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What does Laravel website development mean ?

Laravel Website Development means development of a website via the most popular PHP framework – Laravel. It was created by Taylor Otwell. It features an excellent command line interface and support for database migrations. Laravel’s architectral patterns are mostly based on Symphony framework. Any kind of backend can be built with laravel. It is highly object oriented and provides excellent scaffolding for building complex websites

Laravel is one of the most trending repositories on GITHUB – a collaborative code sharing platform. Laravel overtook Symphony, Codeigniter and even Zend framework and has emerged as a frontrunner in PHP development. Recently token based authentication libraries were added to laravel which makes it even more suitable for SPAs – single page applications, which are a rage these days.

Choosing a right framework for your application is critical. A good framework should have sufficient objects and tools to do common tasks. It should be popular so that there are no dearth of developers and it should be actively maintained. Guess what, laravel fits in all the above parameters. Apart from that there numerous third party libraries that are compatible with laravel that makes it the best choice to build websites

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Laravel was developed in 2011, with a sole aim for making website development process faster and better. Laravel made it possible for developers to quickly develop websites with minimal code and better extendability. Today laravel is powering a plethora of applications thanks to its expressive syntax and elegant structure. With new features being added with every new laravel instance, it has become a delight to develop websites with this excellent framework

MVC & Object Oriented development

MVC & Object Oriented

Any website development company can tell you how important it is to follow a Model View Controller pattern to keep the code organized and scalable. Laravel is highly object oriented. This makes it possible to build complex applications with ease. Website structuring into modules is important part of the development process.

laravel authentication and authorization

Strong Authentication

Security is a consideration in almost every website. Laravel has out of the box authorization and authentication system. It even has a library called sanctum for authenticating single page applications. With a few lines of code you get a secure and safe authentication system.

blade templating engine laravel

BLADE Engine

Laravel has a special blade templating engine which is easy and expressive. Blade directives further simplify php code and brings more clarity to written code. With blade it is easier than ever to extend base layouts and include other php files with the help of yeild and stack directives.

pre integrated storage in laravel

Multiple storage options

Laravel comes preintegrated with amazon s3 and rackspace and even coud storage. At some point in time, these vendors are inevitable when the website is experiencing enormous loads. The API’s to access the file system remains same. These integrations are present in very few frameworks and laravel is one of them. Naturally you save a lot of cost and development time later.

CLI interface artisan laravel

CLI interface

Laravel has its own command line interface called Artisan. It can be very useful during development time. It can help us generate controllers, models and resource controllers on the fly, execute queues and a lot more. A very useful tool called tinker is a part of laravel framework. Tinker lets you test the code that you are about to write before it is finalized. Tinker can be extremely useful in development.

Object relational mapping laravel

Object Relational Mapping

Database operations are really cumbersome in PHP. Laravel has an inbuilt object relational mapper model system. Every database table is connected to a model which can be used to write advanced queries with access record syntax. With eloquent builder you can write advanced laravel queries without being a mysql wizard. Moreover laravel automatically escapes database input which offers inherent protection against sql attacks.

task automation and scheduler in laravel

Task Automation and Scheduling

Laravel 5 introduced an inbuild scheduler and task automation tool. A scheduler relies on cron daemon to run artisan commands whenever they are required to be executed automatically. Primitive php frameworks never had this inbuilt option and there was always extra code needed to achieve the above functionality. Laravel can help you automate tasks easily with the help of scheduler.

unit testing in laravel

Unit Testing

Laravel has an inbuilt website testing feature that saves developers considerable time and effort. You can simulate get requests, clickable links and even test your forms so that external testing requirements are simplified and eased out. With unit testing developers can also mock events and test authentication and session requests.

events and broadcasting in laravel

Events and Broadcasting

Laravel provides native connectivity with websockets which are useful in bulding realtime web applications. It comes pre intergrated with pusher (a third party web socket utility) that offer real time events to be broadcasted over a public or private channel. Broadcasting makes it possible for websites to have features like online games, chatrooms, videoconferencing etc.

Laravel Website Development Features

With laravel you can achieve anything. Any kind of website can be built on laravel. Web applications on laravel can enjoy a host of functionalites and features some of them are lsited below

create galleries in laravel

Interactive Galleries

Product and portfolio galleries can be built on laravel. Thanks to its multiple file handling systems, laravel galleries can be dynamic and fast. Custom sliders and thumbnail management can be integrated in laravel.

laravel ecommerce development company


Laravel can be used to develop ecommerce functionality on your website. You can even simulate customer orders, customer registration and transactions with faker a database seeding library. Faker can be used to generate huge datasets to test laravel applications.

laravel cms development

Page Builder

Laravel can be used to develop page builders to make your website dynamic and extensible. While wordpress might be the kind of content management systems, it comes with a lot of dead weight. Laravel is fast and expressive. We can build as much as we want and take it from there.

integrate payment gateway laravel


A payment gateway can be integrated on a laravel website which can really up your game. With laravel you can have a simplified interface for selling of products and services. Moreover, you can have a trimmed down e-commerce system that is capable of handling stress and is highly scalable.

user authentication laravel

User Registration

As explained above, laravel comes with a strong authentication system which makes it easier for website developers to build membership websites or websites that have a authenticated area. You can also build token based authentication systems which is completely decoupled from the website.

laravel multilingual website

Multi Lingual Websites

If the world is your target area, laravel can be extended to build multilingual websites that cater to a host of international audience. You can define sections on the website that are automatically translated upon user selecting the language in the frontend. You can also employ advanced ip detection techniques to automatically change the language of the website.

laravel crm and erp development


Laravel is equipped to work with datasets and tables. Along with a website you can build a complete customer relation management tool that will help you keep and update records on a daily basis. It can be developed into a full fledged ERP module that can keep information and datasets of customers, employees, sales, invoices and much more.

backend framework development on laravel

Backend Framework

There is a growing demand for single page applications which require some backend framework. Laravel can be an excellent backend framework supplementing single page applications. With built in token based authentication, SPAs can be authenticated on the fly. Moreover, laravel is equipped to work with JSON and has native functions to render json responses.

