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We make sure that your website is always up and running while you focus on your business

Technology changes very fast and thus there is always a need for maintenance and upgradation once a website is made. Our website maintenance program ensures that your website is always up, bug free, updated, fast and secure.

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What is meant by website maintenance ?

A well-maintained website keeps your customers / viewers satisfied, boosts website traffic, improves search engine rankings and enhances the viewing experience of visitors

Your website serves as a your corporate image that attracts customers and converts them into leads. A properly maintained website helps you build a positive corporate image.

website maintenance services company

Let us Help you with all your website Maintenance needs and so that you can peacefully focus on growing your business. Our team of experienced web developers and designers help your business remain up-to-date with fresh content and at the same time maintain website security. We focus on making your website fully optimized for speed along with monitoring performance, monitoring feedback and performing routine check-ups.

benefits of website maintenance


Call us today for a fully optimized & secured website with all the broken links fixed and an improved overall performance. As a Website Designing Company in Gurgaon, we will maximize and optimize your website according to latest programming standards.


Regular Website Maintenance is an integral part of every business to stay updated and let it run smoothly. It will not only reduce the chance of server failures, software vulnerabilities and other website outages but also help you to focus on your core business rather than indulging into fixing-up of your website.

Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance

Attract New Customers

You can always attract and serve new customers if your website is well maintained. Often your new customers search you before coming to you. If your website is not maintained or is broken, you are likely to lose out on business.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Site health is a factor in search engines because they directly impact user experience, if your website is not well maintained, it will directly affect your search results. Healthy and optimized sites are preferred by search engines.

Enhance Experience of Existing Customers

Existing customers might go to your website for collecting information about the company and check out the latest happenings and events. In this digital era, your website need to be well maintained and upgraded.

Increased Safety and Security

New server and security patches arrive everyday to make the websites more secure and safe. New language versions plug old loopholes which can be exploited by hackers. By keeping your website maintained you can prevent attacks by closing any loopholes.

Boost Site Traffic

Better and optimized sites are promoted by search engines. If your website is well maintained, it is likely to be referred and shared. Also traffic on your website may increase due to improvements in rankings.

Improve Brand Image

It always pays for being up to date. If your website is always maintained and up to date, it can improve customer’s confidence in your brand. Even the new customers would have more trust in a well maintained website.

Website Maintenance Inclusions

We are a specialized website maintenance company providing our customers with a program that ensures a high performance website that contains fresh & updated content, is bug free and that satisfies your customers. We are uniquely placed to serve your website maintenance needs because we build websites from scratch and we are well versed with its nuances. We provide the following services:

Regular Backups

Monitoring of Web Outages

Bug Fixes

Code Updation

Checking Broken Links

Update Server & Security Patches

SSL Installation and Renewal

website server maintenance

How we maintain your website ?

To let your website speak volumes of its seamless performance and provide customers an enhanced experience, we continuously update and install newest softwares, plug-ins and fix several other disruptions on your website. For this, we have a team of skilled and experienced coders that makes us the best website maintenance company.

website Optimization

We will carefully analyze your website performance and make improvements. We also do provide website page load speed optimization services. We compress your images, defer unimportant scripts and minimize your javascript execution time. We also take regular followups to ensure that your website performance is always great.

Server & Security Update

New security updates arrive everyday to plugin loopholes in the system and in programming languages. We make sure that your website and your server are on latest programming languages so that there are no loopholes through which attacks or hacks can take place. Newer versions and upgrades also bring speed and stability.

SSL Deployment

SSL is a necessity today because browsers have started to show a website as not secure if an SSL is not installed on the website. SSL cant be issued indefintely, we need to renew SSL every 6 months or every year depending upon the type of certificates. Further we also take care that non SSL pages are right redirected to SSL pages.

Layout Updates

CSS specifications change frequently, more features are being brought with cross browser support. We make sure that you get the latest features. Also if some features are discontinued by the browser, we make sure that is updated on the website. For example, chrome has recently blocked flash from playing on its own. You will have to go to setting to enable it.

website content maintenance services

Website Content Maintenance Services

We understand that things can get technical and you just want to focus on your business. We would love to take over your content maintenance. Content maintenance broadly ecompasses all the updates on the website in terms of graphics, images and html.

Content Updates

Image / banner updates

Creation of New Pages

Blog Posting

News / Events Update

Product / Category Update

Why go for a Website Maintenance Company

website maintenance services

Focus on your core business

Focus on your core business areas and leave the rest to us

Outsourcing cheaper than inhouse workforce

Outsourcing to a company will be much more cost effective than hiring and training in house

Enhanced Productivity

Fast and smooth backend of the website is important for efficiency in operations

Better ROI

Website is an investment and website maintenance can help you derive maximum ROI from your investment

Redballoon - Website Maintenance Company

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    What We Offer You?

    Website Experts

    We have a qualified website maintenance team to handle any maintenance tasks on your website.

    Timely Execution

    We will execute all your maintenance tasks promptly and give you a complete report. Further we regularly take backups to give you a 99.99 percent uptime.

    Dedicated Manager

    Your website will be assigned to a project manager who will be your single point of content for all your needs. Whether you have any doubts or you have any request for content maintenance you can directly reach out to him.

    Complete Transparency

    We never take any hidden charges when maintaining a website. Once a deal is finalized we freeze the scope of maintenance and also the cost.

    24x7 Support

    We have a dedicated website support team to resolve any untoward situation. We understand the need for a prompt support when it comes to maintenance.

    Frequently asked Questions About Website Maintenance ?

    Maintaining your website regularly helps you to remain updated with latest trends, attracts new customers, enhance experience of existing customers, improves search engine rankings, boost site traffic. Apart from this, website maintenance services improves safety & security, reduces probability of server failures and other website outages. That’s all what you desire having a fully secured & properly maintained website.

    Our website maintenance services include regular website backups, proper monitoring of website outages and other failures, checking & fixing bugs and broken links, updation of server and security patches, SSL certificate installation and renewals etc. To know more about our website maintenance services call us at +91 9711448083.

    As soon as you handover website maintenance project to us, it then becomes our responsibility to look after every bit of your website regarding regular maintenance and keeping it safe from malwares. We have a team of proficient and highly skilled developers for maintaining your website having years of experience in their respective fields.

    In that case, you can have conversation or you can meet us and discuss about all the changes you want to make that are not listed. We will come out with the best possible results and proceed further accordingly. To know more about our website maintenance services call us on +91 9711448083.

    Website Maintenance Company - Redballoon

    For any queries please feel free to call us at +91 9717284074, +91 9711448083.

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