customer’s attention. You can also retarget viewers based on the how much of the video they have watched. For example people who have watched 75% of your video are more likely to convert.

App Installs

These ads are directed towards app installs. It redirects the user / customer directly to an app store link from where they can install your app. If you really intend on building your business through apps, there is no better way to build a loyal customer base than app installs.

Lead Generation

Lead generation advertising is a perfect way to capture leads and bring the element of personalization in between. These ads are really powerful, it prompts the user / customer to fill in their contact details if they are interested. Facebook will also auto-fill these types of forms by pulling out contact details from the customer’s account records. Moreover, users don’t have to leave the app. This ad format has really become popular because there are no external factors that can suffocate your ad. You need not worry about website outages, landing page experience since everything is taken care of by facebook inside the app itself.

Click to message

Viewers will contact your company directly from the ad via Facebook Messenger or whatsapp . Its like you can speak to a customer support executive directly. This is an important way to engage with customers on a personal level to increase conversions. It is also an outstanding way to show the clients that there is a live person on the other end of the line who is willing to assist them. It’s critical to be able to respond quickly and effectively in these ad formats.


Conversion objective aims to get users to do an action on your website or app. It can be a purchase, a form submission or any custom event such as signup. Facebook will do exactly what you tell it to do. It will bring conversions. For these ads, you’ll need to add the Facebook pixel on the site to accurately track conversions. Facebook AI will target people who are likely to take that action on your website.

Facebook Marketing Services by our company

We have a dedicated facebook advertising team that makes sure that your money is spent well and gives you a high return on investment. Above all we put all efforts in realising your marketing objective. We can advise you how to leverage the above formats in the best possible way. We will also setup accurate tracking via facebook pixel to give you rich reports that will provide you with detailed insights. Here are some services we provide –

Analytics and Reporting Setup

We don’t want you to stay in the dark nor do we endorse such philosophies. We don’t believe in spending money without knowing how our campaigns are performing. We want to track impressions, reach, clicks and conversions. This data helps us revise our strategies every day until we achieve an optimum return on ad spend. We will setup tracking and reporting from day 1 of your ad campaign. Our technical team is well equipped to create deep integrations with your current website or CRM. Facebook now provides server level api integration. These integrations when successfully setup, can provide more accurate data, through this Facebook can track events that happen at the backend as well.

Copy Writing for Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you only a few lines to express yourself. A customer has an attention span of 5-10 seconds. You have to make those seconds count. Our team will provide those magic words that will hook your customer to the advertisement. Our marketing team excels at writing convincing online ads that grab the viewer’s attention and highlights your brand’s identity. Our staff can create a persuasive ad copy that is designed for conversions.

Audience Creation

Your advertisements would be ineffective until they are shown to the right people. We’re a Facebook ad agency that lets companies identify and connect with their potential customers! We also use Facebook’s ‘Audience Insights’ to get a deeper understanding of your target market and communicate with more users who would appreciate your product. You can also leverage a look alike audience . A lookalike audience is very similar to your current customer set. Facebook power AI can help you find people with similar personas. You can also create value based lookalikes which means that now you can target people who are likely to spend the same amount as your previous customers did.

A/B Testing

Every brand has a different sales funnel and it requires frequent testing to arrive at an optimum result. We do extensive testing of multiple variables to bring about an optimum ROAS . We go beyond the line to give A/B tests for Facebook ads as well as landing pages . We use these test to make better decisions and improve your ad on a daily basis.

Ad Designing

Here comes the most important variable – the creative. Facebook provides a variety of formats to help you convey your message. We make sure that every inch of the screen real estate is utilized properly. We don’t believe in cramming a lot of information in the creative. Rather we focus on building attractive creatives with simple messages to attract people further down the sales funnel where they are given more information. We will give you recommendations on the most successful ad formats and we also provide innovative ad production services to help you accomplish your campaign’s objectives. Our marketing team has a proven record of creating professional ad creatives that captivate targeted customers and create a long-lasting impression.

Campaign monitoring and performance improvements

Once we setup a campaign we monitor it constantly so that we can quickly arrive at the optimum setup. Some facebook ad formats require constant bid adjustments so that your cost can be kept minimum. We do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your operations.

Website Designing

Your facebook ads can only bear fruits when it is supplemented by a high converting website / landing page. As a facebook marketing company in gurgaon, we have the expertise and experience in developing high converting landing page. This is the 2nd most important factor in conversions. The first one is creative. Once we have convinced the customer to click on our ad, we should have a highly convincing landing page, website which makes sure that those clicks don’t go waste. Building a convincing landing page with a punchy ad copy is our forte. We specialize in developing user interfaces that can increase your revenue by leaps and bounds. Get in touch today

Why you Should choose us as your Facebook Marketing Company

We will quickly scale up your brand and bring in sales at a low cost !

We are a professional Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon that has a renowned customer base. We will carefully study your, data and analytics and help you recognize the present, past and future value of your brand. Our creative team of designers and copywriters have years of experience in this sector and are driven by your requirements. Here are a few reasons to hire us –

We Value Quality Work

No matter how complex is your project, we believe in delivering quality work from our side. It is our priority because want to enhance your brand value in every possible way.

We Never Skip Essentials

We don’t skip anything while working on a project. Everything involved in it is a potential aspect of reaching your business’s glory!

We are transparent

We strongly believe in utter transparency between us and our clients. We hide no information, data, analysis or results from our customers.

We are always on time!

We strictly follow our deadlines as we want to avoid wasting your precious time. Your project will be our priority in every case.

We are a well-coordinated team!

Our team of experts have good coordination. We won’t make you sit and wait with delays. We are efficient and quick with our work.

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    Facebook ads is in itself an exhaustive subject. We have a dedicated team who have expertise and experience in running facebook ads.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most big brands have already monopolized search traffic. Facebook provides an excellent platform to build your brand and reach people. Facebook does not work on classic auction rather it works on audience and targeting. A new brand and an established brand are treated on an equal footing by facebook. With an attractive creative you quickly build a strong market presence without spending millions.

    If you want to know how much to spend, there is no straight answer. It depends upon your business needs and objectives. But we can assure you that cost per click is relatively cheaper than google. We will recommend you a monthly minimum spend after discussing your business dynamics and also your product or service.

    Landing pageis not a requirement per se. But in the long run you will need a landing page to convert visitors into paying customers. But you can always generate leads on the go with lead forms on facebook. Get in touch to know more.

    It’s a popular technique via which you can target the customers who have previously interacted with your brand. You have often notice that once you visit a website. It follows you on Facebook. For this a pixel installation is required on your website. Why it works ? it’s a simple psychological fact – repetition of advertisements is a major trust factor. When you see an ad multiple times you become familiar with it and you are more likely to click on it and complete the purchase.

    Absolutely, you can generate leads instantly from facebook forms and landing pages. We have helped numerous businesses, professionals and service providers scale up their clientele with facebook ads. There is also another popular format that service based businesses employ – messenger and whatsapp ads. You can directly place a call to action button on your ads through which customers can initiate a conversation with you instantly. You can get back to them instantly or at a convenient time.

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