The Most Popular Programming Language – PHP

While there are numerious programming languages in the market, but php has been in the market since 1995. Till date its the most stable and scalable programming language which has a huge developer community

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What is PHP Website Development ?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page). PHP is a server side scripting language created to build high performance website applications. It has embedded HTML functionality. PHP website development means leveraging CORE PHP technology and php frameworks to build scalable web applications

PHPs market penetration makes is a great candidate for learning by the developers around the world. This because it is fast, reliable, scalable and has a flat learning curve. While new javascript frameworks are coming in the market, but there are still problems with them as they are being tested, deployed and measured. PHP is a great backend framework choice for any website development project because of the numerous benefits which will explain shortly

why php website development

PHP can be leveraged to build customizable web applications. PHP is both procedural and object oriented. While simple applications can utilize the simplicity of procedural php, complex applications can utilize the power of object oriented programming.

php website development advantages


Let us be your technical partners in your project. We will build a highly potent and scalable PHP application for you



PHP is one programming language that offers unmatched functionality when compared to any other server side scripting languages which are there in the market. Because of its open source nature, numerous developers around the world have significantly contributed towards the development and functionality in PHP language. Here are some advantages of PHP website development

fast loading time


PHP websites are faster as compared to ASP websites. This because PHP uses its own memory and is not dependent on a COM based infrastructure which utilizes server overheads. As a website development company in gurgaon we can also make your existing PHP website faster.

php is low maintenance


Because of abundance of developers and coders, you can always find a resource that can write code in PHP. This is really beneficial in the long run, when you switch from outsourcing to inhouse development.

open source php development


PHP is open source means you are never dependent upon a third party for the next version and you dont have to pay for expensive upgrades

php database support


PHP works with most databases out of the box. Famous databases like MYSQL and MARIADB are supported inherently. Even otherwise because of huge developer community you can surely find an extension for any other database that it out there.

platform independent php language


PHP runs on most platforms and is not dependent on any platform. Because of this, it can be ported to other development requirements. Because of its open source nature even native desktop applications can be run on PHP.

php bug fixing and error handling


PHP has an inherent error handling library. Due to this testing and bugfixing is easier. STACK TRACE is another option which can help track bugs and errors in case of complex applications.

PHP website development process

php website development process


Every project that we undertake starts with an actionable and extensive plan. PHP development is no exception. A well thought out plan goes a long way in efficient outcomes. We layout a roadmap and wireframe of the screens of the website before doing any actual code.


Work is allotted to developers and designers and sufficient people are employed on the project. There will be a single point of contact who will coordinate with you on various stages. This relationship manager shall also take your feedback at all stages of the development.


During the designing and development phase, any third party integration is also accounted for. For example payment gateway / sms gateway integration etc. The time frame of this stage can vary according to the project.


After a project is complete, the project goes to testers who test the website thoroughly. If there are any bugs, they are fixed and if there are any suggestions from testers or from the client, the same is incorporated before going live.


After a successful pilot run we push your development project live on the decided dates and timelines. We support you extensively during this phase. We carefully monitor for any eventuality.

Why choose us?

hire php website developer

We have a dedicated team of PHP developers accustomed with famous PHP frameworks, like symphony, laravel, codeigniter. Our developers can execute complex PHP development work and can deliver a world class product that will become a driver for your business growth

Custom Website Development

custom website development on php

PHP is an excellent choice for any customized website development project. PHP comes with minimal hosting requirements and has tonnes of extensions which can extend its functionality.

CMS Based PHP Website Development

joomla website development

Joomla Website Development

Redballoon - PHP website development company

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    Experienced PHP Developers

    We have experienced team of php experts and developers who have worked with multiple industries and they can leverage resources to an efficient output. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to execute complex projects within desired timelines.

    Timely Development

    We take timelines very seriously, we will deliver your project within committed timelines. We always keep a buffer within the commitments so that your project is never delayed beyond delivery dates.

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    Coordination is our responsibility and not yours. We will give you a single point of contact who will answer all your queries and take all your feedback for the project. You dont need to speak to different people. Leave all the hassles to us.

    Complete Transparency

    We will give you the exact cost, development features and timeframe before proceeding. We never ask for any hidden charges whatsoever.

    PHP Support

    We offer you support round the clock. We have PHP experts who are always ready and willing to help you in case you need any assistance.

    Frequently asked Questions About PHP Website Development ?

    Its a project where PHP is used as a backend language. PHP is a server side scripting language. To know more, give us a call on +91 9711448083

    Any PHP project can take upto 6 months or more, depending upon the scope of work. To know exact timeline, please share your project details on

    We have worked with a lot of different sectors such as real estate, ecommerce, fashion, retail, grocery, tours and travel, medical tourism to name a few. We have ample experience and skill to execute any complex php projects.

    Frontend can be plain simple HTML or it can be combined with frontend frameworks such as REACT JS and ANGULAR JS. We will suggest you the best frontend framework once we know about your project details.

    Yes we make sure that sufficient security parameters are implemented for example authentication, SSL, CSRF protection, Password Hashing etc.

    Absolutely, we love to work on customized requirements. If you already have a PHP project, let us know we will help you out.

    PHP Website Development Company

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