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Food ordering system for restaurants

Did covid hurt your restaurant business ? Dont wait for it to get over

Get online now ! with our robust food ordering solution !

What does online food ordering system mean ?

It means customers can order food directly from your own website. Add a new revenue stream to your business. Service your customers through your website. Push more deliveries and earn more profit. Lets face it, online ordering has seen a boom due to introduction of market aggregators like zomato and swiggy. Its here to stay

Covid has changed the way we do business. While restaurants are reeling under the loss of footfall a new avenue has surfaced. The dawn of online food ordering websites is here. Why did zomato and swiggy succeed ? or why do people order online ? Its the visuals, when people see pictures of food, they are incentivized to order. Its a simple psychological fact. You can also succeed online with your own food ordering website.

Choosing a right platform for your website is of utmost importance. While developing a new website from scratch is a great option, it requires significant time and investment. More over the features are never complete in the first phase, If you want to avoid the hassle of developing a ui and backend yourself, you could opt for a ready made solution such as our Food Ordering System.

Suitable for all types of cuisines

online food ordering system


We also undertake custom food delivery website designing



Our food ordering system offers a convenient way for your customers to order food from your website. It has all the features / characteristics required for you to succeed online. With our food ordering system, you can be assured of a seamless ordering platform which your customers can enjoy

single page menu food ordering

Single Page Menu

We hate multiple pages and we strongly believe that single page experience is far better than jumping multiple URLs. Your menu and cart will be displayed on a single page and your customers can buy easily without refreshing. This helps the customer make better decisions and also does not frustrate him. With easy cart summary on the same page, your customers can keep a check on the total bill before checking out.

delivery availability checker food ordering

Delivery Availability

95% of the restaurants we have talked to are only delivering within a specified radius. It makes sense too because food is a perishable product and also it needs to be delivered hot. We have made provision for your customers to check if you deliver at their location. For this we have integrated GOOGLE MAPS places api which calculates distance from restaurant and informs the customer whether delivery is available in their area or not. Delivery can be restricted with geofencing or pincodes

menu item add ons food ordering

Product Addons

Restaurant often keep addons on products to sell extra on the top of the food item. For example burger can be supplemented with extra fries, extra ketchup for which the restaurant needs to charge extra. Our food ordering system allows for product addons along with fee calculation so that you can upsell easily.

checkout add ons food ordering

Checkout Addons

Many restaurants offer order addons for example, separate packaging, gift wrapping, paper plates, sweets. Our food ordering system can accommodate for such optional add ons helping you to earn extra and at the same time providing the convenience to your customers for whom complete offline experience is replicated.

Customizable menu item food ordering

Variable Item

Our online food ordering system can accommodate a variable menu item which can be customized by the customer according to his preferences. For example pizza base can be thin crust, hard crust, cheese burst and size options like 9” 11″. Different prices can be set for different combinations. Variable items can also be supplemented with item addons.

payment gateway integration food ordering website

Custom Payment Gateway

Your desired payment gateway can be integrated on your website to allow for purchases. Payment gateways charge no upfront fees these days and they offer low transaction discount rates. We will help you complete the documentation and the process. Payment gateway will be seamlessly integrated on your website.

customized checkout fields

Custom Checkout Fields

Customers hate to fill up long forms. We will customize the checkout fields for you so that your customers have to only fillup fields that are required. This eases out buying process for your customers and lets them checkout faster.

support for categories and subcategories

Categories & Subcategories

Our food ordering system allows you to categorize your menu easily with categories and sub categories. Easy categorization offers a convenient way for your customers to sort and filter you menu especially if your menu is elaborate.

live chat on food ordering website

Live Chat

Live chat is pre-integrated in our online food ordering system. Chat app is available on android and ios stores. Now chat with customers on your website directly from your mobile. Easily go offline and online. Get missed chat alerts. If you are offline, no worries, customer can fill a chat form. Chat autoresponders are also available.

More Features of our online food ordering Website

All regular ecommerce features are pre integrated in our food ordering system. Following are some ecommerce features of our system.

food order management system

Order Management

Convenient order management dashboard. Write order notes and email to customers straight from the backend. Mark order as pending, processing and complete. Resend order invoice to customer from the backend.

cutomize transactional emails

Customize Transactional Emails

Send beautiful transactional emails from our food ordering system. Your logo and brand colors can be integrated in emails so that it looks seamless and interesting.

coupons and discounts

Coupon Management

Easily create coupons from the backend. Coupons can be fixed cart discount, percentage discount, product based discount. Set an expiry date for the coupon after which it will be marked invalid. Set usage restrictions ; exclude menu from coupons, set minimum cart value. You can also set usage limits per coupon and per user.

Customer management from backend

Customer Management

See complete customer profiles and their total spend on the website. Export customer data to excel from the backend.

get analytics and insights into your restaurant sales

Advanced Analytics

Get advanced analytics on revenue, orders, products, coupons, taxes, stock etc. Further you can filter all of them by a custom date range filter.

get advanced reports of your restaurant


Get enhanced reports from the backend regarding sales, customers, taxes, stock. Easily view gross sales, net sales and coupon usage. Date range filters available.

inventory management from the backend

Inventory Management

Option to manage inventory at product level. Easily turn on stock management for some menu items and turn off for others.

support for multiple tax classes


Support for product taxes and subtotal taxes. Easily create tax classes to apply to different products. It is possible that you might sell products that have different tax rates.

No Fixed Commitments

Our online food ordering system comes with convenient payment options. Pay monthly and keep using our food ordering system.

No long term commitments

We charge your monthly for your food ordering system. There are no long term commitments. Try it take it for a spin, if you dont like it you can cancel anytime. Pay for the website from the revenue itself.

No Hosting Charges

Dont worry about any hosting charges because that is included in the plan that we offer you. Our plans are really affordable and easy.

Data Ownership

We reserve all rights to the application except your data. Your database is yours, even if you decide to leave us, you still get your customer data and order data.

Payment Gateway Integration

You dont need to worry about payment gateway integration, that is handled by our team. Just complete the documentation process for which our team will assist you. After that, you can start receiving money in your bank account.

Free Support

Something goes wrong, we are always there free of cost. Any bugs or issues are resolved fast and you dont have to pay extra for maintenance. Just pay the monthly fee for the software and leave the rest to us.


We charge a nominal setup fee for the website. This fee is charged so that you can easily white label our food ordering system. Your brand logo and colors are implemented to create your look and feel. This way your website is differentiated from other players in the market.

Why choose us our online food ordering system?

food ordering website for restuarants

We have carefully prepared our food ordering system according to industry standards and discussions with stake holders. You will find all the features you need to run your restaurant business online. With our cloud servers you can be assured that you wont miss any customers

What kind of businesses are supported ?

  • Burger Joints
  • Pizza joints / parlours
  • Cafes
  • Cake Shops
  • Ice cream shops
  • Candy Parlours
  • Delivery Kitchens
  • Chinese food outlets
  • Italian food outlets
  • Indian Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Paan Shops
  • All types of Restaurants
  • Bakeries
Many more businesses can fit in our online food ordering system. The above list is purely illustrative. Please get in touch with us with your business specifics and we will help you out.


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