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What does appointment scheduling software mean ?

The entire world is conducting business through video conferencing softwares like zoom, webex etc. The situation is here to stay atleast for a while. Our appointment booking software lets you sell your time to your customers and collect payment in advance. This way you can manage all your meetings / appointments through our software without the hassle for maintaining multiple records. It can be easily integrated with your current website. Get in touch with us to know more

Covid has really upset businesses around the world. Any business that had some element of physical contact was upset badly. While that may be a setback, there was really an opportunity of leveraging technology to address the concerns of a business. To help with that, we have developed a robust appointment scheduling software to help you take your appointments online and conduct meetings through video conferencing.

Choosing a software is a tedious task, its a long term commitment and it should possess all the necessary features which will help the business to grow We have simplified the appointment scheduling process for professionals with our software. We have had numerous surveys and pilot runs before arriving at an optimal set of features to address the woes of professionals.

Suitable for all types of professions

appointment booking for professional


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Our appointment scheduling platform comes with a host of features to simplify your business process and help you grow with ease and flexibility. It is designed in such a way that it helps you conduct your online appointments in a orderly fashion.

single page appointment booking form

Single Page Booking Form

We have kept the booking form really short and divided it into 4 stages to help the customer navigate through easily. A convenient interface is the first step towards any online purchase whether it is a product or a service. Because of a single page form, it can be easily integrated into your existing website without any plugin.

time slot booking for appointments

Time Slot Booking

A professional values his time more than anything else. Our appointment system is time slot based, a booked time slot cannot be rebooked. This way you dont have to maintain a schedule by yourself. It is automatically handled by the software. Time slots can be in minutes, it can be any number. This flexibility helps you in providing multiple services with different time slots.

charge differently for different services

Service Pricing

You can charge differently for online consultation and for on premise consultation. Say if you are a doctor you can charge differently for clinic visits since that involves your fixed costs. Create as many services as you want and price them differently.

set working days for appointment

Set Working Days

Set your own working days and the system wont accept any booking for those days. For example you can set your off days it can be any day of the week, It can also be multiple days. Lets say if you dont work on saturdays and sundays, the system will not accept bookings for those days and automatically switch on booking for other days when you are working.

configure break times between appointments

Set Daily Break Times

Your lunch times and any other time breaks can configured from the backend. Set them once and the system wont accept booking for those time slots. Our entire system is centered around time management. It is the flexibility that differentiates our system from the others.

set your start time and end time for appointments

Daily start time / end time

Take as many meetings as you want. Define your time slots. Lets say that you only take online appointments between 11:00 AM in the morning till 4:00 PM in the evening. Our system allows for this. Once this time is set from the backend, the system will only allow booking within that time frame.

conduct meetings through zoom and webex

Zoom / Webex Integration

Our system comes pre integrated with ZOOM and WEBEX. These are the two free video conferencing providers. Zoom offers free meetings upto 40 minutes and webex allows for 50 minutes meeting. Once an appointment is booking it automatically creates a meeting on zoom. The details are then shared to the customer.

sync appointments on google calendar

Google Calendar Sync

Our appointment booking system is pre-integrated with google calendar. If you rely on google calendar, Once a meeting is created it is automatically updated in your google calendar. Same is when it is cancelled / rescheduled.

reschedule appointments easily

Easy Rescheduling / Cancellation

Professionals face a lot of uncertain meeting schedules. While one meeting can last for 2 hours another can be wrapped up in 10 minutes. Our appointment booking system offers easy interface to reschedule your meetings. Your meetings times are automatically updated on zoom / webex and also on google calendar. An automated email goes to the customer if the meeting is rescheduled / cancelled.

More Features of our online appointment booking software

Some other features that differentiates us from the rest of the appointment scheduling softwares out there.

manage multiple staff appointments

Multiple Users

If you are a firm of professionals, you can create multiple accounts of professionals who can provide their specific time slots and working hours and our system will manage their schedules separately. A super administrator can create the accounts and provide credentials to the staff.

get appointment fees in advance

Payment Gateway

Our appointment system comes preintegrated with razorpay, the fastest growing payment platform. Razorpay offers a great interface for payment online. With a payment gateway you can collect your fees in advance.

store meeting files and highlights

Meeting highlights

Both registered customers and staff have access to a meeting highlights. Meeting highlights can be recorded for reference later. It can have key points of discussion, prescriptions, case notes, files or just about anything. This way a complete history and record can be kept for a customer without having to sift through files and documents.

automated reminders for meeting

Automated Reminders

Your customers are reminded twice about the meeting. One reminder goes 24 hours before and the other goes 2 hours before. This reduces no shows and reschedules. This can be customized according to your requirements.

analytis, reporting and insights into bookings


Get enhanced reports on number of appointments, money received, customers date wise, year wise, month wise. Visualize your data to see how you are doing.

set vacation days between work days

Set Vacations / Day breaks

Easily mark your vacation or a conference with disabled date ranges feature. Lets say that you are going on a vacation for 2 months or even a conference for 5 days. You can simply enter a range of days and the system wont accept bookings for that entire duration.

automatic refunds if meetings cancelled

Easy Refunds

If you cancel the appointment, refunds get credited to customer accounts automatically. We have integrated refunds with the payment gateway.

set custom time breaks according to your schedule

Time Breaks

You can set multiple time breaks for any day of the year. For example you need go somewhere for 2 hours on a specific date. You can simply add that in the system and the system wont accept bookings for that specific time interval.

No Fixed Commitments

Our appointment scheduling software comes with convenient payment options. Pay monthly and keep using our appointment booking system.

No long term commitments

We charge you monthly for the appointment booking software. There are no long term commitments. Try it take it for a spin, if you dont like it you can cancel anytime. No fixed investment

No Hosting Charges

Forget about any other costs. Focus on your business. We take care of the hosting, the application, security and everything else.

Data Ownership

Your customer date and your order data is yours forever. You retain the rights over the data always. If you choose to leave us you still get your data and your records.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our system comes pre integrated with razorpay. You will just need to link your bank account and provide some documents for activation for which our team will guide you.

Free Support

There is no monthly maintenance fee. Our team will resolve any troubles that you may face. We will also provide free training to operate the software.


Our appointment booking system can be white labelled to reflect your branding / logo / colors. Please get in touch with us if you need this.

Why choose us our appointment scheduling software / system ?

appointment booking and scheduling software

We have carefully developed our appointment booking / scheduling software to address specific concerns of professionals. We have had extensive consultations with various stake holders and developed this system which helps you run your profession and maximize your profit

What kind of professions are supported ?

  • Doctors
  • Astrologers
  • Lawyers
  • Therapists
  • Tutors (one to one sessions)
  • Chartered Accountants
Any other profession that offers one to one sessions via videoconferencing can take benefit from our software. Please get in touch with us to know if our appointment scheduling can help you or not.


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