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The traditional real estate business has moved online. Buyers are looking for houses and offices online. With the advent of new techniques like virtual tours, walkthroughs and virtual staging, it has become easier to solicit prospects online

Welcome to Redballoon - Real Estate Website Designing Company

If you are a realtor, broker or property consultant we can help you in developing a real estate portal which can help you find prospective buyers, sellers or tenants.

Redballoon is a premiere real estate website designing company in Gurgaon


Unlimited Pages

Having the ability to churnout pages in a flick is one of pre-requisites of SEO. All our products come with easy to handle content management systems which can really simplify things for you. List your properties yourself with simple forms and drag and drop builders.

Unlimited Listing

Our platforms are robust and scalable, 1000 or 1,00,000 listings is upto you. We will be your technical partners in your journey. Our products are powered by cloud servers and Content Delivery Networks.

Easy Customization

Every business model is different. If you need to introduce a new functionality or feature, we at Redballoon will be more than happy to help.

Social Networking Apps

Social Media is where its at. Connectivity with social media is really important. Social sharing and feed embeds can really up your game.

Local Connectivity

Embed real estate locations and let your prospects reach the spot directly through integration with google maps.

Data Export & CRM Connectivity

Data export helps you in aligning your operations with the leads generated on the website. Excel is a universal format and a lot of businesses still use excel for generating invoice, filtering data etc. We can also go a step further to connect your website with your internal CRM which can remove a lot of labour work.

360 degree virtual tour functionality

Let your buyers feel the property online !

Having a 360 degree view of the property embedded on the website drastically improves your lead conversion ratio. For that matter, google street view maps is also a great tool in communicating the locality of the property to the prospect.

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Mobile Compatible Real Estate Website Designing

We specialize in optimizing user experiences on small screens where the screen real estate is limited


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    Why choose us for your real estate website ?

    Completely Secure

    Data in real estate is really sensitive since the average ticket size is way high than average. We make sure your database is protected and secured through a powerful cloud infrastructure and backup mechanisms.

    Cloud Storage

    Our platforms are robust and scalable. Dont worry about horizontal or vertical scaling. We at Redballoon are here to help you.

    Ready for all Stacks

    We can customize your technology stack according to your budget. We are adept at new technologies and we strive to pass on the benefits to our clients.

    Conversion Triggers

    We specialize in digital marketing and we love to strategically place call to action triggers whether it is a portfolio website or a full fledged real estate portal. Optimizing your website according to user behaviour are the pillars of any website.

    Completely Customizable

    Because we have designers and developers inhouse, we love customization in terms of user experience, design and functionality. What ever your business needs we can help you materialize it.

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    Redballoon - Real Estate Website Designing Company

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