Laravel Website Development Process

With any custom website development work, planning is the key. We take great care at the planning stage of the website. If this is through the project can be delivered within committed timelines and with comitted features


The first step towards any project is to take down the exhaustive requirements of the project. For this a concerned person will sit down with you and understand in depth about your project. He / She will also give suggestions as per his own experiences. Once the SOP is finalized. We can move to the next phase of laying a roadmap.


Careful planning supplemented by roadmap preparation. We prepare mockups, screens, high fidelity mockups to arrive at the skeleton of the project. Sometimes it also has all design elements for your approval. This step heavily relies on your input and our efforts to create a clear cut flow of the project. Once this phase is completed there is no room for error or logic readjustment later.


Backend team starts to work on the project. Backend is the backbone of the project. It supplies and manages information from databases to the frontend from where a user controls everything. The backend team starts with actual coding and programming to achieve the desired roadmap defined in step above. While this happens a relationship manager keeps you informed about the project details and progress. Any doubts are clarified over call or in person.


The frontend team works in tandem with the backend team to achieve a fully functional website. The frontend team works on the design based on specifications received from the backend team and also based on the roadmap laid down earlier. Our design wizards are equipped to handle complex user interface experiences. They will create a pleasant experience for your customers which translates into higher customer satisfactions and higher sales.


According to a predefined timeline, you will be presented with the first cut of the website. This first cut has all the deliverables promised in full swing ready to be tested and taken for a test drive. This is the stage you will see your project taking a final shape. Your suggestions, inputs are of utmost value after the first cut is presented. We again sit on the project to discuss the niceties and subtleties of the project.


We can integrate third party services on your website. A third party service lets you cut down on inhouse costs and helps you develop a solid product with little recurring costs which is paid to a third party vendor in lieu of their APIs. For example realtime stock market api’s can be integrated to provide your customers with share prices in realtime.


No code is perfect and no website was ever built without testing. Testing is the most important part of website development. Though laravel provides for unit testing but still as a website designing company, it is our job to completely test the website for real world usage. Testing is done with real environment and different browsers. Your website is tested by a person who is completely unaware of the project. Any feedback received is incorporated.


Server is a computer which hosts your website and serves your website to incoming visitors. In the initial stages server is rented or taken from a third party which gives you a panel or root access to set it up. After testing we do an initial server setup so that you dont have to run pillar to post. We already have server guidelines in place that makes sure your website is fast, responsive, secure and available


Once everything is setup and good to go from our testing team, its time we push your project live. We pay special attention to committed timelines. We make sure your project is up and running in no time. We intend to be your technical partners and not just website developers, therefore it is imperative for us that your project goes live. We also make sure that your website is ready to be indexed by search engines.


Custom projects are often built to serve your specific requirements. With laravel you can build complex applications with interconnected data points. Complexity is a natural consequence. You or your customers might need training of how everything works on the website. Our team will provide you with requisite training so that you can operate your website smoothly with minimal outside intervention.

Why choose us for your laravel project?

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We have succesfully delivered laravel projects in the past. Majority of them are live and doing well. We have a team of certified developers who are well versed with laravel and can build any kind of website / backend/ crm / data structure etc. We also have experience of developing laravel API’s which serve SPAs (single page applications). Contact us to know more

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    Frequently asked Questions About Laravel Website Development ?

    Laravel is a php framework which cuts down time to market for website applications. Laravel provides us with libraries and API’s to quickly develop the website you want without sacrificing modularity and expression.

    Because why reinvent the wheel ? Consider this. You have to make a car whose engine, exteriors and interiors have to be developed. It makes sense to use nuts and bolts and other peripheral materials rather than making the nuts and bolts yourself. That is what laravel is. It is a framework that helps us developers build websites faster. It provides us with ready libraries for common tasks such as file uploading, routing, caching etc.

    Laravel is a backend framework and has nothing to do with design. Design is developed as HTML, CSS and JS files. Any design can be integrated in laravel. Design can be customized according to your needs.

    Yes but only if you account for SEO in your projects. SEO is something that is more dependent upon the skill of the SEO specialist rather than technology behind a website. Ofcourse technology can help you automate tasks that help in SEO. Laravel can be great in terms of SEO but you need to account for it before a project is developed. For example if you are building an ecommerce website, you need to give provision to put title tags, image tags, meta tags so that SEO part can be handled.

    Time depends upon project complexity and scope. Please dicuss your project with us to know exact timelines and time to market.

    Laravel can be hosted on any PHP server. Laravel can run on NGINX and APACHE both. Laravel is compatible with latest PHP versions as well. Laravel has minimal hosting requirements. Please get in touch with us to know more about hosting charges and details.

    Ofcourse. A lot of people come to us with preexisting laravel projects. We can help you reshape, refactor and efficiently restructure your code so that latest web development standards and conventions are followed. We can work with you on your existing projects. We also provide maintenance and support for laravel projects.

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